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Being a seasoned journalist specializes in the trade/hobby of Thai amulets collecting, Weerapong gets many opportunities in enabling him to access to many Guru Collectors at the northern provinces. I have asked him to provide me some antique collectible amulets from Northern Thailand that he thinks worth looking at the end of my first trip and when during my second trip back to Chiangmai, despite I had a very short span of time of only 1-1/2 days' stay at this lovely ancient city, he can still managed to fulfill my request by providing me some high quality images for the purpose of completing this section of the site. As you can observe, these amulets shown below are not entirely conventional ("classical") types of Buddhist images as favoured by many other Thai amulet lovers on other parts of Thailand, because what he has chosen to showcase here also indirectly reflects the taste & culture of how in appreciating "old things" by the northern Khun Thai. I hope I can gather more images from him and publish them in a separate section(s) later. Come to think of it, since the Thai Prime Minister Mr.
Thaksin Shinawatra also comes from a Northern province (San Kampaeng (?), just wondering what Images is he "using". Well, if he uses a native northern image(s) I think it will certainly help to elevate Buddhist images at the north to new heights where such publicity may help them gaining popularity comparable to other classical images favour at the central & southern provinces (hopefully the energetic Thai PM knows politically how NOT to wear a "cross" in front of his neck even if he is one.. simply because I think it can be quite disastrous to the continuous development of this native oriental religion in this Buddhism-feverish Kingdom. Well, I do know this statement may upset some stomach somewhere and although I know everyone is entitled to individual religious belief but since Buddhism is almost synonymous with the Kingdom itself, and such unacceptable truth (simply from an average Buddhist Thai's perspective) can well be a straight political suicide for anyone; while on the other hand, as the current Thai PM has done a lot of good things for his country thus far afer the Asian financial crises, I do wish he can stay longer in enabling this ASEAM neighbor to progress stronger economically in order to improve the well being of all Thai public, so - sorry to be that frank, hehe ....).

NOTE:- Some of these very old Buddhist amulets are for sale - as Weerapong intends to get a new home for his family, I have suggested to him to sell some of these to raise money as downpayment (banks sometimes can be very realistic on age of borrowers.. He agreed and also listen to my advice - offers Money back guaranteed terms. If anyone of you wishes to have a good, old pieces for yourself and/or family members/ you can contact him via the phone numbers below.








LP Derm
Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k)

LP Sud (Suke)
Front (108k) | Rear (98k)

Phra Rod Pim Toe
Front (108k) Rear (121k)

Phra Doi Sai, Lampoon
Front Section (108k)

Hari Phun Chai
Front Section (108k)







Lum Poon, Phra Lue
Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k)

Phra Kong Doi Kam Chia
Front Section (108k)

Phra Kong Doi Kam Chia
Front Section (108k)

Kum Paeng, SoomKor
Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k)







Phra Soomdej WRK, Sai Gau
Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k)

Na Prok, LP Derm
Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k)

Phra Lieng, Lum Poon
Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k)







LP Lueng, Lampang
Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k)

Jiang Saen,Tan Soong
Front Section (108k)

Phra Doi Sai, Lampoon
Front Section (108k)

Jiang Sane, Prok Po
Front Section (108k)

Krue Ba Srivichai
Front (108k) | Rear (98k)






Important: ALL images presented in this PARTICULAR page were works of Weerapong Srivichai®, Chiangmai News. Please respect the visual property of the photographer. All images copyright 2004 All rights Reserved.

Soomdej WRK Phim Chong Jedee
Front Section (98k) | Rear Section (96k)

Unverified Image
Front (131k) | Rear (121k)

1st Batch LP Thuad, Wat Phra Koh
Front Section (108k) | Rear Section (96k)

weerapong srivichai.jpg ChiangmaiNewslogoB.jpg WRPcolumnMdmB.jpg
Mr. Weerapong Srivichai® <> (Tel: +66(0)66569515 / +6694313989), aged 53, a veteran journalist attaching to the Chiang Mai News Network. He writes a weekly column on the newspaper relates to Thai amulets, interesting temples and individual character that relates to this highly popular local hobby. He travels extensively around the Kingdom and has great interest in collectibles. Loves wine, cigar and appreciates beautiful women except that he is now attaching to a very beautiful wife, Miss Piyathida who attaches to a local hospital. He has three children, one works in Japan, the eldest son who runs a digital studio business in Lampang and a 7 years old son. A great character by nature, a very passionate guy indeed. Here is an article (528k) he wrote about my visit, haha ...lastly, if anyone of you are interested in acquiring amulets from Northern Thai provinces, you call call him directly.

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A cozy cyber cafe locates at Changklan Road with all wide screen notebooks and a rare find - an I-Mac ! You can also make long distance calls cheaply. The bachelor owner, Mr. Jeeraphan Kanchanaveera® ("Yut" +66 53 27 53 33) is friendly and ever helpful.




Being a native Khun Thai from Chiangmai, even when surrounded by day to day operation in Internet, IT & computers etc. (not to mention all those beautiful Chiangmai gals that circle around his daily life after work...), Jeeraphan ("Tut") still finds a small corner for Buddhism in his heart (he told me his late father was another fanatic). Here is a very old piece (estimate to be around 800 years old) of a "Phra 3 Velang Ta kan" Front Section (132k) | Rear Section (87k) that he recently mailed me to supplement this site.

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