Another ET ?
No, it is EL, Linhof's Aero Technika 45 EL.
One of the two offerings from Lihof for aerial photography.

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French site -
Paris Photographic Institute, mostly fashions related. Let down by its vanishing English version of the site, though they have a Japanese version.

Nevada Camera Club Photography Centre
- Here they have a very good collection of images from their members for you to explore. Take a visit and you will agree with me.

University of California/Riverside-California Museum of Photography : "hiding" a huge library of resources in there. Need some patience to find out all, special mention sector is the "19th century hand-colored albumen prints of Japan from the Samuel Jacobson Collection" form the Collection link.

Creative website by Romdog, where Nikon Historical Society is hosting, but need some additional RAM power and newer version of browser to explore all the works.

New York Institute of Photography, seen too much of their advertisement on magazines, ya ? Here is a link for you to find out more about them.

University College Dublin Photographic Society - showcases members pictures with particular emphasis on scenic locations within Ireland. How I miss those Irish buddies at the World Youth Cup 97..

Nature Photo Gallery is a complete on-line resource for outdoor and digital photography. Photo location finders, equipment reviews, technique guides and free software.

An on-line Gallery, introducing some very talented photographers mainly fron Germany. Good site! This web site provides numerous excellence tutorial on everything about photography. It is latent with tips and how-to, intended for everyone interested in photography, indeed a very habdy reference site.

Nowadays, I seldom browse around anymore as frequently as I used to do, but you are always encouraged to suggest a link to the Link Editor Mr MCLau and give your recommendation for all of us to include in this page. Kindly inform me of any broken link(s).

Last updated : 15th October 2004

Photographic Societies
Creative centres / Museum
On-Line Photographic Magazine / Media House

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