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The first featured person, Mr. Boonchai Shukchai is Weerapong's uncle, he is very active in the amulet circle in Chiang Mai and well respected among all the traders at the hobbyist market. I think probably without Weerapong's introduction he may not even bother to entertain me that morning in showing me his prized possessions. The pictures presented in this website were just being shoot right at a table with a piece of white paper as background and that is why I have to bracket a few exposures to buy some insurance. Fortunately, the friendly old man is quite patience with us and allow us to even dismantle his pricey amulets for arranging the shots. Each of his amulets (except for one) have been specially designed in order they can be opened for viewing, I like that idea.







Soomdej WRK
Front Section (161k)

Front Section (123k)

Nang Praya
Front Section (130k)

Luang Phor Negrn
Front Section (122k)

Luang Phor Negrn
Front Section (113k)

Kum Paeng
Front Section (108k)




I couldn't figure out this image at far left hand side until when I returned to KL and my master told me it is a very rare item, something pronounced as "Dupta Wat Prab". The uncle also shown me a Soomkor and a Pongsupan images where Weerapong told me they are very very rare items.


"Dupta Wat Prab"
Front Section (50k)

Front Section (96k)

Front (108k) | Rear (98k)


Well, in front of these Gurus, I don't even dare to show them what I had. However, he was quite surprised to see my Khun Paen image I used - probably the people at the North has favourism towards reddish clay/wood based Buddhist images. Four of his entire processions he wore have all round framed with diamonds design - - although I always thought such design may look a little over-do but I think the craftsmen in this trade know exactly how to find a good balance between decorative beauties and collectibles, they have been designed in such a way the decoration does not overwhelm the actual content within the frame, so - these items looked absolutely beautiful !





So, you may ask, how much do all these cost ? Well, I think you'd better don't ask - because all of these images come with hair-raising figures and could well dampened your high spirit in amulet collecting....Sure ? Okay, I think it is not fair to juts show them in the frame. Below are a few shots with respective enlarged views without the exterior plastic casings to show you their justification for such staggering high calling prices. Convinced after viewing ?? In fact, there are MORE on subsequent page ...

A virtually "perfect" LP Nergn 1st version
Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k)

"Kum Paeng" Image
Front Section (81k) | Rear Section (68k)

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