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  1. From Chas. Hart (Thu Apr 19 20:39:44 2001 ):
    Pentax MZ-S; and LX Repairs. MZ-S is to be released this summer (more details further on), and, for now, Pentax still treats the LX ills. Just got back a body/winder combination from the national service center, professional division. Then I recalled all those gaskets that are between the sandwiched layers of the camera, and why Pentax must do service to install new ones. No more sticky mirror, no more having it ruin the winder gearing (and so freezing at every 5 exposures), no more shutter speed flag in the wrong place. Newly automatically installed ASA resistor does not show outside the body, etc. They do bring it all back to orignial specs., and jointly for body and winder at a reasonable price. Had flash sync ensured with the winder too...about $175.00 for the total combo repair. "Expect the MZ-S to be released this summer", with the body around $1000 in stores. Flash sync for the new units at 1/6000th! Wireless flash auxillary unit. Slanted top, Many functions, interchangeable screens, hyper operation control, new autofocus sensor tecnhology, dpth of field preview concentric with shutter release, six segment light meter, die-cast magnesium alloy body, data recording on film imprints of camera settings, 19 functions are user-customizable, including exposure, autofocus, flash, rewind, self-timer, remote, data imprinting, control, and audible signal functions (to the limited degree this is on the ZX-5N it is fantastic, imagine it on all functions!), fult-in PC connection for use with studio flash, accepts all Pentax lenses K-mount forwards, illuminated lens mount index, accessories incluce battery grip which carries concentric functions for vertical release and control, cable switch and release timer switch--more to come. Later-- Chas.

  2. From Colin Hastings (Sat Apr 7 02:38:12 2001 ):
    Can anyone suggest where I might find a FA-1 Viewfinder, and SC21 Focus screen for Pentax LX. I live in the UK Thanks

  3. From Chas. Hart (Fri Apr 6 13:59:01 2001 ):
    Need F series 300 2.8. Would trade LX body and autowinder toward, with 6 mos. warranty, just brought up to specs by Pentax USA service. Some paint wear, but in premium operating condition. (Might sell or trade for latest autofocus stuff).

  4. From ed vollmerhausen (Mon Apr 2 07:21:05 2001 ):
    my lx asa dial goes from 6 to 800,but the other ones I see go to 3200.Is mine a very old model?looks brand new.might have been stored for many years.Thanks to people who mailed me to help with last question!can I screw up anything adjueting mirror by myself.dont want to wait one month for service.Might just leave mirror slightly back,and leave it alone.takes great pics.on test roll.serial#5337730,anybody got any ideas on what year this model came out?if Im understanding correctly, with mirror slightly back,and I mean very slightly the plane of focus will be slightly in front of where you actualy focus.This shouldnt matter much except in extream macro shots?

  5. From Pat (Mon Apr 2 03:58:10 2001 ):
    Can anyone give me some advice on where I might be able to get the instruction guide for the PENTAX 1QZoom 90mc? I purchased one for my daughter for xmas and lost the instruction manual. Thanks for your help.

  6. From Dave Keen (Sat Mar 31 03:09:42 2001 ):

  7. From johann (Sun Mar 25 22:05:41 2001 ):
    As new owner of a LX now i´m looking for a motor, some short lenses and maybe some other things. If you have more than you need, mail to me! Thanx, Johann

  8. From ed vollmerhausen (Sat Mar 24 22:55:52 2001 ):
    hi. I just bought a mint condition,not a scratch or speck of dust, inside or OUTt lx stll wrapped up in purple velvet case.Only a few rolls of film was ever ran through it.problem- with a pentax 50mm 1.1.4 lens the camera focuses a hair below infinety. Should I be concerned about this and have it serviced.I am moving up from a me super and k1000 and do not have any experiance with this camera.I have been on other lx sites and have determined this is not a unusual occurance,usually due to a slight mirror adjustment which I dont want to try myself.please e-mail me with any recommendations.Also I live in the baltimore washington area and caint seem to find any dealers very knowledgeable about pentax equipment, can anyone suggest a dealer that caters to pentax users.I went to the local "pro shop" penn camera ,and they never even heard of the lx.unbeliveable.They sell the newer pentax line but make you feel like a second class citizen if you dont own a nikon oc cannon.HELP!!

  9. From Zsolt Csikos (Tue Mar 20 00:30:28 2001 ):
    I seem to have two problems with flash usage on my LX. When I try to shoot with long shutter speeds, the camera overrides my shutter setting even in manual mode, so I cannot have enough light on the background. Is it possible to somehow take pictures with flash in 1/8th second mode, for example. The other problem is when I'm taking pictures against the sun and I would like to throw some light on the shady face of the person looking towards me. In this case the LX decides that there is too much light, and turns the flash off. Is it possible to use the flash in ambient light? I'd appreciate your answers. Thanks a lot.

  10. From Misho Mirkovich Doctor veterinary medicine (Sat Mar 10 00:02:24 2001 ):
    Hi I am from Bosnia I had same problem with my Pentax LX but I fixed that in service in Italy authorised service.In this case is very important to do that in authorised service.It was problem with sticky mirror and shutter.Because of that also my winder was damaged something in transmission gear.It was in repairing service about 800DM Germans Mark.Its funny because it was brand new camera but second hand never used since bought 1989 and its sold to me 1998 in original pack I am repeating never use for a shure.

    From Maintainer (Mon Mar 5 11:09:45 2001 ):
  11. Mr MC Lau, a Collector and Photographer friend of mine has received his exclusive Pentax LX Y2K Limited Edition Set from Japan. He is preparing the site for the new camera. we had worked together for a previous website on the Nikon Y2K model too. He said it needs a week or two to prepare, the URL for the new site will be announced in this Message Board and a link at the Main Index Page, so, let's wait.

  12. From Chris (melbourne,australia) (Sun Mar 4 09:07:53 2001 ):
    I found a Pentax LX camera,viewfinders+accessories on this site when I was searching for a P/K 17mm lens.Most of the stuff was new or hardly used.The lens I bought was superb.I can't afford any more camera gear at the moment(my partner tells me...) otherwise I would have bought the lot.Anyway I thought I would let the LX lovers know about it and good luck to those with healthier wallets than me.This is where I found it:

  13. From Les (Fri Mar 2 10:26:07 2001 ):
    I'm looking for brand new (in box) Pentax LX body.

  14. From Jack Schouten (Fri Mar 2 01:41:51 2001 ):
    Hello all, I'm the (Dutch)owner of a 20 year old LX and it's stil working properly. I'm looking for a FB-1 viewfinder with a FC-1. If anybody can help my please send a mail!

  15. From John (Fri Feb 16 04:33:19 2001 ):
    I have a Pentax LX c/w 2 view finders, 28mm lens, 55mm macro, 55mm lens I am considering selling or trading for digital camera. Any estimates of value? Offers?

  16. From oca cossio (Thu Feb 15 04:22:22 2001 ):
    Sorry the previous message had the e-mail address incomplete I am trying to purchase a viewfinder ( FB-1 with a FC-1) for my Pentax LX. I live in Florida (USA) and i am having a hard time locating it. Can someone help me or guide (web sites, phone numbers,...) me as to where i should look for this type of viewfinder. Thank you for your help and for just taking the time to read this message

  17. From Rory Flynn (Fri Jan 26 18:20:08 2001 ):
    There is a selection(?) from the LX manual on this site, does anybody know a site with a full manual?

  18. From Lev Goncharov (Mon Jan 22 13:54:18 2001 ):
    Hi, I am want to buy Pentax cameras LX and KX. I have been looking for a manual camera for a long time. I think that those cameras are the best I can find. So bad that they do not make them anymore. Well, if you have Pentax LX and KX that you do not use anymore, would you concidere selling it to me? I am also looking for a Canon AE-1.... Just e-mail me at Thank you for your attention. I will be waighing your responces. LG

  19. From Dee Tee (Sun Jan 21 14:40:51 2001 ):
    96 Pentax LX brochure is handy. capable to answer some of the concern. bye from Canada.

  20. From Jane (Fri Jan 19 08:01:30 2001 ):
    I have 2 pentax LX and a bunch of lenses and stuff that i want to sell, only i don't know what a fair price is. i have gone on many many sites that sell equipment so i can see the prices, but none list any LXs. Where can i find pricing info? Thank You, Jane Please reply to me directly.

  21. From Bobby Testa (Tue Jan 16 20:01:49 2001 ):
    I use a Pentax MZ5. I want to know where I can get some reference materials or books so I can maximize its use and features. I am particularly interested in portraiture and landscape shots. Regards to other MZ5 users. Bobby Testa/Philippines

  22. From Debbie L Azzopardi (Thu Jan 11 15:12:58 2001 ):
    re: Pentax SFXN -35mm to 70mm. Hi I was wondering if there is anybody that might know some info on this camera model. I am a beginer and I have been offered this camera for sale at about $325.00 Australian dollars. Is this camera automatic and manual. and is it a automatic film rewind or do I have to wind it myself. Are their filters and lenses still avaliable to buy as I need them or have Pentax stopped making them. And how old do you think thismodelwould be.? Iwould appreciate any info anyone might have, as I dont want to waste my money on something extinct that I cannot buy extra's for. Debbie

  23. From Maintainer (Sat Jan 6 11:04:18 2001 ):
    **Greg Johnson**: Thanks for rectifying the mistake on the focusing screen. An appropriate credit has also been given for that effort.

  24. From Tom Tretheway (Wed Jan 3 14:15:38 2001 ):
    My Pentax LX has developed an unusual problem. Shutter speeds when automatic exposure "A" is chosen, the shutter seems too slow, ie, 125 sec seems like 1/15 sec. However, when a shutter speed is set manually, the speed seems appropriate for the speed selected. I've been through the sticky shutter/mirror before (2 repairs) but this is different. Has anyone experienced this or have any thoughts. Thank you in advance.

  25. From Richard Georgiou (Mon Jan 1 23:54:52 2001 ):
    I have just purchased a Pentax LX in very good condition, unfortunately, I decided to go climbing up Snowdon and dropped it. It now has a very slight movement between the pentaprism and the main camera body. Is this anything to worry about?

  26. From Greg Johnson (Sat Dec 30 23:00:27 2000 ):
    Thank you for this great reference site. I have a question regarding the focusing screens page. This page contains a picture of the SD-21 screen with a description next to it labeled SE-20. Is this intentional? Does the text describe for the SE-20 or the SD-21? Sorry if this question has been asked before.

  27. From Andreas Heinzel (Sat Dec 30 02:43:17 2000 ):
    Hello, I'm a really great fan of the Pentax LX. I bought my LX in 1980 and I'm still satisfied with this great camera. During the year I collect a lot of LX items. I have also a K2DMD with MD, a MX with MD too and a 6x7 system. I very sad that there was no 'LX 2' in all this years, maybe with AF. No modern Pentax SLR have the feeling like the 20 years old LX to me. For the future I wish to get a LX-digital or LX-AF. By the way- where can I get informations about the 'LX 2000'? Last but not least: much thanks too the builder(s) of this delightful LX fanpages !!! Greetings from Berlin, Germany by Andreas Heinzel

  28. From Bob Handal (Sun Dec 24 02:08:10 2000 ):
    Yes, the pentax me, pentax LX use the same mount as the new pentax zx series cameras, so they are interchangeable. However you may have some limitations on some models of zx cameras (you might be able to operate in aperture prefered mode or manual only, not in programmed) and of course the AF capabilities of new lenses are useless on the old bodies !

  29. From Peter Cuprak (Fri Dec 22 21:39:31 2000 ):
    I have a Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SLR Serial#1228774 I think I purchased it in the late 60's or early 70's.I do not have the manual.I do not have the battery.No one in camera shops can help me.What type battery am I looking for?If this is the wrong site please direct me to correct one .Thanks. Peter

  30. From Nic (Fri Dec 22 04:11:11 2000 ):
    Would like to know if lenses from a Pentax ME camera can be used on the Pentax ZX series cameras? Would like to purchase a new Pentax SLR but want lenses to be compatable.

  31. From MC (Tue Dec 5 11:35:16 2000 ):
    ### To: CT Lee ### Information on the LX 2000 is very limited in this part of the world. We will be pleased to update the LX pages, if we could have sufficient information on the LX 2000 which, according to you, is still in regular production. We were told that the LX 2000 limited edition will arrived here sometime in January 2001. We hope to do a review when it arrived. Thanks.

  32. From Ct Lee (Sun Nov 26 16:32:21 2000 ):
    Very glad to see another Pentax page with so many LX users. I am come from HongKong. I have been using LX for nearly ten years. So luckly I bought a motor in a 2nd hand shop at HK$3500 (with NiCd and battery grip, motor like new). Now I have two LX with one motor drive and one winder, also have numerous Pentax stuff (10+ SLR and 30+ SMC). One thing I want to mention is the introductory page of this site about LX has not been updated. The LX is further in production to be LX-2000 (silver finished on the top part) and a pre-LX-2000 (limited edition of total 300pcs), also a limited edition of LX with titanium (total 2000pcs). LX is still in production with no major change. It would become the worlf longest life-cycle professional camera.

  33. From Colin Jackson (Fri Nov 24 16:30:43 2000 ):
    To Bryan Lemson: "SLR" stands short for "Single Lens Reflex". Can I assume you are "new" to SLR photography, it is alright, all of us been through similar path. I have checked a few sections in this site and may prove helpful to you understand moe with the basic: see OR here:

  34. From Bryan Lemson (Wed Nov 8 02:01:54 2000 ):
    What does SLR mean?

  35. From Jorge Nunez (Tue Nov 7 02:34:11 2000 ):
    EEWYN Thank you for your explanation on "depth of Field" and pointing to to me to some good information. Now, does anyone know why an 50mm F1.2 lens is so expensive. Is this the best standard lens there is? Would like to get some feedback from LX users using this lens. I'm using a 50mm f1.4 lens with my LX and would like to know if I can benefit from an f1.2. tnx Jorge

  36. From Pat (Mon Nov 6 21:20:58 2000 ):
    I finally found a secondhand LX here in Bangkok.It has the usual problems like the meter won't turn off and the leatherette peeling but what can you expect for 10000baht($230)? It has to be one of the most beautiful SLR cameras ever made, or maybe I am showing my age ? If you have one then don't worry about it going wrong, it will still work without batteries on all the higher speeds after all.

  37. From Virat Silapasavat (Sun Oct 29 23:39:34 2000 ):
    Good to learn more abt Pentax LX I have one spotmatic, trying to get one Lx Thanks Your site is very good. Do you have Angenieux literature VR.

  38. From Manuel (Sun Oct 29 07:17:39 2000 ):
    I have problems with my Pentax ME Super : The mirror is stucked , after a shot , it does not come to its original position . Also , when I work with the flash unit , it shot ( not the camera ) constantly without pres the shutter buttom. My old pentax is tremendous . For more than 15 years I used it , so , I don´t want to lost it . Please , ¿ Could you tell me what to do ? . I´ll appreciate your cooperation .Thanks . . .

  39. From Geraldos (Mon Oct 16 19:59:29 2000 ):
    I´m looking for a LX-Body, wich one is not broken. I have an LX and I have send it to Pentax to repair. When the Camera is coming back from Pentax, -I have wait a long Time for this Shit Service-(three month), and i have to pay a lot of Money for nothing!!!! Really, Pentax has a very Shit-Service as NO-SERVICE and they want Money. When here is anyone, who want to sell an LX-Body (may be with or without accessories), please send me an E-mail. Thanks

  40. From Pedro (Thu Oct 12 07:10:44 2000 ):
    Hello ! I would like to know how close is a Pentax KX to the LX. Similarities diferences, etc. Is KX a pre-historic model of LX ? thanks.

  41. From EEWyn (Fri Oct 6 14:56:25 2000 ):
  42. # Jorge Nunez#: Depth of Field Preview Button is for you to visualize the degree of increased/decreased level of depth of field when comparing with varying aperture used for any given scene. It dims when using smaller aperture because it has less light entering through the lens once the lever is depressed and when used with a smaller aperture while the viewfinder will be bright with a bigger aperture due to more light is entering through the lens. Remember virtually ALL metering system employed by modern SLR cameras are of full aperture type (Meaning to say any lens - regardless of its maximum aperture (like f/1.4 or f/3.5-f/4.5) will be shown in its maximum aperture once it is attached to a camera body). But if you are selecting an aperture like f/8.0 the lens will still retain its maximum brightness to provide you the convenience for viewing, focusing and composing. The camera will only stop the lens to the picture taking aperture moments when you trip the shutter button. The Depth of field preview button provides a convenient way to provide the photographer to visualize how the depth of field will cover given any aperture other than the maximum aperture of the lens in use. Well, it works like stimulating how the aperture selected by you will "behave" in relating to zone of shaprness in front and behind the subject in focus - a great features for portraiture, macro, scenic and even sports etc. Read these parts on the Basics:

  43. From Jorge Nunez (Fri Oct 6 03:33:02 2000 ):
    Does anyone know how to use the Depth of field feature of the LX. When I press the depth of field preview lever, the finder goes dark and the shutter speed indicators drop to a lower speed. I then open the lens aperture to match the meter setting. Is this this how I should be taking pictures for maximum depth of field. The literature suggest that I close the lens apperture for more depth of field. I missing somthing here? I would appreciate any clarifications. Cheers. Jorge

  44. From David Forshtay (Sun Sep 24 04:25:51 2000 ):
    To Tom Trebley and anyone else seeking repair: Call Pentax Corp. at 800-877-0155 for information on how to send your LX to them for repair. They are still servicing LX and they have all the parts. I'm expecting mine to return in like-new condition and at a reasonable price. But I ought to wait and see before singing their praises. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

  45. From tom trembley (Fri Sep 15 04:41:29 2000 ):
    My local camera repair shop said he can't repair my LX camera. No parts are available from Pentax US. The problem is it won't shut off and depletes the batteries. Any suggestions?

  46. From Pat (Tue Sep 12 21:02:25 2000 ):
    There is a Pentax LX2000 model in a magazine here in Bangkok. It is a chrome or titanium finish, comes with a matching 50mm f1.2 lens and will apparently be on sale for a mere 2750 US dollars. I will hold out for a second-hand LX though they are rare here in Thailand.

  47. From kiwi (Thu Sep 7 01:58:29 2000 ):
    I am looking for a brand new LX. Understand that one can order from Japan as it is the only place that still carry the stock. Any idea who to contact or which site to visit?

  48. From Mico Smiljanic (Mon Sep 4 10:40:17 2000 ):
    I have to re-adjust my LX metering system after replacing the ISO resistor. There are three triming resistors at the bottom of the LX (under the cover, of course) but , I dont know which one , or two or maybe even three are responsible for meter adjustment. And I dont want to make a fatal mistake...If somebody has the service manual with this information , I would be very happy to find out this information. Also, I can help you to cure many LX common, and uncommon problems... Thanks!!

  49. From David Forshtay (Sun Sep 3 07:49:05 2000 ):
    Regarding the LX 2000: It's hard to make out from that little thumbnailpic on the Pentax Japan website, but that matching lens looks a lot like a rival camera maker's PC lens. That makes no sense, of course. But what also doesn't make sense is why Pentax would go through the trouble of developing an 80th Anniversary edition of the LX (and would they call it the 'LXXX'?) and not share it with the rest of the world. Come clean with us, Pentax. What else do you have up your sleeve?

  50. From fabrizio (Tue Aug 22 19:59:15 2000 ):

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