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Please feel free to use our new direct trading form to advertise your Buy or Sell. It is free of charge, and I hope you will benefit from this section. - Has been contributing many images to my site.
Midwest Photo Exchange - Very huge inventory of used stuffs, especially the large formats. MIdwest also has been a regular contributor to my site.
Paolo Cameras
- he is my friend, no choice but have to put him first on the list before he started to curse me..
B&H - has a very huge inventory for used equipment, with download able PDF files too.
KEH Camera Brokers - very professionally managed and have plenty of new uploads.
Camera Web The hottest spot for used gear? You can find repair manuals too!
Tamarkin - Stan Tarmakin managing auction sales of fine collectibles as well.
Cameraquest , look at his impressive current inventory (while it's still know these things move very fast), Nikon 1000/6.3 (1959), Nikon FM2 Titanium Year of the Dog, Nikon F3 "US GOV PROP", Nikon F2 Titan, Leica's Military KE-7 with 50/2 Elcan lens. A good place to hook on to for collectors, and a good find on the net (for me).

Focus Camera, this site is very popular too. The inventory is quite comprehensive. Products range is well covered - look like a trend in the industry in the US now.
Robert Waxman, surprisingly has a very well designed website - which in fact graphically is the best among those listed here. More interesting is the Photo Tips section, take a look. Moreover, its search engine is very useful to look for info on specific products.
Pacific Rim - they have a very good resource page.

Ritz Camera - plenty of goodies here, the frame system works quite well and have a discussion section for visitors as well.
Guild Camera's Website - pretty good "stock pile" of equipment. With excellent navigation.
Samy's Camera the new site has a updated collectibles and digital section now.
Camera World has a wide range of services covered, both photo and even audio and home electronics.

BPW Limited BPW Limited is located in Culver City, California, USA. they claimed are the smallest store carrying the largest stock of used and collectable cameras, lenses and accessories in Los Angeles County, try here.

ULF MALMROOS Camera Collector, Spain based used camera store. Quite a good stock of used items and give a quite detailed descriptions of various grading of their stock. Sterling or pesetas as unit of currency.
Classic Camera. William Green sent me this URL for this used and collectible outlet. I have mailed them few months back and have no reply, thus I won't able to get more info and background on the company. BUT all I know is, the shop has a very knowledgeable 'guru' housed there, whom I did asked for some help earlier. William's mail has reminded me for not including his URL in this list, Thanks.

Nothing better than go direct, the newspaper, try here and see whether the service is still around :-
, and click to select photographic equipment.
Luigi Crescenzi Operates the outlet "Leicatime", "...Official Leica, Hassy, Rollei, Contax and Nikon Dealer, and also I sell classic cameras, mostly Leicas". He has a photo of himself there, ha!

Repair cameras ? Based In British Columbia,
One used outlet from Austria. Mostly with Leica, Minox, Zeiss Ikon and Voigtlaender.

Foto Hobby A dealer in Frankfurt, Germany; handlers Leica, Minox,, Voigtlander and others. A very reputable dealer among the Leica circle.
Vintage Visuals Photographic. A used camera dealers based in Calgary, Cananda. Fine selections of lenses and used eras. (New)

Nowadays, I seldom browse around, mail the new Editor for this section, Mr. MC Lau and provide your recommendation for all of us to include in this page.

Last updated : 15th October 2004

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