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Custom Functions with EOS-50/50E / Elan II/IIE / EOS-55:
10 custom functions are provided (11 with EOS 50E models).
Eleven custom functions allow you to set the EOS 50/50E to suit your own style of photography.

Each function has two or more settings.

1. Film rewind:
a) automatic silent rewind b) automatic high-speed rewind.
2. Film leader:
a) rewind leader into cartridge b)leave film leader outside cartridge.
3. Film speed:
a) set automatically by DX code b) set manually.
4. AE Lock operation and AF activation:
a) AF operation with shutter button and AE Lock with AE Lock button b.i) AF operation with AE Look button and AE Look with shutter button b ii ) AF operation with shutter button and depth-of-field preview with AE Lock button,
5. Mirror lock-up and self-timer:
a) normal operation b) pressing shutter button raises mirror 2 seconds before exposure.
6. Flash Synch Timing:
a) First curtain flash syrichronization b) second curtain synchronization. (operative with wither builtin flash and/or capable Canon speedliite such as Canon 380EX).
7. AF-assist beam:
a) enabled b) disabled
8. Partial metering and FE Lock linkage to focusing points:
a) Link to center point b) Links to active point
9. Shutter speed setting:
a) sets shutter speed automatically b) sets shutter speed to top sync speed of 1/125 second (for use with studio flash).
10. Focusing point flashing:
a) enabled b) disabled
11. Eye-controlled depth-of-field preview
NOT available on EOS-50 / Elan II models) :
a) enabled b) disabled

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Technical Specification for Canon EOS-50E / Elan IIE / EOS-55
Main reference Map for Canon EOS-50E / Elan IIE / EOS-55
Instruction Manual of the EOS-50E / Elan IIE / EOS-55 - EXTERNAL LINK

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