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  1. From gopinath sricandane (Sat Aug 21 06:21:33 1999 ):
    In my 1969 model Nikon F, just above the shutter speed dial there is a small window in which it is written FX in bright green colour. If you lift the milled crank around the shutter speed dial and rotate the inscription in the widow changes to a pink dot, then to a bright green dot. What is the significance of these marks. Please explain. Kindly send your findings to << >> thank you Gopinath Sricandane

  2. From Maintainer (Sun Aug 8 15:11:13 1999 ):
    New section for discussion on lenses, bookmark for future reference:

  3. From Robert (Sun Aug 1 23:36:00 1999 ):
    There seems to be a lot of questions concerning mercury batteries for the F series. This sight sells an adapter that allows the use of non mercury batteries at the proper voltage/current for the finder. Try: Good luck. I own a Photomic with a rare all black finder (later type with on/off button) and I want to move up to an F2, which do you think is the best model. Heard a lot of good things about the F2A, any opions?

  4. From A. Juhasz (Wed Jul 28 05:56:06 1999 ):
    I have a DS-1 Automatic Aperture Control for my F2. I need new batteries. I have 2 duracell PX30's in them now, 3 volts each. No one can get me a replacement #. Any help would be appreciated. I also have a rechargeable 6 volt battery, but I have no idea what I am suppose to charge it with. It has no numbers on it at all, just NICAD, 6 vols. I just found this place, and I hope I'll be able to get some expert help. I had my camera in the closet for the past 18 years, and I want to start using it.

  5. From EEWYN (Mon Jul 19 11:21:58 1999 ):
    There is a manual for the Nikon FTN in this site, hope that helps.

  6. From Dan (Thu Jul 15 23:19:10 1999 ):
    My F has the shutter speeds in the barrel of the ASA speed dial and the ASA speeds on top. Can anyone explain to me the meaning of the markings (beyond the obvious pointer) on the ASA speed setting ring?

  7. From Patrick Desplanque (Thu Jul 15 00:03:58 1999 ):
    Following my comments about the battery question, I found a partial answer by doing a little research: The original mercury battery (PX13) was rated at 1.35 volts while the current "625" is 1.5 volts. The Nikon uses 2 cells for a total (normally) of 2.7 Volts (while 2 ea. 625's would yield 3 volts. While I seriously doubt that the .3v difference will fry the meter (the "electronics" in the camera are extremely simple... a voltage divider composed of a string of potentiometers), there should be an effect on the reading. The meter can be recalibrated (as per one of the links in this site) to compensate for the extra voltage. I assume the problem is the same for the Nikkormat, since it uses the same battery (albeit only one)... or any light meter using that battery (I own two of them, a Gossen Pilot and a Sekonic).

  8. From Chuck Ross (Sun Jul 11 09:06:56 1999 ):
    RE: Diopters for Nikon F: Not sure about this one, and I am also interested since I just bought a Nikon F on Ebay, and will no doubt need a diopter for it. I know that B&H stocks diopters for Nikons, but none listed for Nikon F, altho they do show one for the F2. I don't know whether this will fit or not, but I'd guess B&H could answer that. Also curious about the PX-625 battery working or not.

  9. From Bob Redding (Thu Jul 8 04:38:49 1999 ):
    Does anyone know where I can find a diopter, preferably adjustable, for a circa 1960 Nikon F. (My apoligies to the younger enthusiast, whose eyes can still focus!)

  10. From steve L (Wed Jul 7 21:40:23 1999 ):
    The original batteries were of the now outlawed mercury type.For several years they were available in canada,many were smuggled into the US.Now they seem to be banned worldwide.These batteries delivered the current slightly differently,than their replacementsThey also just died one day on you.The new replacement batts are of the silver oxide type.These I'm told slowly drain untll dead.In actuall use Ive been told the batts can destroy some camera bodies electronics. As I recall the Olympus OM-1's meter would fry if silver ox.batts were installed.There were batts with little peel off strips on the contacts.Big camera stores had these years ago,claiming these would exactly replace the merc.batts. I too own Nikkormats and Nikon F cameras,but Im smart enuff to use them for color negative shooting.The lack of meter doesnt matter a whole lot with modern color negative stock's latitude.When color slide film is used ,the newer bodies(FM2N's)are employed for exposing narrow latitude reversal stocks.

  11. From Patrick Desplanque (Sat Jul 3 15:10:03 1999 ):
    Great site!! I own a F w/Photomic prism/meter and a Nikkormat FTn. I would not use anything else. However I just replaced the batteries in the F with type 625's (Duracells) from Wal Mart. Are'nt these equiv to PX13's? I'm only asking because people on this site seem to have difficulties in finding those batteries and the 625's are pretty much available everywhere. If they're not right, what voltage is the camera looking for? My F ha serial # 74xxxxx does that mean 1974 as mfr'g date? Thank you. One more thing, I second the motion for the answers to questions being posted here as a thread inlieu of or in addition to individual e-mail replies so that everyone can benefit. I've seen the same questions asked several times (including my own, above) but did not see an answer.

  12. From Peter Berinstein (Sat Jul 3 01:26:20 1999 ):
    I am in search of a replacement REWIND LEVER for my F2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I live in New York.

  13. From jason (Fri Jul 2 21:56:50 1999 ):
    hope there is a price list for Nikon-F series!

  14. From Lars (Sun Jun 27 04:40:00 1999 ):
    We don't get particularly many answers here. It could be that people answer directly via email - but I suggest always to answer via this board as well so we all can benefit!

  15. From Stan Corbin (Tue Jun 22 08:51:22 1999 ):
    Where can I buy a book or books on how to use Old Nikon equipment. I have a bellows and a slide copy attachment I'd like to try out.

  16. From jane (Mon Jun 21 13:14:22 1999 ):
    What does the "F" mean on the Nikon camera. I was told that it is the name of the chief designer of this camera. I would like to know what this man's name is. Thank you.

  17. From Burhan (Thu Jun 17 22:38:05 1999 ):
    I would like to learn current price of Nikon F.Please answer if you know approximate value of this machine.It's classic and manuel.Thanks a lot .Bye...

  18. From Dean Jones (Mon Jun 14 16:13:25 1999 ):
    I have a Nikon F and an F2A . I would welcome any information regarding these wonderful cameras. I have not yet used them to their capacity and would like to hear from those who have. Regards Dean Jones.

  19. From Gregroy david Stempel (Mon Jun 14 03:05:44 1999 ):
    What exactly is the Nikon "Apollo" version? I have one, but have been unable to find information as to what makes it "apollo" Thanks and take care, Gregory david Stempel FIREFRAME Imaging

  20. From Brad Davis (Thu Jun 10 08:16:34 1999 ):
    Does anyone know what the width of the Nikon nameplate is on a F body that accepts the Ftn meter? I own a F body, #67xxxxx, with a Photomic meter on it(the one with the eye on the front) and want to install an Ftn on the body. The nameplate I now have has a width of 2.00 mm. I understand that the Ftn requires the thinner nameplate and I wonder if this camera already has it installed. My F body has the symbol "Nippon Kogaku Tokyo" in front of the shutter release. Is this supposed to be rare? Thanks for your comments, Brad

  21. From Dave Meyers (Sat Jun 5 20:32:55 1999 ):
    Need to find inexpensive lenses for the Nikon F. Is there a store online I may shop for them on?

  22. From Stan Corbin (Sun May 16 23:42:25 1999 ):
    When was the AR-1 soft shutter release discontinued?

  23. From Alasdair Mackintosh (Fri May 7 20:36:04 1999 ):
    I have an old Nikkor 50mm f1.4 non-AI lens. The external surfaces look fine, but if you hold it up to the light there appears to be a slight smear on the rear surface of the front element. Could be fungus, I suppose, but one would almost swear, in a certain light, that it's part of a fingerprint. The image quality seems fractionally worse than my 50/1.4 AIS lens, and the contrast seems a bit lower, so I think it's worth trying to clean this off. I tried, very tentatively, to dismantle the lens. The focussing and filter rings come off very easily, and you can then slide the entire lens assembly out of the focussing barrel, without upsetting the focus adjustment. The rear elements then simply unscrew from main assembly, but I can't see any obvious way to remove the front ones. Has anyone done this? If it's complex, and involves any risk of damaging the lens, then I won't bother. (I've learned my lesson on that one...) Thanks, Alasdair

  24. From Hai (Sun May 2 23:17:34 1999 ):
    I recently bought a Nikon F. Part of its' slow speeds (1/15 to 1/4) work inconsistently. I was told it needs cleaning and I want to do it myself. Can anyone help me with this job?

  25. From Robert Decker (Sat Apr 24 02:34:34 1999 ):
    Repairing Nikon photmic meters. Glen Walperts Ftn page is good but it does not show you how to recalibrate a meter. If you want your meter to be accurate over the entire range of lighting, then it must be calibrated over that range. It is possible to adjust one resistor in the Ftn so that it is accurate at that one light intensity. However, It will not be accurate at other light intensities unless a complete recalibration is performed. I have written a computer program that performs this complete recalibration. I measure the ring resistor values and Cds values over an EV range of 4 to 16. Then I enter the data into the computer which calculates the best fit for the three variable resistors so the meter will be accurate throughout this range. Please email me for details. Robert Decker

  26. From Mark Kirkpatrick (Sun Apr 18 08:19:47 1999 ):
    I have a newer Nikon F with the FTN finder. It works fine, but I don't understand the battery question of what kind to use. I am using varta v625PX batteries and they seem to work ok. Would someone please tell me what to use to not hurt the meter??

  27. From Terrence Brennan (Fri Apr 16 00:52:33 1999 ):
    Is there anybody out there who could help me to identify an oddball Mikon F accessory? The accessory in question is a clip-on selenium meter. I know for sure that Nikon produced three models, with the last one, Model III having squared-off corners. Mine has rounded corners, and so therefore must be either a Model I or Model II (natch!) How do I tell the difference between these two models? I have seen photographs of Model III, and mine doesn't match.

  28. From Dr. Lim Kok Hoo (Tue Apr 13 01:52:21 1999 ):
    I have been collecting Nikons for some years and have accumulated a fair amount of items and knowledge. I would like to add to what Michael Liu has said concerning the switch-over of NKT to Nikon on the top plate of the Nikon F. I have a #6746771 which is NKT and #6769676 which is Nikon both of which are chrome. The latest black Nikon F which I have which is NKT is #6738551.

  29. From Mark Fisher (Thu Apr 8 01:43:25 1999 ):
    Could anybody comment on their experience/opinion about third-party lenses for the Nikon F? In many cases I've seen these lenses go for almost nothing on Ebay in comparison to their Nikkor counterparts.

    Maybe someone can comment directly on Tokina, Vivitar, Soligor, Kalimar, Sigma et al.?

  30. From Mark Fisher (Tue Apr 6 04:59:56 1999 ):
    I'm sure this very same question has been posted before but please humor me. Maybe you've had this very same experience. My Ftn finder is inaccurate (but not by much) and I think its battery source could stand to be converted for better accuracy.

    Also, my self timer won't fire. The little hook that releases mirror works but the mirror won't go up and the rest of the process continue unless I hold down my DOF button.

    Any, maybe you can guess my next question. I've been given a $95 estimate which is over half the price I paid for this camera. Any advice on how I can fix myself or referrals of a place where I could get a repair for less than this amount?

    P.s. sorry if my above attempts at using html for breaks didn't work, I thought I'd try. With many thanks, Mark Fisher

  31. From Jim Skladany (Wed Mar 31 13:29:34 1999 ):
    I'm trying to find any info./availability of the BR-15 adaptor ring (39mm. screw-mount lenses to "F" body), and the BR-16 ring(to fit RMS microscope objectives to the BR-15 ring). I found the only info. on these two rings in "Nikon Compendium"by Hillebrand & Hauschild,first ed., pg.# 103, last paragraph on the page. Can anyone shed more light on these two items? Thank you.

  32. From Phil Claydon (Sun Mar 28 18:54:52 1999 ):
    I have just aquired a Nikon F body which is minus nameplate as I assume someone had previously removed same to fit a F2 Meter head. Can anyone help with a replacement nameplate please ?

  33. From Bob Forster (Wed Mar 24 15:04:56 1999 ):
    Nikon F accessories wanted. Would anyone out there have the following for sale: 1. Eye cup and rectangular prism view finder frame for holding the cup to the finder. 2.Nippon Kogaku body cap. 3. Electronic flash adaptor. 4. Camera back. 5. Waist level finder. 6. Lens cases for 58mm,28mm and 135mm

  34. From Hai (Mon Mar 22 21:27:41 1999 ):
    I Must recommend Glen Walpert's home page (, in which you can find instructions and illustrations on how you can fix your photomic FTn.

  35. From jerry (Fri Mar 19 23:52:15 1999 ):
    for Joe France re older lenses----the ones you have are superb, and will make excellent enlargements. Newer lenses would have to be modified by installing "rabbit ears' and you really would not gain anything. for Mark Smith re F2 problem---sound like you need light seals to be replaced---try Pete Smith at fotocamera repair in Lake worth Florida--561-433-8434 or on line at for joe t re f2 manual--try craigcamera see shutterbug for address for Pam re flash shoe---you need an AS1----see shutterbug or B&H Photo in NY or try ebay good luck to all of you

  36. From Joe France (Sun Mar 14 02:05:41 1999 ):
    I have recently acquired a Nikon F, used thusfar for "snap-shots" of the kids. The lenses used are the original Nikkor-S Auto 50mm f1.4 and a Nikkor-S Auto 35mm f2.8, and I am delighted with the results. Are these "older" lenses capable of quality enlagements to 8x10 or 16x20 with careful technique, or should I purchases newer ED lenses? I would like to use this camera, especially the 35mm lens as a back-up to my 6x7, as I appreciate its ease and simplicity. I would like to know you experiences in this area. Thank You

  37. From Mark Smith (Fri Mar 12 03:10:06 1999 ):
    Trouble in F2 paradise! Recent pictures taken with my F2 Photomic had an area of overexposure along the top an down the left side. The border between exposures doesn't show any fog. My geuss is that light is leaking arround the shutter, possibly coming down from the veiwfinder. Any sage advice or comment would be greatly appreciated. (sorry about F2 post to the F board, but there is no F2 board)

  38. From Fred Alexander (Mon Mar 8 06:46:26 1999 ):
    I have two FTns (purchased 1969 and 71) that no longer couple easily with lenses. The electronics are fine, however. Is there an obvious problem for which I could simply replace a part? Or should I send them to a repair facility, and can you suggest one? Is this an expensive fix? Thanks.

  39. From Abbey (Wed Mar 3 11:41:00 1999 ):
    Hi I'm looking for all the information I can possibly find on the Nikon F. I am going on a two week trip in April and I need to have all my camera equipment prepared and understood. Can I get a shutter release to adapt to my camera? There is LOTS I don't know a manual would help any info.Another question...I need a lens larger than 500mm that is compatable with my Nikon f. Does anyone know where I can get one (or more than one) and approximate prices. Thanks so much.

  40. From Joe T. (Fri Feb 26 14:37:09 1999 ):
    looking for F2 manual from any source, gracias.

  41. From Ryan Peck (Thu Feb 25 05:58:21 1999 ):
    Hi. I was hoping someone could tell me where I could find an old collapsable flash for my nikon F. A BC-3 or BC-7 should do. Also, how much I can expect to pay. thanks, ryan

  42. From pam (Mon Feb 22 09:21:55 1999 ):
    I am the proud owner of a nikon f and was wondering if anyone has a hot shoe that I could purchase or any knowledge of where one could find a hot shoe, the camera was made in 1967.. thankyou

  43. From jeff davis (Mon Feb 22 06:21:36 1999 ):
    Hello, I have visited the board a few times and appreciate it very much. Two items: It is not clear how to obtain the batteries, and also I have a military (NAVY)pistol-grip with drive that I would like more info on, if anyone else has one, I have found from the CameraQuest site that this was probably a KS-81, but without a camera (I have a black F but it is differerent. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

  44. From Anita (Sat Feb 20 05:05:38 1999 ):
    Hi Chuck, I have a manual for the Nikon F. I would like to keep it, but, can make you a photocopy if you would like. Let me know if you are interested. Anita

  45. From Wendell Anderson (Fri Feb 19 10:10:05 1999 ):
    I have an interesting old meter marked Nikon on the front and F Nippon Kogaku Japan 985849 on the rear. It clips on to the front/top of the plain eyelevel prism I have and indexes with both the shutter speed and rabbit ear on the lens. There is a white piece for incident and it comes off for reflected light. The ASA is adjustable and there appear to be two scales. It looks like a rangefinder meter but fits on the F. Anybody out there know anything about it?

  46. From Bob G (Thu Feb 18 13:58:32 1999 ):
    I have a Nikon F Photomic Ftn seriel # 7058775. Does anyone know what year it was manufactured? I have been told the first two numbers are the year of manufacture, but also been told this is not true. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  47. From Nick Young (Mon Feb 15 16:27:02 1999 ):
    Last year I bought a mint(in my estimation) F with the T Prism on it, however the ASA range on the Prism is 25 to 6400 which differs to the description given on this site. In all other respects it matches the T details. Any ideas?? I paid about $175 U.S. for it here in New Zealand and it came with a 50 mm 1.4 Nikkor lens and a brown leather Nikon case. Prices for Nikon gear in NZ seem pretty reasonalbe compared to some I've seen on the net.

  48. From Chuck Berquist (Mon Feb 15 01:43:55 1999 ):
    I need a manual for the first nikon F model. Anyone have one that I could purchase?

  49. From Lance Campeau (Sun Feb 14 11:30:43 1999 ):
    I found a sit that offered some insight to the FTn photomic meter. I am not sure of the ddress but it is on "Glen Walpert's home page". I just wanted to add that the eqipment i got was not stolen but just unused for a few years. I also got the original 50mm F 1.4 Nikkormat lens, An older model Yashica 35mm and a Braun Flash unit too. The padding around the mirror is getting worn on the Nikon F, any suddgestions on where I could get a replacement?

  50. From Lance Campeau (Sun Feb 14 11:03:20 1999 ):
    This site rocks! I just got the deal of a lifetime, A 1968 F body with a Vivitar 70-210 Zoom and a Metz rechargeable flash for 30$ canadian. Of course my FTn photomic meter is not working but with this site I now have Hope! i would like to know of any adress in Canada or the States where I can get the Mallory PX13, RM-625R, Eveready E625,Toshiba TH-MC, G.E. N625 or National M-ID batteries, as my 30 year-old manual tells me to get.

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