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  1. From glen cousquer (Sun Dec 5 07:33:19 1999 ):
    Having recently acquired an LX and fallen in love with it, I am anxious to acquire an ever ready case for it. Does anybody out there have one to sell or know where I might find one. I would be grateful for any assistance. Regards, Glen.

  2. From Miranda (Thu Dec 2 11:37:48 1999 ):
    I am going to start into photography. I am at the very beginning. I heard that it was good for beginners to get a totally manual camera. I seem to be having a problem finding one, expecially inexpensive. I would like to know what a good camera is for this problem. Thanks

  3. From D. Brian Nelson (Thu Nov 25 02:41:34 1999 ):
    My work is done mostly at night using available light. Apertures are amost always f2.0 or f1.4 on the lenses I use, so depth of fucus is very shallow. As I'm not getting any younger, my eyes don't work as well as they once did, so finding critical focus after a roll or two is extremely difficult.

    While the standard screens for the LX are pretty bright, I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Beattie Intenscreens on the LX.

    The point I focus on is usually off in a corner in the screen, and I'm not sure that a fresnel like the Intenscreen will allow that. I don't want to give up the LX's, and I don't trust any of the autofocus cameras yet, though that might have to be the next step if I can't get enough light to the prism.

    Any advise would be appreciated.


  4. From Roger Thomas (Tue Nov 23 04:56:36 1999 ):
    I saw Jim Boner's message of 20th November and I think I have a similar problem with the automatic metering setting a high shutter speed incorrectly. If you keep an eye on the LED's in the viewfinder, you will see when the camera sets the wrong shutter speed (you get to know what shutter speed is appropriate for differing light and aperture combinations). When I see this happening, I change the film speed setting, and then return it to its original position. This appears to work and the correct speed is then displayed. I too had the sticky mirror problem, which was fixed by Pentax UK as part of a service. They did a very good, but costly service and overhaul (it cost £230 but did include rebuilding the FA-1 viewfinder after it had been damaged). The Pentax LX is an excellent camera and I have very much enjoyed using a pair of them for some 16 years. However, I am reluctantly considering selling them as Pentax do not appear to be interested in producing a modern auto-focus version and seem to be concentrating on lightweight mid range cameras that feel a little flimsy to me. I would change my mind in an instant if they brought out an equivalent of a Nikon F100 or Canon EOS 1.

  5. From Jim Bonar (Sat Nov 20 01:32:47 1999 ):
    I have two old LXs that I have used professionally for many years. I have had the mirror lockup problem, and have had it successfully fixed by Pentax on both cameras. However, both cameras have had another problem that has Pentax stumped. Occasionally, the AE will intermittently default to 1/2000, about three frames per roll. It does this now and then, like a virus, and then it goes away and the cameras work okay. They both do it at the same time (!) for maybe a couple of months, and then it goes away. Pentax has had both cameras when they were doing this, with sample rolls I sent along, and have said that they could not duplicate the problem. When the cameras are having this problem, the meter works fine for manual mode... it is only the AE that is a problem. The only thing I can think of, is that none of my lenses are Pentax, they are all Vivitar and other manufacturers... but I can't imagine that would make a difference. I know two other LX users here in town, and they both report occasionally having the same problem. Anybody else?

  6. From Richard Gardner (Fri Nov 19 10:36:37 1999 ):
    I recently acquired a Pentax ES which needs a battery cover for the electronics to work. Does anybody know where I might be able to get one from? Thanks Richard.

  7. From Naresh D. Mirchandani (Fri Nov 19 01:00:18 1999 ):
    I own a limited edition gold plated LX purchased in 1983. It is still in its original case. Does anyone have any idea as to the value of it today? Would highly appreciate any info. Have surfed the various search engines and local library with no result.

  8. From Tom H. (Sat Nov 13 11:24:24 1999 ):
    First of all - great site!!! Hats off to the folks who created it. Next I have two questions: (1) I am a long-time die-hard user of Pentax cameras. Based on the rave reviews that I have been reading, I've decided to buy a new or used LX. I found a fair selection of parts, but the viewfinder designations (FA-1, FA-2, FB-1, FC-1, etc.) mean nothing to me. I am primarily interested in lunar photography. For this I absolutely need a waist-level finder, as none of the tripods I use come anywhere near my eye level (I am 6'5"). What is the designation for this specific type of finder? (2) I am also looking for a suitable focusing screen. I normally use 600 and 1200 mm lenses (often with teleconverters), so the brighter the better. From the FAQ I gather that SD-21 is the one to use for astrophotography. Should I also consider one of the screens recommended for long telephoto lenses, i.e. SC-26, SA-26, or SE-25? I should mention that I have little experience with interchangable focusing screens. Sorry about the long posting. Thanks in advance. Tom

  9. From Tom H. (Sat Nov 13 11:06:15 1999 ):
    First of all - great site!!! Hats off to the folks who created it. Next I have two questions: (1) I am a long-time die-hard user of Pentax cameras. Based on the rave reviews that I have been reading, I've decided to buy a new/used LX. I found a fair selection of used parts, but the viefinder designations (FA-1, FA-2, FB-1, FC-1, etc.) mean nothing to me. This was one point omitted from the otherwise VERY USEFUL faq. I am primarily interested in lunar photography. For this I absolutely need a waist-level finder, as none of the tripods I use come anywhere near my eye leve (I am 6'5"). What is the designation for this specific type of finder?

  10. From Mark (Thu Nov 11 10:03:57 1999 ):
    I'm looking for a good quality zoom in the 28-105mm range for my LX and K1000 as well as the AF280T ttl flash. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm in the US. FYI, I also had the mirror stutter problem a few years ago on the LX and I was able to send it back to Pentax US for repair. I don't remember the exact cost but I it was reasonable.

  11. From Tim Vetter (Mon Nov 8 12:33:05 1999 ):
    Followup to my own post, turns out I have the SC-26 screen, which apparently is optimized for use with long telephotos, at the expense of edge brightness with wide-angle lenses. Looks like I'll need to go shopping again for something more general-purpose like the SC-21, or maybe splurge on a Beattie Intenscreen. Anyone have experiences to report with the latter? Also, Bob Blakely emailed to say that he owns both the FA-1 and FA-1W finders, and says he doesn't notice any image difference between them. Thanks Bob!

    Reference for screen info: Pim Rietbroek's page on Pentax LX focusing screens

  12. From Tim Vetter (Sat Nov 6 07:17:29 1999 ):
    Just got my first LX, and am really disappointed with the finder brightness. The centre's OK, but as you go toward the edges it dims out quickly. By comparison, my old KX, while dim, is at least uniformly so. The focussing screen appears to be the standard SC-21. I know others on the list have recommended going to a Beattie Intenscreen, but will this do anything about the edge dimming, or will it just brighten everything overall? Does it matter that my finder is the FA-1W? I'm a little worried that the wider diopter correction range required some kind of optical compromise in the design ... has anyone directly compared this finder against the standard FA-1 for image quality?

  13. From Richard Benham (Sat Nov 6 04:45:37 1999 ):
    I have a Pentax ME Super SE and I need to find out the current value if possible.

  14. From D.brian (Fri Nov 5 20:41:23 1999 ):
    There are some excellent lens reviews at Photodo, including many of our beloved Pentax M & A lenses. The Motor Drive I reported upgrading with Nickel Metal-Hydride batteries works great. They last forever between recharging. A few folks have inquired about the upgrade, and I've given battery supplier information, but I haven't heard back from any of them yet. But now the Motor Drive is up for trading. Night Photographs work means alot of carrying and a little shooting, and I just don't need it. I am looking for another 85mm f1.4 A* however, and would trade the Motor Drive (with charger) or maybe a nice 300mm f4 M* to get one. The 300mm is a little long for what I do. I'd also be very interested in the 135mm f1.8 A*, though I've never actually seen one. BTW, there's a very nice LX at Nelson Photography (no relation) in San Diego right now, ticketed at $499US.

  15. From tony kim (Mon Oct 25 15:27:00 1999 ):
    I am looking for Pentax 645 used Camera with Lens & a good conditions. If you can sell or supply us, we can buy regularly.

  16. From Gary M. Lange (Sun Oct 24 01:53:30 1999 ):
    I am very fond of the K-series Pentax cameras, and I do enjoy this web site. My question, however, is... are any of these specialized parts still available? Where should I look for dealers and distributors of these specialized parts (such as the bellows, microscope adaptor, etc)? A final question.... has there been produced an adaptor to allow a person to attach K-mount lenses onto a screw mount system? Thanks!

  17. From Bill Kramer (Tue Oct 19 01:40:26 1999 ):
    My LX mirror hangs up on the first attempted use after sitting for a day. It seems to work fine after that, if used often, but has the same problem the next day. Any ideas on repairs? I live in Western North Carolina.

  18. From j cochrane (Fri Oct 8 05:18:04 1999 ):
    I am looking for a Pentax "Total Station", model # PTS-V5. Either new of used is fine. Please e-mail if you know what this item is (exactly) or have one to sell. Thank you.

  19. From Jeff Stokes (Sat Oct 2 19:03:34 1999 ):
    I am looking for a used flashgun AF280T for my LX. Must be in good condition. I am in the UK.

  20. From sis (Wed Sep 29 08:46:21 1999 ):
    i have a pentax K1000 and the lens wont vocus and it wont work i need to get another one but cant seem to find them any where the camera only cost us 100.00 would it be better to just get a new camera or try to find a new lens? or have it fix'd if it can be fix'd??? some one please let me know what to do A.S.A.P thanks sis

  21. From Daniel Salas M (Tue Sep 7 04:13:27 1999 ):
    Thanks , congratulations to your team for this site, we need site's like this.

  22. From Lai Yung Lin (Mon Sep 6 03:19:00 1999 ):
    I am currently a user of Pentax ME-super. I have a whole set of SMC lenses range 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 150mm, and 200mm. With the equipment, I would like to buy a LX. I just want to know is LX still in production? Where can I buy LX in Kuala Lumpur?

  23. From Gary Holdstock (Sun Sep 5 08:15:47 1999 ):
    Dear Brian Sorry its taken so long to reply. Have done the repair myself with alot of trial and error,The work was very fiderly,If anyone attemps to do this themselves bewere,The angle of the mirror is critical to the focusing, Although it appears in focuss it is not!If you are not carefull you can mess up the range/distace ring on focusing. won't know if it is right until I get some film back from the processors will ceep you informed Gary H.

  24. From John Bishop (Wed Sep 1 02:59:45 1999 ):
    Please let me know if you have found a good repair shop for the LX. I need repairs, but I don't know where to go. Thanks, John B

  25. From Rob Oldnall (Fri Aug 27 05:08:40 1999 ):
    Make the below a Pentax SMC-M 20mm/f.4 PS How much would a used 85mm f1.8/f1.4 be in good nick? (in sterling preferably). Or does anyone (in the UK) want to sell one?

  26. From Rob Oldnall (Tue Aug 24 19:16:22 1999 ):
    I used my Dads LX regulary until the mirror locked up when the shutter was released - sounds like a familiar poroblem and I must get it fixed. However, being young (and lazy) i now tend to use the Z-1p with 28-200 more - it's just so useful. I would still use the LX though (if it worked). On a side note, I'd just like to say the sheer brilliance of an SMC-A 20mm f4 we own. I can't find much information on it, but it is a thorougly superb lens. Rob

  27. From Bob Prothero (Tue Aug 17 23:19:17 1999 ):
    Thanks to the people who advised me on how to get a new LX Winder rewind lever and screw made up following my note below. I am trying to find a suitable workshop to do the work, but no success so far. Also, I am a bit of a purist, so I could stretch to buying another Winder if anyone knows where there is one available. I tried a web search under Pentax LX but got so many hits it was unmanageable!! Thanks for your interest.

  28. From Gary holdstock (Sun Aug 15 02:10:33 1999 ):
    Dear Brian Thankyou for tip,being a bit thick on the machanics of the camera please could you send a scematics of what and where to myEMail address Iwould be most gratefull for your help on this. GARY.

  29. From D. Brian Nelson (Sat Aug 14 07:33:22 1999 ):
    The delayed shutter problem mentioned below was repaired on one of my LX's by replacing the small rubber bumper on the left side of the mirror box with a piece of a bicycle innertube. The later camera body has a slightly larger piece there that may be a different material. Haven't had any problems since in about 500 rolls of film.
    A friend (no - it wasn't me) just overtorqued the tripod fixing screw and bent the bottom cover of his LX, breaking the center small screw in the process. Does anyone know of a way to fix this short of complete disassembly?
    Night Photographs

  30. From Gary Holdstock (Sat Aug 14 04:49:03 1999 ):
    I have a problem with my LX,The shutter is sticking and the mirror is sluggish to lift up on time. although the camera is in exel;-order it is getting on a bit. The problem seems to clear after two or three shots,It also has problem of focusing on infinity. I did take it to some repair shops but all wanted to charge far more than i can afford exsess of £80+ please help still inlove with my camera. Gary.

  31. From Bob Prothero (Wed Aug 11 22:41:10 1999 ):
    I have an two LX Winders. On one, the rewind lever and screw have fallen off. I am in the UK and I took it to a repair shop, but after 6 weeks they said they could not get a spare - so tough luck "Why dont you scrap it?" I was not amused. Can anyone tell me where to get a new lever, screw, and I think a washer too, or where I can get it fixed. Thank you.

  32. From otel b. garcia (Mon Jul 26 14:47:47 1999 ):
    I know this is not a purely LX question and I hope you'll bear with me but I really want a quality camera. I'm not a pro but I want my equipment to last a long time, especially in these hard times, I want to invest in good equipment. My entry to the Pentax system was through a 70's circa KM, bought used, with a mechanical shutter. I've made a small step towards automation, but the P30 I bought 5 years ago is plasticky and does not offer much in terms of control (e.g. no exposure compensation). A used, 'good as new'(whatever that means) LX with motor drive is selling for about US$1000 (actually 37,000 pesos) in a shop here. It looks like a good buy (providing it is really in good condition), but I'm also thinking about the MZ-5 which costs only about $650 here brand-new with a 35-70mm zoom and has autoload,autowind and auto-rewind (I'm not particular about autofocus) and has more metering options. Which would you suggest as the better buy?

  33. From Ron (Sat Jul 17 07:13:48 1999 ):
    First of all, great site !!! I have used Nikon AF (F4-F801s)systems for years, worked with Canon (EOS1n)and are still using my Mamiya 7. A few months ago I dicided to look for a backup camera and the LX stole my hart, no more Nikon/Canon for me, even the Leica R8 can't beat the classic LX. Never thought I would go for a Pentax MF again.

  34. From David Moran (Sat Jul 10 08:25:50 1999 ):
    I also have recently had a problem with my LX sticking on the first few shots after it has been sitting. I will look at the rubber bumper as suggested. I also found that the F-stop setting lever on the lense was sticking and perhaps jamming the shutter slightly. Since it doesn't happen every time, it's been a hard problem to fix. I'd be interested in any good solution, or LX repair shop in SoCal.

  35. From charles cordina (Thu Jul 8 11:02:46 1999 ):
    i read, i believe on this message board (but it was probably an old message), that there is available for the LX, a digital back. anyone have some information to offer on this topic thank you

  36. From Robert Blier (Sun Jun 6 10:01:21 1999 ):
    I've successfully replaced some of the LX equipment and Pentax lenses stolen a while back. Now I need a good repair location. Never had to have my older cameras serviced but I expect the replacements will require some work. Can anyone advise me on a really good shop or location ? I'm in New England, not that it matters. Does Pentax service these cameras ? Thanks for any help. I've still got some more collecting to do to finish the job.

  37. From Vicki (Sat Apr 24 07:39:21 1999 ):
    I have a Pentax LX about l980's. It has been an excellent camera until laterly. I have had the advance lever and shutter freeze up on me and have had it fixed"""""" ABut it still keeps freezing up. The batteries are good. What is the problem. I get tired paying for reparis and they don't work.

  38. From Jaroslav Ilnytskyi (Sun Apr 18 21:46:50 1999 ):
    Thanks for a great job on describing every matter about LX. Wonderful site! I'm just expecting a second hand LX to arrive in a local shop for me to look and possibly to buy. Would be happy to know some details: - how to determine the year of manufacturing from a serial number - what functions specific to LX have to be examined (besides usual camera check), I know only "sticky mirror" - do LX lose something from *mechanical* stability of MX? Appreciate any comments. Thanks.

  39. From M.Smiljanic (Fri Apr 2 21:16:34 1999 ):
    If somebody has PENTAX-FA 24mm F.2 AL IF lens I would appreciate one information:Is it normal that the focusing ring (on manual focus, of course)doesn`t stop at INFINITY or 0,3m (minimum foc. distance) and moves beyond these points.The lens internal focusing stops,but the ring continues to rotate...It`s the second hand lens and that`s why I`m not sure about it.I intend to use this lens only manualy because I have only LX bodies, and therefore this information is very important for me. Thank You!

  40. From D. Brian Nelson (Tue Mar 23 07:36:04 1999 ):
    I recently bought an early LX body (with motor drive, prism and 50mm f1.4.) It had seen a bit of use, and I began having trouble with the first shutter release after resting. The technician I sent it to replaced the small rubber bumper that's to the left as you look through the lens hole. The bumper contacts the back of the mirror when it's down. He fabricated the part using a piece of bicycle innertube. My other body is later, and has a slightly different piece there. The motor drive NiCD battery pack was shot. I found a manufacturer of NiMH 7.2V snap-in batteries and soldered tow snap connectors in place in series. The same battery envelope is available in 8.4V configuration which might be better, as the battery handle drives at 18v anyway (as opposed to the NiCD pack at 14.4v.) The new batteries have a 50% charge advantage over the NiCD's and don't have the charge memory problem. The Pentax charger works fine with NiMH's but, as with NiCD, be careful not to overcharge. The manufacturer advises to charge each to 8v, maximum. The foam used inside the pack degraded badly. With an attempt at water washing it formed a wonderful electrolyte which caused all sorts of problems until I got it completely dry. Works fine now, for an investment of $24US. Night Photographs & other work

  41. From Robert Blier (Mon Mar 22 10:19:27 1999 ):
    I had all of my Pentax LX equipment stolen. Very extensive inventory of material. I am looking to replace every item I can. Can anyone let me know of any dealer in the USA or Canada that has LX bodies, accessories and of course SMC lenses. They were all I ever used. Would appreciate any help. The LX was the finest 35mm camera ever made, period. I refuse to lower my standards and buy something else.

  42. From dave (Thu Mar 11 02:48:21 1999 ):
    I recently bought an LX and have been very happy with it so far. One of the only problems I have run into is finding a neckstrap that will attach to the lugs on the camera body. Does anyone know where I could find such an item?

  43. From Chris Ashley (Wed Mar 10 12:37:35 1999 ):
    The LX system lacked only in the lens selection available which in some ways precluded the camera from the extensive use by pro's .That and the fact most pros were using nikon cameras and had extensive amounts of money locked in lenses which were always usable on the next series of f cameras has they came out. If you ask any top camera repair man and i have asked many in the us and canada they have all stated on thing in common which you never see printed in any mag . the LX was extremly well made required far less less servicing than the F3 and thus was more reliable. And yet even to day the LX still gets second billing to the more unreliable F3.Pentax never pushed this camera like nikon pushes any of its line its a shame the LX was droped if they had taken the time and effort to redisgne the camera such as the F5 instead of bringing in the pz1p we could all still be using a pro camera something i can not lable the pz1p which i also own and rarely use.

  44. From Alexis Basson (Fri Feb 19 20:38:06 1999 ):
    I own two LX's (and a couple of other Pentax SLR's). The first one I acquired in 1987 - fairly well used. I used this camera extensively for press, wedding, and industrial photography (as well as for recreational use); without any failures. It has seen harsh environments and (accidental) hard handling. It's toughness and reliability is only rivalled by the K1000. Reliablity is at a premium for professional photographers. I enjoy it's superb lightmeter, excellent handling and the confidence that photgraphy can continue, even after battery. failure.(With the LX you don't need a second 'back-up' camera). I bought a second LX (also used, but in a much better condition) when the sad news of discontiuation reached me. The cameras now, however see less use (since photography currently is not my full time occupation). The mirror stick problem I solve by having the cameras serviced regularly (every 18 months to two years for ±70 US$ - replacing of the rubber shock absorbers & some cleaning). An incredibly well designed & manufactured camera. One could possibly throw in a (switchable) spotmeter in the next LX generation. (Keep it manual.) Nice site - keep up the support - Alexis Basson - South Africa .

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