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  1. From Gopinath Sricandane (Thu Feb 8 19:01:59 2001 ):
    I own a 1967 Nikon F with 50mm/f1.4 Nikkor-S, 135mm/f2.8 Nikkor-Q, and, 200mm/f4 Nikkor-Q. Is it possible to identify the year of manufacture of these lenses, as one identifies the year of manufacture of the bodies by the first two digits of the serial number engraved on the body? Please help Gops

  2. From Timothy Lewis (Wed Feb 7 04:43:58 2001 ):
    I first purchased my Nikon on August of 1972. It was the chrome F(series 72) Photomic FTn w/ Nikkor-S 55mm f1.2. After three major overhauls and travelling to several countries under cold, hot and high humifity conditions, it's still in great wortking condition. It has a sister (used) black F (series 72) which also saw the world and is now retired. I also purchased the last F in November of 1974 in a matte black finish call the Apollo model. It's never been used to this date. It's still in it's original box with the EPOI warrenty! I still have all my lenses I used with my F's. Nikkor UD Auto 20 3.5 Nikkor Auto N 28/3.5, Nikkor Auto (new) 35/2.8c, GN Nikkor Auto 45/ 2.8, Nikkor P Auto 105/2.5c, Nikkor Q Auto 135/3.5 x2, Nikkor Auto (new)135/2.8c, Nikkor Auto (new)200/4.0c, Zoom Nikkor Auto 50~300 4.5 Reflex Nikkor 500/8.0c. Still use this magnificent system. I hope what I shared with you can remind you that the Nikon F will always be the choice of choices in 35 SLR's. It is no longer produced but, will remain as the jaded camera of all times.

  3. From Polka (Wed Feb 7 02:00:43 2001 ):
    Re: Type-M Focus Screen I just bought a Type M screen for my Nikon F. How do you focus with this thing -- as there is NO Split-Image nor Microprism to tell me whether the object is in focus or not? Thanks, Polka

  4. From Phil Davis (Mon Feb 5 07:38:19 2001 ):
    Hi everyone - I have owned a Nikon F for some years and I was recently tempted by a non working FT prism at a very reasonable price. I realise that this will be a do it yourself task but I would appreciate any information/diagrams etc that anyone has or can put me on to about repairing this metering prism. Regards Phil

  5. From Joe Cimbak (Mon Feb 5 04:35:12 2001 ):
    Hello, I am the proud owner of a NIKON F with photomic FTn and have had this camera for 29 years! I have had excellent service from this camera until now. It is driving me crazy. Problem started when a roll of film came back from developer with no photos! I was shocked, thought perhaps I had mis-loaded the film (even though the rewind lever is a fail safe, if it winds in use, then film must be advancing, but I thought maybe I wasn't looking...) So, I loaded another roll. Same results, no good negatives. Next, I taped a flashlight onto the lens front such that all light would shine into the lens and none would be lost outside the lens. I took camera into darkroom. I see light coming through the lens into the Photomic finder. I then removed camera back and figured that if the camera was operating properly then I would get a "flash" of light at the focal plane when I tripped the shutter. The problem then became evident. I only see a "flash" at shutter speeds of 1/30th of a second or less, nothing at all at 1/60th of a second or over. I must have a synchronization problem. I also checked Michael C. Liu's wonderful (no EXCELLENT) site and found also that my mirror lock up does not work. When I try to trip shutter with mirror lock up button on RED, mirror does not stay locked up. I am looking for either: 1 - Advice on what you think might be wrong and what I should do about it, I've never disassembled this camera and am not afraid to do this, just need to know what to do. 2 - Do you know of a COMPETENT, QUALIFIED Nikon repair center that CARES for their customer's cameras? I very much love this old camera, it has served me quite well and I would not want to buy a new system if I can fix this body. I have shot hundreds and hundreds of rolls of film in this body and it is my friend. Sincerely, Joe Cimbak Charleston, WV Thank you very much anyone that can help me to bring my friend back to life!

  6. From Rowan (Tue Jan 30 02:58:18 2001 ):
    Please help me figure out which camera i have. I want to learn how to use it. It is a Nikon F, but i don't know which manual to print out since there are a few models. How do i figure out which model i have. keep in mind that i know nothing about cameras. email to:

  7. From Nancy C. (Fri Jan 26 10:26:20 2001 ):
    I have four Nikon cameras and use them for different things. A friend is going to give me a Nikon F photomic TN. My concern is the issue of the outlawed mercury battery. I see it uses cadmium batteries also. Will I be able to use this camera as is or will I have a problem because of the mercury battery. Don't know if this is one that has to be changed as often as the normal batteries. Can anyone help??? please e-mail privately. Thanks a bunch to anyone who can help.

  8. From christian (Thu Jan 25 23:46:42 2001 ):
    I have come across a 1970 Nikon F (no number), it has two zooms, a 135 mm and a 55mm, it has a flash and all kinds of little gadgets. eems to be in great working condition, I even found the receipt and guarantee papers for it. Since my wife, who wanted to start photography has given up on it, I was wondering how much aprox would this equipment be worth. If not Im afraid it will just rot at home. Thanks.

  9. From Jorge L. Peña (Mon Jan 22 02:26:26 2001 ):
    I have a nikon f2 7712488, thats the only number i could find on the camerait has a ftn finder, and an 80-200 zoom, is there market for it ? how much is it worth ?. tks Jorge P.

  10. From William C. White (Sun Jan 21 05:24:15 2001 ):
    I have a original Nikon body with a FTN finder from 1972. It is in a one condition and looks like it just came out of a box. I also have a Nikkor 55 mm f 3.5 micro lens. What do you think the Nikon body is worth today? Would like to know. Thank you WCW

  11. From jamil (Sat Jan 20 23:38:56 2001 ):
    Help! I'm just starting in photography and was just wondering whether a nikkor-s f1.4 lens would fit and work well with a FM2.

  12. From Maintainer (Mon Jan 15 11:50:24 2001 ):
    Nikon Annual Photo Competition has changed to once every two years, the dateline for entry for year 2000-2001 is January 31, 2001:

  13. From Gary (Thu Jan 11 14:29:02 2001 ):
    Most imformative site, thank you Michael! I have a dull chrome Nikon F Photomic T serial # 694xxxx with a Nikon Nikkor S Auto 1:1.4 50mm lens. I think this camera is vintage 1965-66, the year of my high school graduation. I have dreamed of owning an 'F' since seeing my uncle who was a pro news photographer using one in the sixties. Thanks again!

  14. From Joseph W. Daoust (Wed Jan 10 03:33:37 2001 ):
    I have 2 Nikon FTN's which i bought new. They were with me when I was a Combat Photographer in Vietnam and years of use as Photojournalist. They are in like new condition. and I wouldn't trade them for any new Nikon. I don't think the new ones could stand up with the use and time. like the older ones. One of my FTN's is a moter drive. I would like to hear from other ownerers of older Nikons. By the way what are the best recommendations for new Batteries in the FTN finder?

  15. From Pat Canova (Sat Dec 23 10:48:56 2000 ):
    Manual? What on earth do you need a manual for concerning the Nikon F? Compared to the newer Nikons (especially the digital models) the older F's are child's play to use. Just set the lens & shutter speeds, focus and fire away. Such simple elegance. My two old F's are still going full speed, even the 1967 model I continue to use in an Ikelite underwater housing. And, I've never sent them in for service or cleaning-- through years of newspapering and freelancing, hot or cold, rain, or shine, snow, sleet, whatever--They can't be beat-- Cheers, Pat C.

  16. From Theresa (Wed Dec 13 05:18:17 2000 ):
    I am intrigued by photography and would love to create some art of my own. However, I lack the camera and am in hope of buying a remotly inexpensive Nikon F2. If anyone is looking for a buyer, I am willing!

  17. From Victor (Sat Dec 2 06:58:19 2000 ):
    2things Dirty Glass: Any words of wisdom on what I can use safely to clean dirty lenses, prisms and screens? Nikon Serial Number Info: I have a NKT with a 64xxxx number on her..any idea where I might find info on serial numbers and production dates..? A great, great site and forum Michael: thank you and thanks to all those who have helped me in the past, present and in the future. Victor

  18. From Dave MacHardy (Wed Nov 22 23:26:55 2000 ):
    I have a Nikon F camera purchased in the fall of 1966. The upper detachable view finder contains the light meter. I need a VARIABLE RING RESISTOR for the meter or perhaps the complete part. Where can I get the part? By the way, THANKS to Mike Liu for the creation of this site.

  19. From s.s. yune (Thu Nov 9 15:56:22 2000 ):
    You'r Site ..Wonderful.. I have Nikon F Apollo S/n 7433301... I want more information .. Thanks a lot ...

  20. From Rick (Wed Nov 8 10:27:16 2000 ):
    Great site on the F Series Nikon. I have what I believe is a Nikon "F" Photomic TN 1967 or 68 model. It has a Nikkor-S f=55mm lense on it. Camera body has a serial number starting with 68xxxxx. Does anyone know how I can find the current value of this camera? Thanks for any help you can offer..Rick

  21. From Victor (Wed Nov 8 01:02:53 2000 ):
    I own a Nikon FTN and want to remove the Meter to change the batteries.Unfortunately I can not get it off of the body because it will not release at the front and maybe the middle..(I am squeezing the lever at the same time .. ) Do I need to push forward? any help would be useful and appreciated. PS_this is an amazing website dedicated to an amazing machine Thanks in advance VictorNYC

  22. From Jim Golden (Thu Nov 2 17:58:30 2000 ):
    Can anyone help me i need a Nikon F standard prism finder BCO11 001-1 chrome in mint or mint- condition plus a2.1cm finder for my 2.1cm F4 lens Nikon F chrome BCO11051-1 please contact me on Thanks JIM

  23. From Jack (Sun Oct 29 08:26:26 2000 ):
    I have a Nikon Ftn s/n 7059xxx in great condition - no dents or scratches - everything works. Original case and strap (age cracks). Lenses include Nikkor-Q 135mm, Nikkor-S 55mm, Nikkor 28mm, Nikkor 55mm macro, Soligor (Japanese) auto-zoom 90mm - 230mm, Vivitar 2800 flash with cable, various filters, and original Nikon F instruction manual. I would like to find out the value of this package and if there is an interest in it? Does anyone know where I could look. I've tried several on-line sites, but haven't had any luck.

  24. From Gary (Tue Oct 17 00:40:24 2000 ):
    Herb Hintz owes himself a visit to the Nikon Historical Society site.By doing so, he might get his "historical facts" straight and spare himself further embarrassment.Failing that, perhaps he can share with us the references that inform his views?

  25. From herbert hintz (Mon Oct 16 11:02:47 2000 ):
    TO MR.MICHAEL C LIU. my COMPLIMENTS for the outstanding presentation of the NIKON F site. you have done a great job of bringing nations together through a simple camara... sincerely herb hintz/florida usa

  26. From herbert hintz (Sun Oct 15 11:47:47 2000 ):
    i also have a 1970 F with ftn and no batteries. look---you love your camara as i do..... so simply buy a cheap handheld works great and prevents a lot of pain.remember:there are no bad camaras---only bad photographers... i also heard remarks about "old lenses" there are no old lenses as long as they are clean. my 50mm f/1.4 now 33yrs old makes as clear a picture as any "leica"of the year 2000. but something most of you did not know: one of the reasons those nikons turned out so well was that german technology of LEICA and lenses by LEITZ and ZEISS IKON were given to japan at the beginning of the second world war,among other things,to join hitlers war-machine.these are historical facts my friends. anyway the F is a great have to think a bit more than with the computer types but it leaves a lot of room for the artists. cheers herb

  27. From Brian Fitness (Wed Sep 27 18:26:34 2000 ):
    Hi Nikon F fans.Great camera!!My Nikon F 64xxxx with the model ! light meter goes like a rocket..However I am on the hunt for a manual for the light meter..any ideas??

  28. From Charles (Tue Sep 26 00:45:23 2000 ):
    I recently purchased an F body with the standard finder. The serial number is relatively low, does anyone know how I can find out what year of manufacture corresponds to the serial number?

  29. From Jfisher (Tue Sep 19 08:24:05 2000 ):
    Okay heres a long shot... My 1972ish nikon f is having difficulty in the higher speeds i.e. 1/500 and 1/1000 of a second... any idea where to get it serviced.. I'm in alaska

  30. From tom (Mon Sep 4 04:11:14 2000 ):
    I have a 1963 Nikon F with 1.4 lens that I purchased in Japan at that time. I have not used it in a long time but it is in perfect condition. Does it have any collecting value?

  31. From Jusko (Fri Sep 1 20:14:37 2000 ):
    Can I use the easily available LR44 button cells instead of the out of stock 625 mercury cells for the FTN finder ?

  32. From Rambun (Fri Aug 11 01:26:16 2000 ):
    i have nikon f i need motor drive to my camera... what can i do ? if you have and want to help me please email me thanks... surabaya-indonesia

  33. From Alex (Thu Aug 3 12:30:46 2000 ):
    I recently inherited an original Nikon F (it appears to be from ca. 1959) and a 72 Nikkormat, both in great condition. I intend on keeping them as it is memorabelia of how my father enjoyed photography. However, I'm curious to know the value, if any, of these beautiful, heavy, camera's, or a place where I can find more info on them. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  34. From sanjay (Mon Jul 24 23:37:07 2000 ):
    I have an ftn finder with a screw missing. It's one that holds the front metal plate (with the Nikon logo on it)in place. Does anyone have one I could buy, or know where I can get one? Thanks

  35. From Adrien Christiaens (Sun Jul 16 19:30:56 2000 ):
    Hey I own two Nikon F, and one motordrive MD36. This motordrive doesn't work anymore. The batterypack is OK, but with the motor attached it makes a noise (the relay) but doesn't work anymore. Can anybody give me some help or is there anybody who can provide me with a repair-manual for the MD36 with battery pack? Thanks Adrien (Belgium)

  36. From paul (Sun Jul 16 02:15:56 2000 ):
    i have a nikon f sn 6903877. i need a new/used view finder for it. wires seem to be corroded inside. please e-mail me with type and price.

  37. From Gayle (Fri Jul 7 23:20:39 2000 ):
    Hi all, my Dad's house was burglarized and his Nikon F was taken. Does anyone know where we can find a value for this camera? Also taken was 2 lenses: 105mm F2.5 and a 200mm F4 Auto Nikkor lens. Please feel free to email me if you have any info. Thank you.

  38. From glen lees (Sat Jun 17 06:32:23 2000 ):
    RE : SPLIT-IMAGE RANGEFINDER VERSUS LENSES I have 2 Fs with Photomic FTn finders : one an R screen, and the other with an A screen. Clyde Reynolds Nikon Book from Amphoto page 24 states that "the rangefinder does not work properly with wide aperture (larger than f2.8) lenses." Question 1. Does Reynolds' comment refer to lenses whose smallest f stop value is less than f2.8 (e.g. f2 etc.), or does it refer to f stop values less than f2.8 on any lens? John Wolf's "The Nikon Guide" from Amphoto, page 23, states that "The Type R (screen) ... has etched grid lines ... and slightly different rangefinder prisms, making it suitable for lenses with smaller maximum apertures of f3.5 to f5.6." Question 2. My Fs have no microprism doughnut around the rangefinder circle - is the Type R screen better than the A screen on my Fs? Question 3. It seems to me that limitations of the split-image rangefinder should be well-known among the multitude of professional photographers who use/have used this classic camera - is nobody willing to share this secret with amateurs? If you're responding to this request for information, I'd really appreciate it if you could, in addition to posting on this forum, backchannel me at my Email address - I can barely discern the text letters on this board, because of interference from the background, as it appears on my monitor. Thanks ....... Glen

  39. From Roxanne (Tue May 23 04:06:29 2000 ):
    I have a Nikon F that belonged to my father. How do I go about finding a buyer for this camera. I know absolutely nothing about cameras. Could you direct me in the right direction. I live in Calabasas, California

  40. From John Reid (Sun May 21 12:59:51 2000 ):
    Does anyone know of someone who can retrofit new photo cells to old finders (FTn, DP-1, etc.)? (If not, this would be a good business opportunity for someone.) Thank you.

  41. From Ray Matthews (Sat May 20 06:57:47 2000 ):
    I have an Nikon F with an "inoperative" meter .. it was with me in Vietnam and almost everywhere after taht ... I survived and I owe it a lot ... can I get it repaired? Its obviously sentimental. I still love the camera!

  42. From Anne B (Sat May 20 02:02:05 2000 ):
    You can also find Nikon F manuals on e-Bay sometimes.

  43. From GenHolst (Mon May 15 16:26:09 2000 ):
    #Brenda#: The location for a copy of the Instruction Manual of the Nikon F is at: The PDF version is at:

  44. From Brenda (Mon May 15 02:50:03 2000 ):
    Hi I own a Nikon F that was a gift and have been able to print some of the manual, but was woundering if anyone knew where I could get a manual from the company it;s self. I have looked through here with no luck. Any help will be greatly appreicated. Thank You Brenda

  45. From Gary Hyatt (Thu May 11 00:52:08 2000 ):
    Where can I get 1.3v mercury batteries for an FTN? Or, is there a substitute available? Thanks for any help.

  46. From Hung Le (Wed May 10 14:32:32 2000 ):
    I recently received the Nikon F Photomic FTN prism+ Flashlight BC-7 and lens. I love the camera and would like to use the flashlight but don't know what type of battery is required for the flashlight to function. Anyone know what type and where I can get the battery for it. Thanks

  47. From kevin T Nixon Jr (Fri May 5 01:19:14 2000 ):
    Looking for a flash adapter to recieve a regular hot shoe type adapter. Does anyone have one to sell me? kevin nixon

  48. From Stephen (Sun Apr 23 08:23:43 2000 ):
    I own a Nikon FTN and want to remove the Meter to clean and change the batterys. And can not get it off It will not release at the front a (yes I am squeezing the lever at the same time .. ) do I need to push forward? any help would be useful Thanks

  49. From Bob Brooks (Wed Apr 19 23:09:23 2000 ):
    I just acquired a F Series camera that belonged to my deceased brother. The serial number is 7152371 and it has a Nikkor-S Auto l:1.4 f=50mm lense. It seems to function properly but I cannot remove the view finder. Any ideas?

  50. From Antonio d'Avino (Mon Apr 17 23:51:53 2000 ):
    Your site is fantastic...

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