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  1. From Bobby Handal (Wed Aug 9 11:53:10 2000 ):
    new posting on pentax japanese website, NEW LX 2000 model, small photos available ! it looks like a titanium model of the same LX with matching metal lens

  2. From Fred Davis (Tue Aug 8 10:59:53 2000 ):
  3. Can someone tell me where I can get repair work done on an LX. It doesn't focus correctly and the mirror is dirty.

  4. From Martin Wilding (Mon Aug 7 15:25:30 2000 ):
    I just bought a Pentax LX camera and have a non-dedicated Amnity flash. Can this flash be used on the LX or will it damage the electronics? What is the LX's trigger volts for its flash? Any help will be appreciated!!

  5. From patrick (Thu Jul 20 20:59:06 2000 ):
    i heard that there is going to be a LX millenuim edition, will it be available in Canada?

  6. From Peter Blake (Sun Jul 16 00:17:46 2000 ):
    For those that don't know, we are receiving regular shipments of LX accessories. Although we are UK based, we ship worldwide. Check out our website:

  7. From Lucinda (Sun Jul 9 09:40:44 2000 ):
    I'm looking for an inexpensive camera so that I can make a portfolio for college. Where should I look? What would be the best kind of camera, lenses, etc. to get?

  8. From wswebster (Sun Jul 9 05:06:22 2000 ):
    i live the state of va need a list of service centers. current problem is lithium bat. will the camera work without lith but with the driver bat.s ne ed the list all states travel eastern states va not good on specialty stores pentax is 645 model

  9. From Jim, CT (Tue Jul 4 08:56:35 2000 ):
    Maybe someone can give an easy fix. Our LX doesn;t fire the flas at the X terminal on the hotshoe, or at the plug on the body. the FP plug works, any ideas? Email me, thanks, Jim

  10. From Steve Krogh (Sat Jul 1 04:18:39 2000 ):
    Just got back from vacation in Norway. Left my 18 yr old LX on a city bus in Oslo. I haven't been that sick in a long time. However, I picked it up at the central bus station in less than an hour. My LX light meter lights in the view finder seem very dim and can't even be seen when shooting bright daylight pictures. Is this a common occurance?

  11. From Jonathan (Thu Jun 29 02:46:35 2000 ):
    I have a Pentax ILX camera.. is there something special about it? And what should I expect to get for this camera? Email me @ please if you have any info on this unit.. Thanks

  12. From Leonard P S Foo (Tue Jun 27 20:59:44 2000 ):
    There was a posting earlier mentioned he is looking for a "Pentax LX Limited, 15th Anniversary, Titanium version"; DOES anyone has any information and images relate to this model ? Does the new commemorative model has similar Titanium body shell ? It sounds interesting, MC and I are negotiating for a unit from Japan through our local distributor, Jebsen & Jebsen. Just see whether price fits our budget and if it does, you will be seeing some updated images in this site, If not, we will be awaiting for you to provide us. I always have the urge to own an LX, may be as a collector

  13. From Hermann (Tue Jun 27 19:00:31 2000 ):
  14. Hi MC, i ask my German distributor in order to get some more information about the LX2000. He answered the LX2000 is build only for the Japan market and will not be available outsite. It is exactly the same as the known LX model but the colour is different. The pris will be about $6500 incl. Finder and lens.

  15. From MC (Sat Jun 24 10:20:58 2000 ):
    Can anyone provide some information on the commemorative edition of the LX2000 based on the web page listed in the previous message?

  16. From Sergio Sakakibara (Thu Jun 22 14:24:45 2000 ):
    In Japan Pentax Website the LX2000 comemorative edition.

  17. From Jakobs (Wed Jun 21 11:48:22 2000 ):
    **EdHawanczak**: Your lenses for the MX will fit perfectly with the Pentax LX. I would assume lenses you are using right now are K-mount lenses (But even if yours are K-A lenses that can used offer Programmed AE capability, they still will be usable with the Pentax LX with NO incompatibility issue).

  18. From Ed Hawanczak (Wed Jun 14 00:50:31 2000 ):
    Hello, I own a MX and I am considering the purchase of an LX. I was wondering if I could use my M-series lenses from the MX, on the LX Body ??? The reason I would like to get an LX is because my MX has had a metering problem which I have tried to get fixed twice. each time I got the camera back the exposures were still way OFF. Thanks for your help.

  19. From JimD (Tue Jun 6 03:28:16 2000 ):
    I purchased my LX in 1996. It has been a great camara. I have this problem that is intermitent. When taking photographs, I focus directly on a subject like a person. When I get my pictures back, the subject is out of focus and the background is sharp. Has anyone had a similar problem. One thing I noticed is the rear viewfinder glass is loose and rattles. I do not think this is the cause because you do not focus with the clear glass of the rear of the viewfinder.

  20. From James C. (Mon May 29 09:16:57 2000 ):
    FIX YOUR OWN STICKY MIRROR PROBLEM!!!!!!!! I fixed my own sticky mirror problem by cutting a little piece of black electrical tape, (and I mean little). Then (pick up the mirror) place the tape on the little rest which the mirror sits on, using a pair of tweezers. I have done it to mine and it has worked fine ever since. (A year now) And in case anyone is worried about throwing the plane of focus out, well it doesn t. As long as you don t pile it on there. As it is,if you look at the little rubber pieces it will be a little worn so you are probably just putting it (the mirror) back to where it should be, with one layer of tape. If this helps anyone just send me a note saying thanks Ha!! Another LX fan, JAMES

  21. From Jim Williams (Sun May 14 10:20:04 2000 ):
    I have a 1985 Sears ksx that was made by Pentax, the shutter stuck on me in Italy 2 months ago, I found this site-read #10 and changed the film speed and it works!! This camera came with a telephoto/macro lens and takes great close-ups as well as telephoto, thank you so much !!

  22. From sam auyong (Sat Apr 29 04:19:13 2000 ):
    I've been looking at this site for a couple of weeks now and have found it very interesting. I've owned my LX since summeer of 1981 and have loved it until I replaced it with a PZ-1p. I've had the sticky mirror problem and the shutter speed problem, but I didn't know how universal the problem was until now. I just found a site that pretty much explains the foibles of the LX in detail. It's the digital image studiio at The repairs are not for the average tinkerer, so pay for a good pentax trained technician. Used bodies, in the u.s. run between $500-1000 depending on condition,and since Pentax will have parts for at least the next 10 years, it's still cheaper to fix it than buy another body.
  23. From Paul Secinaro (Mon Apr 24 21:51:16 2000 ):
    I'm looking at purchasing a used LX, and would like to know if it is a recently built one or not. I know that there have been several changes that distinguish newer LX'es from older ones. I know about the shutter curtain dot pattern, but there have also been some changes to things like the shutter release lock and the button you press to change the ISO setting. Also on newer LX'es, pressing the viewfinder release button activates the meter. I have some pictures of the LX I'm looking at, so if someone can tell me how to identify the new features visually I'd appreciate it (I'll have to write to the seller and ask him about the shutter curtain). -Paul

  24. From Randy Darst (Tue Apr 11 03:31:17 2000 ):
    I am wondering if anyone has used the Pentax Adapter K and 67 lenses on their LX? How were the results? How does it impact aperture? Thanks, LX enthusiast!

  25. From Jan Holec (Fri Apr 7 20:40:55 2000 ):
    To the webmaster of this page: I can not open the file with manual for Pentax LX body. I bought the camera last month - I love it! Please, could you send me the file as a text file? Thank you very much in advance!

  26. From Jim Smith (Fri Apr 7 18:55:17 2000 ):
    I bought two FC-1 finders and do not need but one. Make me an offer. I'm a Pentax user and collector. My LX is my favorite camera of all times. I just got my LX back from CLA and it's like new. I backup my LX with a black MX and two Super Programs. I still enjoy my Spotmatics.

  27. From PP (Fri Apr 7 16:34:58 2000 ):
    I"m looking for FC-1!!!! ANYONE WANT TO SELL IT OUT?.

  28. From pond c. (Fri Apr 7 16:30:20 2000 ):
    Now i living in san francisco and i'm using LX. by the way i'm loking for FC-1 if any one know any informatiom about used FC-1 please let me know. from one who love lx.

  29. From Wayne (Sat Apr 1 12:34:41 2000 ):
    I purchased my LX in 1983 from Cameras West in Seattle. It has the same stuck problem, but I agree that changing the film speed back and forth fixes the stuck shutter. Does anybody out there have a Pentax SMC 50mm f1.4 compact or the 50mm f1.2 lens (used) for sale. I sold my MX Pentax (a great camera also) with my f1.4 compact lens and I miss it. I think this web site is great!

  30. From Cheryl (Wed Mar 29 07:59:26 2000 ):
    Hey, I love this camera. i was just wondering if it's possible to buy it. and if so, where could i purchase it and how much would it cost. thanks.

  31. From Mico Smiljanic (Tue Mar 7 11:15:16 2000 ):
    If anybodu had any experience with Beattie Interscreens for PENTAX LX,I would appreciate your comments. I would also like to sell or to exchange my brand new PENTAX Rear Converter-A 2X-L (for 300mm/2,8 and over)I am in Montreal...

  32. From Ron (Wed Mar 1 06:35:04 2000 ):
    Repair manual for Pentax LX is available from Pentax USA parts dept. (Perhaps in other countries as well). It is expensive, i.e. US $75 for the repair manual plus an additional US $25 for the parts drawings, which are the complete exploded views of everything and are NOT included in the repair manual. In my experience these drawings are incredibly helpful.

  33. From LXers (Tue Feb 29 11:16:20 2000 ):
    There is a guy called John Craig ( who operates a online shop specialises in selling manuals (, I remember I seen one copy of the factory repair manual, may be you can double check with him again.

  34. From Kaare Elnan (Mon Feb 28 20:05:01 2000 ):
    Could anyone help me with a manual for LX Winder and LX Motordrive. I would also be grateful if anyone could help me with a repair manual for the LX.

  35. From Blair Williamson (Wed Feb 23 23:18:17 2000 ):
    I have now located a repair depot in Ottawa through this message board. This service is very much appreciated

  36. From stefan siba (Sat Feb 19 19:40:55 2000 ):
    I also love my LX. Has anyone figured out what the problem is with focusing on infinity?

  37. From Blair Williamson (Sat Feb 19 01:12:11 2000 ):
    I have a Pentax LX purchased new in 1985. It is now suffering from mirror lockup after non use for a period of a few days. Does anyone know of a reputable repair depot in the area of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  38. From Jeff (Fri Feb 18 14:11:28 2000 ):
    My LX body is in need of about $400US of repairs. Is it worth getting it repaired, or should I look for a used one.

  39. From Kieran Akers (Fri Feb 11 02:54:31 2000 ):
    I am doing my A levels and I would Like to have an PENTAX LX if any body has one for sale at a fair price would thay contax me at or if thay know were I could get one

  40. From André Langevin (Sat Jan 29 09:56:04 2000 ):
    Can the Pentax LX be successfully used in TTL mode with one flah on the hot shoe and one flah away from the body (with appropriate Pentax TTL cables)? I have everything in order to eventually test this, but it's winter time, not a lot of flowers around in Canada for a few more months. So any conclusive statement about this? possibility ?

  41. From Kenneth (Sun Jan 16 13:55:55 2000 ):
    I began using Pentax equipment in 1982 in high school, starting with the Spotmatic. Through the years I also acquired a Super Program, 2 MX's and finally an LX. Last year I moved to Nikon system after two years of personal debate. I chose Nikon to give me more flexibility with AF bodies, lenses and accessories. However I decided to keep my LX system(winder, FB-1/FC-1 finder system, 2 grips, screens) and my trusty SMCA 24mm/f2.8 and 50mm/f1.4 for strictly black & white shooting. I can't possibly give up what I think is the best Pentax and best MF SLR body ever made, bar none. This is the best site devoted to the LX and I will always be a loyal LX user.

  42. From Paul Richters (Sun Jan 9 17:30:55 2000 ):
    The same kind of problem Dave Showalter mentioned might occur because of a bad contact between the prism and the body. Four small pieces of alluminium paper in the four data terminal contacts in the body of mine LX solved this contact problem, and the flash workes fine ever since. It saved me the costs of a new prism which doesn't come cheap.

  43. From RAMON LLANEZA (Wed Jan 5 05:55:54 2000 ):

  44. From ivan (Mon Jan 3 02:40:33 2000 ):
    I have one old Pentax Asahi LS-2 camera and i would like to know little more about it. Can someone tell me how good this camera is and would like to have manuals or maybe point me in some direction.

  45. From Arne Halleen (Sun Dec 26 17:05:51 1999 ):
    Interesting website. I've had a problem I haven't seen listed here. The auto power off function in my LX at times will not shut the camera off. I have to watch in the viewfinder till it either goes off or not. If it doesn't go off I can bump it slightly then it goes off. Has anyone had this problem and how is it fixed? Thanks!

  46. From Dave Showalter (Wed Dec 22 08:55:11 1999 ):
    I've been the proud owner of a LX since 1983, equipped with a FA-1W pentaprism finder. Recently, my flash hasn't been firing about 25% of the time; tracked this down to a loose hotshoe. Went to dealer to buy a new finder, they quoted a price of $530.00 !! Where can I find a FA-1W finder that's resonable? Great site, by the way... Thanks, folks

  47. From PABLO JULIAN CONCHA T. (Thu Dec 16 07:56:37 1999 ):

  48. From Sudie (Wed Dec 15 02:51:16 1999 ):
    Hi - I am just starting to get interested in photography. First I wanted to know the basic meanings of SLR cameras & Point & Shoot cameras, & differences. What is an SLR? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  49. From amy (Tue Dec 14 08:07:35 1999 ):
    Hi, I'm a senior high school student really interested in photography. After I came across this site I now am seriously looking into purchasing a Pentax camera. I would apreciate it if anyone could tell me the price of the Pentax LX, and where I might find one in Northern NSW Australia. Thanks, Amy.

  50. From Mikael (Wed Dec 8 04:21:50 1999 ):
    I have just bought an LX that has never been used (mint!) Is there anyone who has viewfinders FC-1 and FD-1 for sale (A or B condition)?

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