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  1. From Alex (Thu Feb 18 03:29:49 1999 ):
    Hi. I would like to know If the camera (LX) functions differently when using a screwmount lens instead of a K mount lens. I have the k to screw mount adapter. What are the main differences for this 2 types of mounts? Any feedback would be great! Thank you.

  2. From Jakub Frinta (Sat Feb 13 17:10:01 1999 ):
    Hi Can anyone tell where can I buy either new or old LX camera? Best somewhere in Europe or USA. Thanks

  3. From Gale (Thu Feb 11 17:02:06 1999 ):
    I bought my LX within months of its introduction to Canada. I love it! It does have some things that should have been corrected, but never were. One is the camera battery: You should be able to draw from the winder battery but you cannot. You have to find a dim place to take off the winder and replace the battery, or light will seep in through the open transport hole. The other problem is not being able to use the timer if the motor drive or power winder is on. The last problem was the one that bothered me most, especially when you were taking some close work and couldn't find the cable release! But, I still would not trade my LX in for anything, except maybe the 645, but only maybe. I have been using Pentax since 1976, when I bought my very first 35mm, the Spotmatic F. I still have it, and love it as much as the LX. I only wish there was a way to mount K mount lenses on the screw mount body. Oh well.

  4. From David Sheppard (Tue Feb 9 13:35:55 1999 ):
    Get the Pentax Hotshoe Grip & 4P Sync Cord B. The AF200T, AF280T & AF400T can then be used with those accessories for off camera TTL flash control with any Pentax camera (including LX) that supports TTL flash control.

  5. From Francis T. Knapik (Tue Feb 9 00:11:15 1999 ):
    Great site. I have a question: I am looking to buy a flash that will retain it'sTTL feature - off camera. Any recommendations? Thank you. Francis

  6. From Peter Doré (Sun Jan 24 08:09:16 1999 ):
    Really a very good site. Just to point out the strength of the simplicity of the LX; I just sold my Z-1 date limited (75 years) with 28-70/2.8 lens, just to rebuy a LX with fixed lenses, it's just so small ,reliable and easy to use that a professional photographer like me just had to do it!!

  7. From B. Giles (Sun Jan 24 05:04:54 1999 ):
    Have a LX motor drive with nicad battery pack can anyone e mail me the instructions for charging the battery pack. I also would like a copy of the owners manual for the motor drive if possible. Thanks for your help.

  8. From Kenneth Kuo (Sat Jan 23 07:09:12 1999 ):
    I just came across this site and was happy to see such site dedicated to LX fans, like myself. I've owned Pentax since 1983, starting with the Super Program, later adding 2 MX's before adding another good-condition (8/10) LX body three years ago. I've been in love with it ever since. Accessories include the motor winder (great little unit), a grid screen, both custom grips A & B, and the FB1/FC1 finder system. About 1-1/2 years ago my mirror would "stick" on first few frames after not being used for a while. Local Pentax technician said it is a common problem where the shock dampening foam is deteriorating, but that the repair would cost only Cdn$150. Surprisingly since then the problem has disappeared. I get fine results with the LX but the TTL flash results with my AF280T haven't been completely reliable. Feel free to send me your comments/questions about the LX or other Pentax gear ..... very educational to chat with fellow Pentax users.

  9. From Sam Powrie (Sat Jan 2 00:17:48 1999 ):
    Thanks for the great site! Can anyone help me with information about a decent and readily available (in the Asia-Pacific area) underwater housing for the Pentax LX? I know Nexus used to make one. Thanks in anticipation. Sam Powrie, ""

  10. From Manson Clement (Mon Dec 28 12:06:00 1998 ):
    I have (2) LX bodies that I have had for about 15 years and the mirror also locked in the up position on one of the units about a month ago where do you suggest that I get this problem corrected!! Also I have a motor with the battery grip M that seems to short out or lock up occasionally. What do you suggest for repair for this? This equipment has been great otherwise. Please do not eliminate this perminately from you product line!!! Thanks for your help!!

  11. From Mico Smiljanic (Thu Dec 24 06:29:56 1998 ):
    Does anybody know how much it is a second hand PENTAX zoom 135/600 F.6,7 I would appreciate to get this information. Thank you in advance!

  12. From David Sheppard (Tue Dec 15 15:30:49 1998 ):
    I bought my LX second hand several years ago and love it (hope Pentax comes out with a replacement). I would like to know if anybody has a service maintenance manual for the LX body or Winder LX in electronic form. I would like to get parts breakdown and electrical schematics. Thank you for a great site.

  13. From Bob Blakely (Tue Dec 15 03:59:12 1998 ):
    After comming across this most excellent web site, I decided to buy an Pentax LX. I just bought 2 used LX bodies, one in mint condition (not a single scratch or flaw) and one in fine condition. Neither would quite focus to infinity so I had them repaired. Both now excellent. Is this failure to focus common? Love them now. I also have in my posession an 85mm Pentax lense (my favorite) for which I can find no reference. Markings on lense are: SMC PENTAX 1:1.8/85 5339164 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN. The last three numbers of the serial number are in red. Does anyone know anything about this lense?

  14. From Alan Chan (Fri Dec 11 19:56:23 1998 ):
    Just wondering, does anyone ever experience the mirror is lock in the up position (like caused by weak batteries) but the shutter was not fired. I am 100% sure it's not the batteries because I tried two pack of new batteries. And the LED inside the viewfinder did not flicker too (confirm the batteries were not the problem). I just had it cleaned and adjusted so not likely the mechanical problem (only happen to electronic shutter only, and can be reset by just set the shutter to mechanical). The problem seems to happen only when the Winder LX was attached (with or without batteries), but not 100% sure. This happens randomly btw. Any insight? Thank you

  15. From Mico Smiljanic (Sun Nov 22 08:07:48 1998 ):
    I bought the beautiful and rare lens SMC Pentax zoom 135-600 f.6,7 but unfortunately lens is not complete because one part on the back side of the lens barrel is missing.This is the point where you can attach the 52mm filter. Does anyone have any idea how I can find this part of the lens? Is there any damaged 135-600 zoom around with saved back side of the lens barrel?

  16. From Lubomir SCHMIDA (Sun Nov 15 21:29:04 1998 ):
    I wont to buy new body PENTAX LX. Just for europe.

  17. From Mico Smiljanic (Mon Oct 26 09:23:46 1998 ):
    As a daily news photographer, Ive been working with LX since 1991. My first LX(which is still in heavy use)was realy second hand:previous owner was wedding photographer and use it for 3years with METZ 45 and rewind film manualy!Anyhow, only problem with this body was unewen space betwen frames.I solve this problem,two years later,by sending body to PENTAX Europe N.V.(Belgium)Whole film transport mechanism,and a few other minor things were repaired for just 100us$!I beleive that PENTAX Europe is still best service for LX owners in Europe.As I said this body is still in heavy use and awerage film rate since two films per day.Meanwhile,I only have some minor problems with mirror (oh,yes again)but I use to solve them by my self. First, if your mirror sticks in down position,problem is probably with rubber ring on the oposit side of the mirror level adjustment lever. This point is additional support for mirror resting and mirror just lightlu touch it.But enough to get stick on it when, dyring years, rubber start to change its chemical quality.So, if you cant find new rubber ring ,just remowe old one!!Nothing special wont happen and you wont affect mirror level adjustment. Second problem was with mirror sticking in the upper position.I noticed this problem as a delay in mirror moving down after exposure has been made. Reason for this was sponge strip which absorbs mirror chock in upper position.During years it also becomes sticky.Well, you must replace it with new one and it is very tricky job.(Try with sponge used as insulation material for packing electrical components.) You will probably say that I am crazy, byt I dont have time(and money) to send my camera to service for every scrap.My second LX is almost brand new(no more than 100 films since 1991.)but I fire about 70 frames without film,ewery month, to prewent`minor use` problems. So far so good!Anyhow,I regard LX one of the best 35mm cameras ever made and it is pity that Asahi Optical has abandon production of this great camera.Also, this is great site,and I hope that this boring message will help somebody not to gave up using this beautiful camera.

  18. From Mark Theken (Thu Oct 22 07:37:19 1998 ):
    Recently I acquired a Pentax LX with winder and a 85mm 1.4 SMC-A lens. Is anyone willing to email me a list of A series lenses available for this camera. I wish to purchase a fast wideangle and can find no list of what was made fro this camera before Pentax stopped making this system. THANK YOU for any and all information.

  19. From Ryan Ramanujam (Thu Oct 15 09:46:32 1998 ):
    Thanks for all the useful info. I have been using Pentax bodies ever since I was given an "ME" at age 8. Anyway, I now use a Super Program with an ME Super backing it up, but I have decided to finally add on an LX body. I have a few questions, however. What were the production years of the body, and how can you tell how old the particular body is? Also, what's this 15th anniversary Titanium body I saw on page 2 of the message board? Lastly, how loud does the motor drive and shutter sound? (I know this sounds strange, but the Super Program shutter with Motor Drive A is so loud it scared off the only mountain lion I've ever seen in the wild; my only frame taken was blurry!) Thanks, and keep up the good work. This site is extremely informative.

  20. From mike wilson (Wed Sep 30 19:20:13 1998 ):
    Anyone heard anything about Leofoo's heart attack?

  21. From Stephen Frampton (Wed Sep 30 07:36:24 1998 ):
    I am interested to read that so many others seem to be suffering with the 'sticky mirror' syndrome. Has anybody found a reliable cure ?. Pentax UK have suggested that I return the camera for servicing but have not offered any information on the cause of the problem.

  22. From Art Zasadny (Thu Sep 17 23:55:28 1998 ):
    My Pentax LX with AF-200S and a Vivatar 50-300 Telephoto, Zoom lens was stolen yesterday. Could anyone give me an idea what it was worth. The condition was excellent and the original lens was with the camera in the case. Thanks!

  23. From Frederick Wasti (Sat Sep 12 10:38:46 1998 ):
    As I new LX owner, I have already found this site to be very educational. Keep up the good work !!!

  24. From russell ramsey (Thu Aug 20 10:18:51 1998 ):
    I really loved this site as I am always looking for as much info as I can find on the LX. I've been shooting one for about 10 years and also use it in an Ikelite underwater housing.Michael Wong's book, Sipadan, is a wonderful book and the images were specular. I understand most were taken with the LX in a housing he and some of his friends designed. Keep the chatter up. russell ramsey

  25. From D. Brian Nelson (Fri Aug 14 07:16:42 1998 ):
    That's FA-1 finder below, of course.

  26. From D. Brian Nelson (Fri Aug 14 01:13:18 1998 ):
    In the '80's I shot fashion in Southern California using LX's and 6x7's. When I quit in favor of a real job, I sold the wonderful pro stuff, but hung onto my MX and ME Super. Because I'm starting to shoot, again, I went shopping yesterday and got a Mint LX, with AE-1 finder, extra screens, strap, grip and all for $550. The body looks like light hasn't even gone through it. A second body the shop had for $500 showed some touched up paint chips, but was excellent otherwise. Now, if I can just find a similar deal on an 85mm f1.4 A* to go with it. Night Photography

  27. From mike wilson (Tue Aug 11 17:47:23 1998 ):
    Excellent site! Many thanks! With regard to the problems many (myself included) seem to have with sluggish mirror return after a period of non-use, would it be beneficial to store the camera with the mirror lifted?

  28. From Ulf Nordin (Tue Aug 4 16:07:30 1998 ):
    The NiCd Battery Pack to my LX has not been charged in more than a year. Consequently it doesn´t work and I have to by new rechargable batteries. Is there a second hand market for these kind of things? Where should I buy?

  29. From Bob Linney (Mon Aug 3 22:34:56 1998 ):
    Where can I buy a new LX.And when Pentax Corp. repairs an LX do they do a nice job?

  30. From scott burnham (Mon Jul 20 04:35:10 1998 ):
    focus at infinity with fixed focal lens' is off(split image in view finder does'nt match up) .... any info mutch app. thanks

  31. From sean finch (Mon Jul 13 19:41:13 1998 ):
    I've really enjoyed the site - thanks I've been into Pentax for a while now (ME super, MX Super A & Z50p) I've recently picked up 2x used LX bodies & finders and I'm really impressed the metering seems to be so much better than my other bodies and shooting on tranny give better results than I'm used to from using an incedent light meter. One small problem, the mirror one of the bodies seems to stick in the down position when the shutter is first fired (after standing for short while). One the shutter is fired (or lifted using the mirror up lever) it seems to work ok, then leave it 20 mins and it sticks again. Has anyone had similar experience ? is this going to be expensive to fix in the UK ? does anyone know of a good UK repair centre for the LX. Can I carry on using it in the meantime by activating the mirror up lever or will this cause damage ?

  32. From Sandy MacKay (Sat Jul 11 23:49:50 1998 ):
    Can anyone tell me the date of manufacture of my Pentax LX serial number 5292672? Thanx!

  33. From Mike (Tue Jul 7 02:57:12 1998 ):
    Looking for Pentax LX Limited, 15th Anniversary, Titanium. Thank you for your time.

  34. From Jonathan May (Tue Jun 30 11:42:42 1998 ):
    Thanks to your site I just bought a second hand LX for the equivalent of US$1000 (I just won't eat for a month). Compared to my MX it is just magic. For an extra US$240 I got a 280T Flash and also a 400 style handle and bracket to fit the 280T (I'll see if I can send you a pic). It seems that the accessories for these cameras is endless. Word has it that there is now a back to turn the camera into a DIGITAL camera.

  35. From Bjoernung Jensen (Sat Jun 20 05:34:52 1998 ):
    Impressive site. It has cuased me to have my old LX sent for service and repair. Although I have been using it all the time, its exposure control has been behaving a little eratic lately, presumable a bad connection somewhere. It's the most rewarding camera I have ever owned. Please keep this site on the air for a long time!

  36. From leofoo (Tue Jun 16 03:10:03 1998 ):
    Daniel, you are the second one that I have heard on such remarks. Well, fortunately, the other one was a satisfied user, he has been using the LX for the last eleven years, claimed has been using more than 4000 rolls of films (Sometimes, he shot 30 rolls a night, I know his workrate). Last year, one of his LX Finally broke down. FRE was cracked as well, has been given irregular expsoures. Anyway, as he said, he has got his investment fully justified, bought another new one last year (I know what you meant, it is real pain in the ass to buy it new, especially you have been a LX user). Something that you said in your message insipred me to ask this: Can any service centres provide a guideline with the batch number to identify the year of manufacture ? Although sometimes it may NOT directly reflect on its condition, but certainly it would be helpful to alert the used buyers to double check physically before commiting. The LX has been in the market since 1980, thus the 18 years could make some differences. Whatever, just like automobiles, unless you buy it new, a first rated Volvo or Saab might give a little hickups here and there if it were a 10 years' used unit. I am sorry to hear your unfortunate episode on the LX, but I still think this is one hell of a camera.

  37. From Daniel Papic (Tue Jun 16 00:48:32 1998 ):
    So I took a close look at this LX-site and it´s really great, tells a lot about the camera, almost like a manual. I will also try to write my "story" of my LX-experience: In 1997 I bought an LX wich was suppossed to be in good shape, classified as B from the company I bought it from. So the first thing I noticed was that the mirror hang up sometimes and 1/1000 sounded like 1 second. I sent it back and had the answer that the magnets in the mirrorhouse was gone, probably due to minor using the last few years. It should be too expensive to fix and I had my money back. So - later on I found another one, this time from a private person. He told me that the camera was almost in mint-condition and so on. It had not been used very much the last few years.Hm. I bought it for 4500 SEK, about 590 dollars. (In Sweden a new LX costs 2700 dollars, it´s pure robbery) So finally I had my LX from the postoffice, unpacking it to the morningcoffe. And yes, it was almost mint-condition. I began to run the shutter - the 1/1000 speed sounded like 1 second! I sent this fu--ing camera to Norway and they answered that the mirrorhouse was defect, probably caused by minor using. The old owner had to pay the price of 300 dollars to have it repaired. And I had my LX back from service, now it sounded nice. But this was not to be over yet. My second roll of slidefilm contained a little white dot on the same place on every frame. I opened the backcover and lit with a flashlight on the shuttercurtain - and had a small lightbeam in my eye! The shutter was gone. This time I had to pay it by myself, because this defect really appeared after I bought the camera. I called Norway for priceinformation and they said: Probably not over 350 dollars. I sent it, what could I do, I was furios at this time. Later on they called back and said: Bad news (of course). My LX was kind of version 1, the replacement shutter that is available today only fits later models, kind of version 2. So, to place this "new" shutter in my camerabody they had to upgrade it inside to make the shutter fit. This could not be done in Norway, it had to be sent to Switzerland for a cost of 650 dollars! I cried an sent it...... Nowdays I use it like hell, and it works good, but: Recently i felt like having a motordrive for the LX. I found one (in almost mint-condition) for 260 dollars, (in Sweden the motordrive costs 2800 dollars if you find a new one...) complete. At this time I could not imagine it would work out well, and it didn´t. The shutter ran once and then the power was gone. I cannot tell you even in this long "letter" what I told the guy who sold it to me. It was sent for service and the answer was: The camera and the motordrive communicates with each other with little computerchips. Either the chip inside the motordrive is gone, or the chip inside the LX is gone.....However I never bought the motordrive, it was too expensive to repair the company told me. You don´t know anything about expensive, I thought. So I bought crap, almost had to sell my ---- to afford it. But how could I know? I just want to say that when you buy one of this (lovely) used LX:s you have to be there, see it, feel it and use it before you buy it. And don´t buy one that have been used "minor" the last few years. Regards: Daniel, Sweden, June-98

  38. From Maintainer of PIM Site (Sun Jun 14 02:44:23 1998 ):
    I have uploaded some new info on the underwater housing for the Pentax.

  39. From Cheng Kong Way (Thu Jun 11 15:19:35 1998 ):
    Well done. Only site so far that I have come across that has so much information about this camera. I use my LX together with my Pentax 67 135mm macro lens and the 3D slides that I get with this combination is out of this world. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

  40. From George Wilson,Jr. (Sun May 24 04:21:04 1998 ):
    Great Pentax site! When I was in college, I owned an MX ( which I loved ) and dreamed about owning an LX, but never got one. Now they don't make it anymore, and I'm still kicking myself! I now own the new zx-m ( for it's fully manual capabilities ) but I wish Pentax would make a camera as rugged as the LX was. Although I'm sure I can find an LX somewhere, I've always been afraid of investing in a camera that no longer has it's manufacturer's support-especially considering it's price! Oh well.. maybe one day. E-mail me if any comments...

  41. From Vic MacB (Wed May 20 05:16:28 1998 ):
    I have three Pentax LXs, all the heads, way too many lenses and most of the odds and ends available for this great camera system. I'm tempted to go autofocus, but every time I use one of the LXs I realize that I appreciate the cameras' fine craftmanship and ease of use too much to change. Nice job on the web site. It's bookmarked for regular use.

  42. From PentaxOwner (Thu May 14 18:36:42 1998 ):
    A fresh breeze among the automatic world - for so long.

  43. From Max Tam (Sun May 3 16:54:19 1998 ):
    Thank you for a comprehensive review of the LX system. I have been an LX user only for the last few months and have learnt about the camera from your site much more so than from studying the instruction manual. One of the shortcomings I found of the LX when I first bought it was the viewfinder not being bright enough; then I realised that the other cameras that I have used have all had their focusing screens changed to Intenscreens. Therefore I immediately ordered an Intenscreed for the LX (lucky it is still available) and the difference it makes in the ease of focusing is nothing short of remarkable. Due to the OTF metering of the LX, it also means that the increase in brightness within the viewfinder is not going to interfere with the metering, saving efforts in adjsuting the ASA dial as I have to do for other cameras.

  44. From gerald kong (Sat May 2 21:25:00 1998 ):
    Always loved the Pentax LX and dreamed about getting it.Seeing your website has revived my interest in this classic(when it first came out during my college years in Canada,it didn't interest me at my detriment now!).Please all you faithful LX owners and users,please tell me where I can get a brand new one,a mint-conditioned one at a nice price is of cos' worth a check.Nice day!

  45. From Greg Rudd (Wed Apr 29 13:51:39 1998 ):
    Great page terific information on this underated camera system

  46. From John Papandreou (Sat Apr 25 14:35:23 1998 ):
    I am very impresed with your site! well Done!! I have had, and used my Pentax LX for a number of years and was very pleased to see my most Loved Camera Displayed in full detail. I have 4 pentax cameras the LX is the best I use it with Motor Drive and 250 film Back at most Air Shows here in Australia. It has never let me down, the battery failed once auto would,nt work but manual did!! I took one of my best photos that day. How about a page on 250 Film Backs for Pentax Nikon and Canon ? Regards John Papandreou

  47. From Jim Cancil (Fri Apr 24 20:56:29 1998 ):
    I read--I saw--I bought. This site has been a great help in making the transition 'forward' from an Olympus AF camera that was unable make a decision in the most interesting situations.

  48. From Michael Patrick Wong (Tue Apr 21 01:48:30 1998 ):
    Leonard Foo Esq - Congratulation and Well done! I am most impressed by you and your team's great work on the Pentax LX system at MIR site.

  49. From leofoo (Mon Apr 20 16:58:25 1998 ):
    The camera manual and the operational manual for the Winder LX has finally uploaded today. I am taking the opportunity to thank Mr Lye for helping to me to compile and did tons of scanning work in making both the manuals possible in such a short time. Well, special thanks to Michael Patrick Wong, who has genereously left his Pentax body and the Winder for a few weeks to take some shots for this site. Not to mention sharing his invaluable experiences with the LX with me. Anyway, here is the site that I have long promised. Reload your pages if you have visited the preview site earlier. Enjoy.

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