Perdana Leadership Library, Putrajaya, Malaysia
Exterior View of Perdana Library from a distance

Perdana Leadership Library is actually a library annexed at the structure of
Perdana Leadership Foundation (Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana (in Bahasa Malaysia) - our official National language).
It is located at
Putrajaya, the new, state of the art administrative center of the government of Malaysia.

Site Content Update 26.10.2005:
As Perdan Leadership Foundation official site will be adding a Photo Gallery soon, I would think it is only appropriate for the site to host the interior pictures as well as not to replicate resources. I will provide a link when it is ready for public preview. So, this photo showcase now only displays pictures taken outside the premises.

Incorporated in 2003. The Perdana Leadership Foundation is not exactly an "official" working office for our retired Prime minister as most people thought it was. The formation of this foundation's primary objective is to provide a channel, with the aim of preserving, developing and disseminating materials on Malaysia's past Prime Ministers. Believing that past leadership can yield valuable insights for younger generation of Malaysian to increase awareness as well as appreciation of Malaysia's rich intellectual heritage. The library is actually opened for public.- housing a huge volume of resources compiled on our past prime ministers, materials such as speeches, works, journals, reference materials, biographical works and even collective gifts received during their political reign, In particular, the library has compiled many reference materials of the recent retired prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir who actually pioneered the concept for the formation of this foundation. Naturally, the foundation has invited him to locate his retirement office at this Foundation's premises. The arrangement would allow him to continue his work with full access to the Foundation's library and other resources, as well as provide the public and the Foundation's research fellows an opportunity to have a direct link to Tun Dr. Mahathir in the course of their own work. Well, the resources in the library also include other past prime ministers collections - where the library actually provides an online search of relevant information for each of them.


Supplement:- Putrajaya: The city is named after the first Malaysian Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra."
Bapa Kemerdekaan" (Father of Independence) or "Bapa Malaysia" (Father of Malaysia) "Putra" also means prince in Malay while "Jaya" means excellent or success.
The image above is the official flag of Putrajaya.

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"Library":- In its traditional sense, is a collection of books and periodicals. This collection is often used by people who choose not to, or can not afford to, purchase an extensive collection themselves. Other than repositories for prints/books, many modern libraries are increasingly being redefined as places to get unrestricted access to information in many formats such as maps, prints, microfilm, microfiche, audio tapes, CDs, LPs, video tapes and DVDs, and some even generously provide public facilities to access CD-ROM databases and the Internet. Links:- A listing of some selective Libraries in Malaysia:

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Perdana Leadership Foundation, Putrajaya. Malaysia.
August, 2005.

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My personal interpretations is, a library is a place that houses collection of intellectual because regardless the medium used, these are essentially ideas of others. But it permits beyond physical walls, providing a channel for those in need of analyzing the information morass. One can perhaps, learn from the PAST; consume events/happening around you at the CURRENT state and merge what you have digested thus far with own intelligence so as to equip up yourselves than many others who don't to take-on/shaping-up your own FUTURE. The Perdana Library hosts archives of of works, journals, thoughts, events, speeches and many reference materials of our ex-political premiers since our independence (in a way, it is also a place to search for some for some History of Malaysia in this relative topic). Hopefully, some of the collections hosted within can inspire or alter conceptual thinking of future generations of Malaysian. Personally, I have missed the earlier political reign of other ex-Prime Ministers of Malaysia other than Dr. M. much due to my youthful days when I began took notice of the development on local political scenario when Tun Dr. Mahathir took Office as the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia. I am not a journalist, so, I won't have a chance to capture formal or informal portraiture of politicians. But some my friends did. So, while taking a ride on this soft introduction of this new location, you can also enjoy some of their works in this website:-

Some selective Pictures / Photos of Tun Dr., Mahathir taken by some of my famous journalist friends that I think best representing a few stages of Dr. M political career/events and expression of personal character through an optical lens. To some foreign visitors who may be raw on our country, Malaysia, you may ask "Who is Mahathir ? brief as I can explain in a few lines, he was Malaysia's 4th Prime Minister. A Big thinker by classification. He has initiated many conceptual projects to boost local economy as well as successfully re-branding the country image internationally. Some of the classic mega-projects pioneered locally are Multimedia Corridor ("MSC"); an original conceptual idea attempting to convert Malaysia into an international IT hub as well creating a new economic model for Malaysia (this idea has been replicated by many other Asian nations today); building an all new Malaysian arterial economic zone with the 848km-long North-South Expressway ("NSE" 1994) (PLUS); relocating the administrative centre for central Government of Malaysia (Putrajaya); building the magnificent Suria-KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers without spending a dime from Government budget through privatization; initiated Malaysian's own National Car of Proton; a brand new, ultramodern Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as well as cleverly uniting all Malaysian under a visionary idea under common National objective with his Vision 2020 (download PDF file 22k)... etc. Personally (not to grease anyone, at 50, I don't need to...), I think the biggest achievement he has instilled into average Malaysian like us is, Self Confidence. He has been widely regarded as one of the most influential political figure in Asia during his political reign.Still very much respected among the third world's countries as well as the global Muslim community, even today. Confident, intelligent and sharp in his reflexes when handles political matters internal or internationally. Retired from active politic back in 2003, aged 80 (2005), but still very much respected by a big majority of Malaysian. Scroll the page down and you may find some a few Bonus views in this site...

Asian Landamrks Series by MIR
- Photography in Malaysia
Guestboook Link to MIR


The days of Besih, Cekap & Amanah ...early political days Tun Dr Mahathir during Merdeka day celebration
OFF-TOPIC: Generally, due to implementation of security measures (where only pre-qualified media personnel are permitted to cover official functions), most memorable portraits for politicians were usually are works of photojournalists or newsmen. Over the last few decades, I have not came across too many powerful published images of Tun Dr. Mahathir that actually kept lingering in my mind. The five photos below are some of the memorable ones - each is works of my personal friends, CyLeow - retired Photo Editor of The Star Publications, who has captured the young, determined, confident looked of Dr. M under the "Bersih, Cekap & Amanah" signs best represents the 2-M era (Dr. Mahathir with deputy PM Tan Sri Musa Hitam). Mark Fallender's (renown photojournalist) was the luckiest among all, as his picture (bottom left) was taken during a formal assignment (if he didn't took this rare opportunity to deliver image like this, I will personally kick his ass, hehe..); American journalist John W Ishii's excellent image which projects a warmth & satisfying expression of Dr. M on looking at the public during an public appearance on Merdeka (independence day) celebration. Associated Press ("AP" - regional bureau) photo Editor, Vincent Thian's reportage picture on Dr. M "thanking" Vice-President of US , Al-Gore the day after the episode the night before was humorous enough.

DrM_Asia Week Cover 1998.jpg   Asiaweek's 1998 front cover - although western media usually possesses an genetic anti-M attitude, but photographically, this was still considered to be a good shot during post-Asian Crises on one of the most influential Asian political icon.
One of the formal portraiture, Dr. mahathir

Vincent Thian Image on Dr. Mahathir

Associated Press (AP) editor's Vincent Thian picture of Tun Dr Mahathir during a Human Rights Summit.

Credit: All the displayed photos are Journalist's approach., the element in distinguishing good greatness in them not necessary based on criteria of pure visual satisfaction but rather, events/happenings/episodes in & behind each picture tells. Thanks to all my buddies - CyLeow ( was the ex-Photo Editor of The Star Newspaper between early 1990 - 2000/1. He retired and resided in New Zealand now. Mark Fallender , a freelance photojournalists from Australia, undertakes assignments worldwide (I am not where about is he, now). John Ishii <>, an American Japanese who works as freelance journalists, actively shooting for many local/foreign agencies. Vincent Thian ( is the current Photo Editor of Associate Press ("AP") in ASEAM region. Photographer for the Asiaweek's March, 27 1998 issue picture was unknown All images copyright © 1998~2002. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer. If you intend to use this image for other purpose, a written permission from respective creator is always encouraged.

Dr. Mahathir with Al Gore, vice preseident of USA