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  1. From Clifford Novey (Sun Apr 16 14:48:36 2000 ):
    I have been given a Nikon F camera and a lot of lenses and accessories- the camera is all black however and I can't seem to identify it- any suggestions?

  2. From Anne Bellenger (Tue Mar 21 00:24:09 2000 ):
    I have a Nikon F which I bought new in the 1960's. Someone asked about repairing the photomic unit. I had that done for less than $100. If anyone is interested I can probably find the sales slip. The repair person kept it for 6 weeks, but it works great. One of the "extras" I have for the lenses is a Nikkor lens shade that has 105/2.5 and 135/3.5, a large 'F" printed on the side. I believe this shade might be valuable because one just like it sold for $3,500 on e-Bay, and the seller said there are only 5-6 of these around and are collector's items. I didn't pay attention to it when I was told about it and now can't find the item. Does anyone know anything about this type of lens shade? It fits all my 4 lenses for the F. I don't want to sell it, just get an idea of its value (for insurance). Also I found a place that sells photocopies of the original manual and was able to replace mine that I lost years ago.

  3. From Steve (Fri Mar 17 09:15:47 2000 ):
    I have a Nikon F serial number 6793175. I take it that was manufactured in 1967, is that correct, and is there any thing special about it. Also it has a "photomic T finder. I understnatd that this is not a great meter. To use it without mercury batteries requires calibration. Can I use it, with the meter attached as a 100 percent manual camera and is there anything special I have to do??

  4. From vincent morreale (Sat Mar 11 02:03:02 2000 ):
    I would like to rig a battery pack to fire a vivitar 283 flash and a MD-1 motordrive. The drive, I believe is 12V and the flash 3V. I'm not sure how much current the drive draws and would like to use an in-cable transformer to step down the voltage to the flash. Has anyone tried this or do you have the specs. for the F2 and MD-1?

  5. From Maintainer of PIM (Thu Mar 2 13:15:53 2000 ):
    MC Lau, a new contributing writer and a good friend of mine has just bought a new "Millennium 2000 - Year of the Dragon" Nikon FM2n, here is a first hand review by him !

  6. From Patrick Wallace (Sat Feb 26 01:28:09 2000 ):
    What is the year of manufacture of my Nikon F body with the serial number 6400651? Thanks for your help

  7. From dan (Thu Feb 24 06:58:42 2000 ):

  8. From Stan K (Fri Feb 18 12:42:08 2000 ):
    I have a model F, but the light meter does not work, any suggestion of who repairs these in U.S. or Canada. Great camera, great nikon lens. I prefer it over the F90

  9. From Manuel (Mon Feb 14 08:10:39 2000 ):
    I have two Nikon F bodies,one black,one chrome.Evrything works perfectly,and all parts (Photomic meters,prisms,etc)interchange freely and perfectly.One curiosity(peculiarity?)is the way the self timer works on the two cameras.On the black one,the self timer works like most other SLRs(eg.Spotmatic,SRT-101,etc.)in that it runs down,then mirror flips up,and shutter and aperture stop-down works almost instanteniously.However,on the chrome body F,as the self timer runs down,just a split second before the shutter fires,the aperture stops down and mirror flips up,then shutter fires.(this is almost like the Nikkormat where the mirror flips up and aperture stops down when you initially set off the self timer,except in the case of the chrome F this happens just a hair before the shutter fires.)I am curious if anyone else's Nikon F has this peculiarity,or was it common on certain vintage F's.It does not affect operation in any way.I post this on other forums without a staisfactory answer.

  10. From Ozzie Fior (Tue Feb 8 04:49:16 2000 ):
    I hope someone can help me with this question: I have a Nikon F S/N 68xx... . It is in very good shape; I had it serviced, and have a question on the shutter: All the speed durations seem accurate to my ear. However, tht 1/8 and 1/15 speeds have a sound that I have heard before on older cameras. Specifically, these speeds do not sound "crisp" but there's a "springy" sound that follws the closing of the shutter. If you understand what i'm talking about, what is that sound? Is it a sign of eventual failure? should I take some action?

  11. From Dean Jones (Sun Feb 6 15:57:23 2000 ):
    If anyone like me winds up with a marvelous F for sixty dollars Australian and finds the titanium shutter torn and letting in light you might try this fix. first I tried a thin coat of silicon, but if applied to the front or lens side it jammed on the second shutter curtain. It seemed to get caught on the material which is like cloth shutter curtain affixed to the body to seal the top edge of the shutter itself. This I removed, cut a strip the right size and glued it(with silicon) to the crack. With some reasonably stiff plastic I was able to clamp the repair both sides till the silicon cured. Be sure to only apply the patch to the film side of the shutter curtain. I have since fired the shutter many times and run a film thru with great success, seems to hold up perfectly ! Regards Dean.

  12. From stefano vlado (Sat Feb 5 09:00:01 2000 ):
    Beautiful site, technical and exaustive for all Nikon user and collectors. Many professional. A concret sign of free culture for all people in the web.

  13. From Jondy (Wed Feb 2 14:49:11 2000 ):
    Kick-ass site!!! Very, very informative... question: how do you put a shutter "cable release" on a Nikon F? Or is it not capable of having a cable release?

  14. From Michael Steinberg (Tue Feb 1 00:21:21 2000 ):
    I recently acquired a Nikon F Motor Drive #97325 with green nylon external battery pack with cord, a cordless battery pack #87485 in the original box and a Nikon Pistol Grip in the original box. From my research and inquiries I am told that this is one of the first drives assembled for the Nikon F. I would welcome any additional information and/or feedback. Thanks.

  15. From Laurent MARANDET (Mon Jan 17 06:02:42 2000 ):
    Thanks for this great site ! But there is one more reason to buy now a nikon F or F2 body instead of a FM2 : the 100% precision of the viewfinder (only 92 % in other cameras) which very important for macrophoto and slides, if you need to obtain exactly what you see trough the viewfinder.

  16. From Mike Bloor (Sun Jan 2 21:28:51 2000 ):
    Problem removing finder. I have just bought a Nikon F 69xxxxx with FTn finder. I can't remove the finder from the camera. Pressing the button on the camera back pops up the back of the finder. The lever on the finder releases the front. However, the finder sticks a few mm above the body. Any ideas/suggestions please ?

  17. From Manny (Tue Dec 21 15:06:19 1999 ):
    Looking to replace a Nikon F body built in 1971.. Reply please..

  18. From Terrence Brennan (Tue Dec 14 00:46:27 1999 ):
    A RARE ITEM for Nikon F Collector: NIKON F-250 MOTORDRIVE, plus accessories for sale. It is functional, and is near-mint. I also have four (4) 250 exposure magazines, with leather cases for the motordive, as well as the Nikon bulkloader designed for the. I am asking US$600.00 for the whole outfit. I would consider selling the outfit in pieces. E-mail with questions, please!! Thank you. - Terrence Brennan

  19. From Richard (Sun Dec 12 14:58:53 1999 ):
    Is there a replacement battery (1.3v mercury) or substitute available for a Nikon F ?

  20. From Dan Martin (Sat Nov 27 13:55:22 1999 ):
    A digital film cartridge is coming on the market (see Their initial product will be compatible with the F3 among other cameras. I have two F bodies, the Tn finder, as well as a complete complement of the lenses I use in my work. MyF is an old and reliable friend. Can anyone tell me if the film housing for the F3 and F are simular enough that the "Silicon Film's EFS-1) package for the F3 will work in my F? Thanks, Dan

  21. From ray allen (Thu Nov 25 10:01:53 1999 ):
    I have an early Nikon F of uncertain vintage that I am interested in selling. It comes with a power winder, Vivitar 70-200 zoom and Nikkor-N 1:2.8 lenses.

  22. From Scott Smith (Wed Nov 24 01:09:59 1999 ):
    I'm going in the wrong direction but I'm hoping someone can help. I've got some NIKON Sun Glasses and I'm trying to locate the company for warranty and replacement purposes. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help. Happy Trails

  23. From Ethan Simpson (Sun Nov 21 15:37:13 1999 ):
    Do any of you know where I may be able to acquire a M-36 with a cordless battery pack? Will the strain of the motor wear the internals of my F prematurly? Thanks

  24. From Menno Blaauw (Tue Nov 16 00:08:39 1999 ):
    I recently obtained a Nikon FT with a first-generation 10,5 cm f2.5 lens. The funny thing is that on the rim of the lens, the name of the manufacturer is missing a letter: Its says "Nippon Kogak" instead of "Nippon Kogaku". The letter really never has been there, so it was dropped in the factory. Does anyone know if this this a common error, or a rare one?

  25. From Philip Raby (Fri Nov 5 17:24:22 1999 ):
    Nikon magazine, the all-new publication for Nikon photographers, is now available. Go to to find out more.

  26. From David Price (Fri Nov 5 06:07:15 1999 ):
    I have a 65XXXXX series body and adapted a 72' FTn Meter that is now kaput. Who can repair?

  27. From Martin Hack (Sun Oct 31 01:53:02 1999 ):
    Hi, I'm looking for an adapter that will allow me to use diopter lenses with my Nikon F prism without a meter. I had one, but the little plastic rectangular piece is lost! Help! Thanks

  28. From Jim Harper (Wed Oct 27 00:51:37 1999 ):
    In response to the Oct 26 search for a photomic meter for a late 60's Nikon Ftn, Stephen Gandy repairs these meters and may have one for sale or could direct you to one. His site is

  29. From Darryl Van Son (Tue Oct 26 12:13:14 1999 ):
    I have a Nikon F Photomic Tn circa 1969 from new. The meter is going down the drain for the second time. This time I am told no repair parts are available, specifly the resister ring. Anyplace left working on these old treasures? Heard a rumor about an all-electronic conversion for these but no conformation. Anyone know someone that can help? I don't want to retire my gem just yet.

  30. From Maintainer of PIM site (Mon Oct 11 21:14:27 1999 ):
    The operational manual for the FTN finder is available allthese while at: Both in HTML fromat and a small PDF file (189k).

  31. From Gary Moffitt (Sun Oct 10 23:38:41 1999 ):
    I have inhereited a Nikon F, seemingly with a FTn prism, unfortunately I did not inherit the users manual. Can any body send me a photo copy of one? I think I have most of the camera figured out, but I am not sure of a couple of things. Do you really have to set the film speed by loosening the 3 little screws on the shutter speed setting on the view finder and then rotating the outside ring to match the film speed?

  32. From AT (Sun Oct 3 05:12:20 1999 ):
    Does anyone know which year the Nikon SB-1 was made?

  33. From Barrow Davis (Sat Oct 2 03:15:57 1999 ):
    I just traded in my N70 with a 28 to 200 tamaran zoom lense for an NikonF with a 105mm nikon lense. I couldn't be happier. I have been shooting test rolls and can't wait to see the results. There is nothing like quality. the F series is so superior. I feel like I just trded in a plastic toy car for a porshe.

  34. From Harvey (Tue Sep 28 07:53:50 1999 ):
    Hello, i am in Colombia. i don`t know how receiveed an Nikon F but now i had it, ¿do you think that i must save it or probably use that until broken it?

  35. From brian grover (Mon Sep 27 06:11:31 1999 ):
    Re: Cleaning 300 MM Nikkor ED The rear element of my 300 MM Nikkor ED is filthy but is nearly unreachable, being some 2 or 3 inches [5~7.5 cm] down the barrel on the opposite side of the diaphram. Is it necessary to dissemble the lens in order to clean it properly? Should that be left for professionals? Any tips? Please reply to the message board so others can benefit from your insights. Thanks.

  36. From Frank Gosebruch (NHS) (Fri Sep 24 15:45:25 1999 ):
    Isn't the NIKKOR F (not Nikon F) a special variation? Nothing can be found on the net. This special Nikons were just made for the German camera market, to prevent difficulties with the German "ZEISS IKON" camera manufacturer. ZEISS-IKON was the producer of the CONTAX. Maybe some people remember the very first NIKON I Rangefinder camera. It looked quite similar to the CONTAX. So maybe that's the reason, why ZEISS-IKON didn't want Nippon Kogaku to call their camera NIKON F in Germany but NIKKOR F. According to ZEISS-IKON managers, the sound of nIKON was too similar to ZEISS-IKON. If you have one of these rare items, just show us a nice black NIKKOR F Photomic. Thanks. Frank

  37. From ed evans (Tue Sep 21 05:10:28 1999 ):
    Not sure if this the right board. If not let me know. I have for sale a Nikon F Photomic FTn Camera. Best Offer

  38. From Gerry Zanzalari (Sat Sep 18 13:13:42 1999 ):
    I have a Nikkormat FT, 1:2 that I'm trying to get some info on. Anyone familiar with this item? Thanks.

  39. From Jeremiah (Fri Sep 17 05:45:31 1999 ):
    I have a Nikon F and was wondering how to find out what year it is.. It looks most like the first picture on the model page of this site. Tnx Jere also anybody know how to find various parts / lenses etc. I'm in alaska

  40. From Cori (Wed Sep 15 07:40:18 1999 ):
    I have a need for a standard BLACK prism for a Nikon F camera. Anyone know where I can find one?

  41. From Vic Kuhl (Wed Sep 15 07:22:07 1999 ):
    Hello, i am looking to buy a metal hood for the 50mm 1.4 lens on my F.I do not want to spend more that $10.Vic

  42. From KIM TAE KYOUNG (Sun Sep 12 23:28:50 1999 ):
    hi i'm korean. i live in the korea. i have a F model! serial number is 6846589. i don't know how to this model. i want manual. please send to my e-mail. and this model is a little broken(lens is dirty, etc.). i want to repair this model. i want to know that repair center in korea. please.

  43. From Geoff Putnam (Sun Sep 12 14:30:10 1999 ):
    My Nikon F serial no.7301724 functions beautifully with the exception of the FtN photomic finder..does anybody know how this item can be repaired or replaced in Melbourne Australia? Problem..needle is erratic and kicks at some settings..understand this is a familiar problem Geoff Putnam

  44. From Bernard Hershkowitz (Thu Sep 2 02:13:58 1999 ):
    Re the questions about the 1.3V Vs the 1.5V batteries for the view finders. I have spoken to Nikon customer service and it is THEIR OPINION that there will be no damage to the meter, but that the exposure will be off. I REPEAT - THIS IS NIKON'S OPINION.

  45. From Bernard Hershkowitz (Thu Sep 2 01:16:33 1999 ):
    I have a Nikon F with an F Photomic Tn finder. The lightmeter, in the finder is no longer working. Nikon or any Nikon authorized repair facility, that I have contacted, cannot or will not repair it. They will not even look at it! The camera was purchased on 5/98. Does anyone know where I might get it fixed ?

  46. From Jim Harper (Wed Sep 1 01:00:38 1999 ):
    In response to the Aug 26 search for a photomic prism for a 1970 Nikon Ftn, Stephen Gandy repairs these prisms and may have one for sale or could direct you to one. His site is

  47. From Laura (Fri Aug 27 14:59:11 1999 ):
    Can anyone tell me where i can locate my cerial # on mi camera. Much abliged... also is it true the first two #'s of the serial # is the year the year the camera was produced?

  48. From Bob Cummings (Thu Aug 26 13:37:00 1999 ):
    I am trying to locate a photomic prism for my 1970 Nikon FTN camera. Any idea where I can get a really nice one? Thanks!

  49. From Ralph (Sun Aug 22 02:18:18 1999 ):
    FTn Photomic Repair. I am cheap. I have an old circa 1969 Nikon F with Photomic Finder. My first camera,which I love and have not used for a long while because the meter on/off switch got flaky. My workhorse is an FM. Anyway, I tried to fix the meter myself, thinking that some cleaning of contacts is all that would be required. I cleaned what I could reach with no improvement. I did manage to break one of those plastic screws but functionally I am no worse, or better, than when I started. Well not exactly true. I cleaned up the 10 year batteries (because I couldn't find replacements) and the battery compartment contacts and now I get a full charge reading when I press the little button. Where can I get my hands on a repair manual, with structural and wiring schematic? And, if at all possible a repair 'kit' to replace some of the screws and really badly corroded contacts? Thanks. Cheap Amature.

  50. From JWoods (Sat Aug 21 14:45:30 1999 ):
    That is the settings for proper flash sync on electronic flash or older flash bulb: Or go through the whole camera manual that can be found in this site: Hope these info helps.

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