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Important: ALL images were works of Mr. Weerapong Srivichai®, Chiangmai News. All images copyright 2004 All rights Reserved.

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A rare 1200 years old HariPunCahi
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Phra Rod Wat Phra Sing
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Phra Khong Lamphun ("Lumphun or Lampoon"). This beauty, aged around 100 years old was from Wat Phra Khong (kong). Very well preserved after taken out from the pagoda (krue). Given to me by Weerapong for others to share northern Thai Buddhist images (but I refused to accept it as a gift as I know how much would it cost). I provide two explosive view for detail viewing. If you have keen interest in Phra Khong, just contact Weerapong, I think he can let go to people who knows how to appreciate good images.

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LP Ngern 2515 limited edition solid 24k I was told Gold Only 9 units have been produced...This was in my possession now hehe ..

Phra Khong, Wat Phra Khong (Kong)


NOTE:- Some of these very old Buddhist amulets are for sale - as Weerapong intends to get a new home for his family, I have suggested to him to sell some of these to raise money as downpayment (banks sometimes can be very realistic on age of borrowers.. He agreed and also listen to my advice - offers Money back guaranteed terms. If anyone of you wishes to have a good, old pieces for yourself and/or family members/ you can contact him via the phone numbers below.

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Along with the Phra Khong Weerapong tried to give me was this absolute beauty - a mid sized statue (approx. 6") on one of the greatest Buddhist legendary Lanna monk of Northern Thailand, Phra Kroobar Srivichai, 1878~1938 (Some pronnouned him as "Khru Ba Srivichai" or "Tan Phra Krueba Srivichai"). This statue was originally made by the Prakrueng Chiangmai Association Group. Aged around 70 years (2005), For those who may like on its authentication, it has won the first price on Chiangmai Amulet Competition in 2001. Concealed inside with hairs of Phra Kroobar Srivichai as well as hairs of Kroopbar Daung Dee, a living legend (currently aged 100 years old - still alive) as well as some smaller amulets inside. The base is sandwiched with many old Thai Coins.Weerapong got to know I have just recently moved to the new office in Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang, he wants me to keep this along with my Nang Kwak, Yi-sep Har Satawap whom uncle Wichien installed for me. But I told him, I might as well try to introduce this great piece to someone (partly I know he is in the midst of getting a new house, might as well try to raise some cash for him, huh ?). Just contact him if this lovely image can pull your heartstrings or if you are also looking one midsize statue for office or at home. Anyway, this is one good chance to own one of the greatest guru monk of Northern Thailand. By the way, throughout the years, Srivichai has directly enabled construction of 96 Thai Temples in and round northern Thailand.

One of the hobby Weerapong was in the designing of Necklace to hold amulets/pendants. I would think the two he made for me as personal gift are also art (Chiangmai folks are very creative people, as you can see the exhibits at the night plaza). The shown piece (mine is a little different from the stones used) consists of Silver from India. The green stones = Dwara-Wadee; Red Stone = Dwanawa-Dee; the Green & Blue stones = Srivichai; The Black are from the shapless of Lueng Phor Suk Wat Makam Toaw. During this trip, he said the the stones are rare now, but he will be making another one for me to hold three amulets (He insist I pay him for the cost of the gold only).

Explosive View (100k)

Anyway, for those of you who may be visiting Chiangmai, do give him a call. He is a passionate guy and very very friendly and since other than writing column for Amulets, he also write for GOOD PLACES for Food in Chiangmai, how nice HUH ?? The recent trip I went, He brought me to a very interesting temple and a very "strange" monk who can perform long-long lanna (anceint scripts of India) prayer for blessing ... well, just let him know you are referred by me.

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