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Atlas Magazine, one of my personal favorite website on the Net. Very creative.

Shutterbug, long established as the reference magazine for used & collectible info centre now has an website on its own. See whether it suits you there.

An informative website and resources for various makes of portable and Digital SLRs by Mr. Phil Ashley.

Photo Magazine on line. Plenty of info on products, reviews and exhibits.

"Eyes on Yunnan" A On-line Photographic Exhibition in Hong Kong. The Organizers of APWEB '96 have pleasure in presenting an on_line exhibition featuring the works of thirteen Hong Kong photographers. The server is a bit slow, need some patience to wait for the images to load.

A New York City Photo Magazine: Readio Magazine provides daily updated photo journals of NYC life and attractions. Museums on Readio displays prominently the museums of NYC.

The Art Deadlines List. A monthly newsletter (email & paper versions) providing information about exhibitions/competitions; opportunities for artists, art educators, and art students of all ages. Some events take place on the Internet.

Photo Techniques of USA. This is the web site of the very popular printed magazine devoted to advanced photographers in general, darkroom and printing techniques in particular.

What are dye transfer prints? Check it up in
CTein's on line gallery. A commericial site but does contain some breath taking pictures.

The Bromoil Process is an alternative photographic process whereby the silver image contained in a black and white photograph is replaced by an ink image. Learn more about this process from the web site of Joe Besse.

The Hand Held magazine is an on-line magazine devoted to black and white photography. Highly recommended.

A monthly newsletter (email & paper versions) providing information about juried exhibitions/competitions, call for entries/proposals/papers, jobs, internships, writing & photo contests, scholarships, residencies, design & architecture competitions, auditions, fellowships, casting calls, tryouts, grants, festivals, funding, financial aid, and other opportunities (including some that take place on the web) for artists, art educators andart students of all ages.

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Last updated : 15th October 2004

Photographic Societies
Creative centres / Museum
On-Line Photographic Magazine / Media House

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