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  1. From Brian Allan Beach (Sun Feb 14 10:43:56 1999 ):
    NEW Nikon T-rings only $17.00 each includes S&H

  2. From Rich (Thu Feb 11 10:05:16 1999 ):
    I Have a chance to buy a Nikon F Chrome Prism finder +FTN finder in excellent condition. Is this a good manual camera for a beginner or would it be to technical to learn would appreciate any input thanks

  3. From Dickie Kiser (Mon Feb 8 09:28:17 1999 ):
    Nothing is better than a nice used black "F" with F36 and a 180 F28 to cut a groove in your neck. It just cant get any better than this.

  4. From Danny Szpiro (Fri Jan 29 09:09:47 1999 ):
    I live in Canada. Earlier today I purchaaed two Varta PX625 (equivalent to PX13) 1.35V mercury batteries for my FTn finder. There seems to be no problem getting these batteries here. I mentioned this in responses to Wendells question.

  5. From Wendell (Wed Jan 13 10:54:47 1999 ):
    What a site! I see a lot of questions about where to get batteries for FTn, 1.3v Mercury. Does anyone have the answer to this dilema? I heard they gottem in Canada. Is this so? I forgot to ask if anyone has a Black eyelevel prism for sale. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  6. From Dave Keyser (Mon Jan 11 00:34:40 1999 ):
    How do you change the battery on a Nikon F Photomic FTN?

  7. From Robert Wilson (Tue Dec 29 07:29:09 1998 ):
    I have a Nikon Fwith a Photomic Tn finder. It calls for RM-625R batteries. Is there a new battery or type that works. If not where can I find these at?

  8. From Byron Postle (Mon Dec 28 06:44:10 1998 ):
    Not sure if this is the right message board or father-in-law just gave me an Nikon FG. Unfortuneately it is jammed. I am not much of an expert on it worth getting fixed? Is it considered an F series camera? Thanks - Byron.

  9. From Ronen Ashkenazi (Thu Dec 24 20:14:13 1998 ):
    Greate site! After reading every single word in your site I went out and found an F Photomic FTN and grabed it for $140. Both the body and the finder are in perty rough condition, but everything works fine and I had a terific time shooting with it last weekend. Keep up the good work, Ronen.

  10. From J J Stafford (Wed Dec 23 04:33:00 1998 ):
    Outstanding web site! I'd like to add one factoid concerning the Action Prism. I found it extremely helpful when covering the Chicago riots in the sixties because it allowed one to compose and focus while wearing a gas mask.

  11. From Jim Hancock (Mon Dec 14 04:43:35 1998 ):
    hello everyone just picked up a Nikon f at a pawn shop for 125.00 Iam looking for a owners manual the serial # is 6422085 anyway also Iam interested in aditional lenses etc where is a good place to look any help would be appreciated Jim

  12. From Gopinath Sricandane (Sat Dec 12 18:52:08 1998 ):
    i'm a owner of 1967 model nikon F.The problem with the equipment is the light metre is not working,which has become a major handicap particlarly working on transparencies.I'm based in NewDelhi (India).Is it possible to rectify the fault? if so where & how? Help!

  13. From kim Nelson (Fri Dec 11 11:27:23 1998 ):
    how much should i pay for a Nikon F? It has a small dent that supposedly does not affect performance. The seller told me to take it to a camera shop before purchase. This sells for $125. An incredible deal? Also, a Nikon FE with Md12 motordrive for $300. Give me the scoop please. Im new to this. Thanks.

  14. From Charlie (Mon Dec 7 02:26:35 1998 ):
    looking focusing screens for my Nikon F where can iget them

  15. From Alex Hurst (Thu Dec 3 23:31:33 1998 ):
    Hi guys. I'm looking for a working DP-3 metering head for an F2 -that's the LED read-out version suitable for old lenses with the coupling prong. I've found a DP-12 (the AI version), but that's pretty useless with most of my lenses. TIA BTW, whoever was looking for PX625 mercury batteries for the F and F2. I get mine from Canada - even though they're made by Varta, a German company.

  16. From Huy Lan Phan (Thu Dec 3 06:20:57 1998 ):
    Hi, I'm looking for a very clean black Nikon F in the range 64xxxx for a reasonable price. Anyone know where I can get one ? THanks.

  17. From Albert Chow (Sat Nov 28 09:15:18 1998 ):
    I am Albert Chow from Hong Kong and I am looking for a good condition Nikon F (Black) body. If you have one for sale or you know the place that I can find it, please drop me a line. Thank you

  18. From Paul M. (Sat Nov 28 07:07:31 1998 ):
    I am looking for the terminal adapter that connects an F-36 motor drive to the cordless battery pack. Any ideas as to where I might find this part? Thanks.

  19. From Joe Golias (Thu Nov 26 11:10:35 1998 ):
    I am looking for a 6 x magnifier for a NIkon F2 Part DW2. Can anyone help me?

  20. From Bob (Thu Nov 26 06:27:04 1998 ):
    What is the battery type for the Nikon F2A? I remember it in two forms, one required two batteries, the second was a double thick single battery. Thanks

  21. From steven (Mon Nov 9 23:20:43 1998 ):
    i think i have a nikon may be an can i tell???? i do have a serial# for the camera.does anyone know of a site that can check this # out for me??? thank you.

  22. From James P. Lawless (Fri Nov 6 00:00:44 1998 ):
    I Have a Nikon FTN and have recently been told that the mercury batteries for the finder are no longer available in the US. How can I use this teriffic camer in today's "tree hugger world".

  23. From steven (Mon Nov 2 06:59:06 1998 ):
    i have a Nikon F2A........i have misplaced the manual for it......does anyone know where i might find a copy of one..thankz.....s.

  24. From Gustavo Osborne (Mon Sep 28 23:27:30 1998 ):
    I have an early Nikon F 640XXXX, which has a letter "T" engraved on the rewind knob, opposite to the rewind direction arrow. I have checked every source of Nikon F information I can think of, with no answer up to now.

  25. From Robert (Mon Sep 21 04:32:26 1998 ):
    I have a question about my Nikon F 6723803. I was wondering if there is anything unique about this model and would it have the red dot.

  26. From LeRoy Dorman (Sun Sep 20 20:56:34 1998 ):
    Do the Photomic T and the original Photomic metering prisms usd the same potentiometer? I have a working Photomic and a Photomic T with a bad resistor and would be glad to cannibalize the older one to fix the newer TTL finder.

  27. From Carolina Fuentes (Tue Sep 15 12:45:09 1998 ):
    I need to know the prize of the Nikon 8008 or the F4 and all the compatible lenses. I´m going to take a course and I´m buying all I need, it´s important for me to have an answer as soon as you can tell me, Thank you!

  28. From Michael Lima (Tue Sep 8 00:19:14 1998 ):
    I have two Nikon FTNs and the lightmeters haven't been working for years. I've been wondering if it's still possible to find standard F pentaprisms in good condition, to trade (if of any interesst),or to buy. Are there any specialised dealers in the United States.

  29. From david (Sat Sep 5 06:19:19 1998 ):
    I have one with the Nippon Kogaku Tokyo logo, SN#64023XX and the eye level prism. Can anybody provide an estimate of how much it worth? I'd like to do some minor restoration on the prism. How can I remove the prism (eye level) housing. It is not screwed down like the Photomics, I have already tried. Thanks for any help.

  30. From Paul K. (Fri Sep 4 06:43:59 1998 ):
    I was given an old Nikon F with Photomic T finder. The serial number starts with 67. Although the specs state an ASA range of 10-1600 from f1.2 to f4.5, I can't rotate the ASA dial far enough counter-clockwise to reach ASA 166 at f4.6. The best I can do is ASA 160 at 4.5. Does anyone know why I can't rotate the ASA dial any further to get an ASA higher than 160 at f4.5? Also the manual for the Photomic finder is in Japanese since the camera was bought in Japan. Does anyone know how I can get a manual in English? I already tried Nikon. They didn't have any Photomic manuals.

  31. From Mel (Mon Aug 31 21:05:03 1998 ):
    Good morning! Trying to find the correct battery number for Photomic FTn Finder on my old Nikon F. Supposed to be (2) 1.3V Mercury...presently using PX625A and wonder if its the right battery. MC

  32. From Terrence Brennan (Sat Aug 29 04:06:15 1998 ):
    Can somebody help me with a Nikon F question? I have two F's, one being a motorized Ftn, the other a non-motorized F. The motorized body was manufactured in 1973, the non-motorized body in 1974. My question has to do with the 1974 body. When I purchased the motorized camerra two years ago it was my intention to swap the finders, and use the plain eye-level prism on the motorized body. However, I found that the Ftn finder would not fit on my 1974 body. Upon closer examination, I discovered that the "collar" into which the prism fits would have to be removed and then milled out or ground down to accomidate the Ftn finder. A local repairperson noticed that the patern of the leatherette covering on the front of the body didn't match perfectly. The body has the 1974-style hardware attached; that is, it has the plastic-tipped wind lever and sel-timer levers installed, a la F2. It was this repairperson's theory that somewhere in the life of this body, somebody repaired it using cannibalized parts from another Nikon F body. Is this a possibility, or have I been using some kind of collector's item for the past 21 years? If anybody out there in cyberspace has any ideas on this, please e-mail me at the above address. Many thanks. Love this site, I will return again soon and on a regular schedule in the future!

  33. From Mark Malkin (Fri Aug 28 21:32:17 1998 ):
    Is there a good cross-reference of Nikon F (body) serial numbers vs manufacture date? Is there a list that lists serial numbers vs feature upgrades, value, etc? Thanks

  34. From Micjhael Ha (Sun Aug 2 00:02:44 1998 ):
    This is the BEST site on the internet about Nikon F. Well done, Mike! I own a black Nikon F with serial no. 7418xxx, can anyone tell me the year of manufacture; is it 1972 or 1974?

  35. From Ted Wengelaar (Sun Jul 26 18:16:52 1998 ):
    Hello, Do you still need some pictures of Nikon models, or something els? I will sent this as soon as possible. Sent me an e-mail back what you need this moment. Ted Wengelaar

  36. From leofoo (Sat Jul 25 16:58:48 1998 ):
    Stephen Gandy of Camera Quest is very knowledgeable in the Nikon F system set up. Surprisingly, he also provides AI conversion for older Nikkor lenses. He also maintains a highly informative site.

  37. From Matthew Rice (Tue Jul 21 06:21:06 1998 ):
    Please tell me of a company that I can confidently use to service my Nikon F Photomic. My experience with non manufacturer service is mixed.

  38. From Roland Tan (Sun Jul 19 15:54:22 1998 ):
    I have a Nikon F with F36. Anyone with accesorries for this combi, for sale, please let me know. I am keen to collect as many as possible or affordable. Thanks.

  39. From Bendi G (Sat Jul 18 04:48:58 1998 ):
    This site is HUGE! Full of original content, great site. Thanks for your time.

  40. From Michele Siedenburg (Mon Jun 15 03:17:01 1998 ):
    I have an old Nikon F body, Black in a leather case. It has a serial number in the 6475xxx range. I was wondering what that would be worth? How do you find out?

  41. From Vauguet Michel (Sat Jun 13 04:12:07 1998 ):
    Congratulations for this site! I got a Nikon Ftn on 1976 . Even if, today, autofocus cameras are more performant, the old Nikon is still a wonderfull camera. And the 2.5/105 mm a very,very good objective. Thank's to the Nikon workers.

  42. From D Bonin (Fri Jun 12 07:38:29 1998 ):
    I have a Nikon Photomic FTn finder and I need two px-13 batteries. I think the radio shack has the px 625, will that work? Spending $ 60.00 buck for an adapter is something I want to avoid. What do you suggest? Thanks

  43. From David (Sun Jun 7 06:33:08 1998 ):
    This has got to be the best site on the Nikon F that I have ever seen! This camera and its system deserve a comprehensive site such as this. You have done a great service to all that use the F in providing this information. I have been shooting with and doing research on this camera for years and still found information here I have not found anywhere else.

  44. From Boutonnet-tranier jean-marc (Wed Jun 3 14:37:08 1998 ):
    Exellent.I have myself 3 nikon F,but until now no litterature,nothing about it. Thanks and congratulation.JMBT

  45. From Robert Turley (Fri May 29 23:00:51 1998 ):
    Hi, great page!!!! I just bought a Nikon FTN out of an add paper for $100.00 and its in SWEET condition. but the meter doesn't seem to work. I took it to a shop and they put batteries in it but neither the battery check or the light meter needle seemed to react. Are there any diagnostic steps I can take to figure out what may be wrong with it and possibly fix it myself? If not,I would like some info on getting it repaired (if possible). Is there someone who specializes in the old Nikon Fs? The mirror pillow foam is also bady degraded making the mirror clank and vibrate. I would like to replace the foam and light seals. I am in the process of running a roll of film through it to see if there are any light leaks and what not. I don't have hand held meter (i have one on order though) so I am using the meter in my n90s. It makes for a heavy and expensive light meter though:) any help would be appreciated. if you can e-mail me personally as I may not find this site again or have time to browse.

  46. From leofoo (Fri May 22 22:34:59 1998 ):
    Michael has spent more than three months to prepare and update the original Nikon F site to this version two. I always thought his version one was already the most comprehensive info centre available on the Net. But this update did made me wondering whether I can compile enough of illustration to supplement the superp content he provides. Next is the navigation issue, thus, the site map was retained as an alternative mode for browsing. But whatever, the original version two (Text based) is ported at the mirror site at: Mike, thanks for the greatness. We are awaiting for your Nikon F2.

  47. From sun (Sun May 17 12:02:19 1998 ):
    Very nice... arrgh.... (sounds of drooling) The Nikon F: A classic is born. Unbelievably comprehensive, well done

  48. From Eewyn (Thu May 14 22:28:18 1998 ):
    Very informative site. Lost touch and have no knowledge with older Nikons. Picked up some background on this old workhorse from here.

  49. From Com.Augusto Staut (Thu May 14 02:55:18 1998 ):
    Great, very rugged all mechanical camera. I think you can hammer nails with it without problems. I can call F the first professional Single lens reflex system in the world.

  50. From Mike Liu (Wed May 13 07:04:23 1998 ):
    Welcome to the message board! I hope that all of you find this service and the associated Nikon F pages useful -- it has been fun creating them, so please, go out and have some more fun with your F today! Cheers, Mike.

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