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Phra Rod

Wood/herb based Sangajai by LP Kaew Side View (101k) | Rear View (85k) Base View (72k) | Front View (110k) |

The two Phra Rod images Weerapong & his son currently using.

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Two very old pieces of Buddhist images from Northern Thailand

Left: ChiangSaen Right: Krut (recovered from temple) "Wang Perm Kongaen" Big files to see details (388k & 444k Jpeg)




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Buddhist Chaplet A

Guman Thong old & rare pieces

Phra Ghong, Lamphun

Weerapong srivichai Chiangmai News Network 2005
Some of these RAW Buddhist images are of very high quality, good representation from Northern Thailand. Next, Weerapong's recent projectfor Chiang Mai News was on a topic "Evolution of Thai Monies from the era of King Rama I to King Rama V, I will see if I have the time to upload his research in an orderly manner later. -leofoo-2005-

: -Mr. Weerapong Srivichai
® <> (Tel: +66(0)66569515 / +6694313989), aged 53, a veteran journalist on Thai Buddhist Images and development attaching to the Chiang Mai News Network / Nation Channel TV

A beautiful, old Phra Rod Image from Northern Thailand


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