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Personally, one of the high recommended photosite for online portfolio is a relatively unknown place to many surfers is called www.UseFilm.com.the link I provide you is the Editor's Choice section for your easy reference. Many talented photographers around the globe are using it to exhibit their respective works.

One of the best Canon user support site for older FD/FL camera/lenses was created by Mr. Christian Rollinger (passionate Canon bug, takes a great deal of effort to develop a good support site like his - I know - as we are of same nature and I have been monitoring the positive progress since he began 6 years ago).
www.Canonfd.com Internet needs more dedicated guy like him huh ?

How about the Nikon ? I would put
Nikon Historical Society on top of my suggest list. Developed by Mr. Fred Krughoff of Romdog who actually inspired me with a letter to start my Pictorial History of Nikon section. Great character - Mac user..

Minolta oldies ? A highly recommended site on Minolta camera bodies, Rokkor lenses & other Minolta SLRs/accessories By an Aussie, Mr. Antony. With his site, my life can never be better- as I can skip a section on site development for Minolta (now called "Konica-Minolta".

Olympuses ? A great info site on various Olympus cameras & equipment, If I have found his site earlier, I wouldn't be creating my Olympus OM1(n) & OM2(n) models. It has everything you need in content (except graphical interface - but who cares ?). One of my favorite on information seeking journal on Olympus. By the way, it has a commercial section that sells all his materials on a CD - good idea, I should copy that, haha ..

Pentax .. my early favorite before I bought my first SLR, a Nikon (@%#&@*!!). Here is the BEST web site that I can find on this label. It is a German site created by Mr. Bojidar Dimitrov

Cameraquest.com created by Mr. Stephen Gandy who operates a repair/sales outlet on used equipment of various brands, put his knowledge to good use by providing numerous short articles. I like the short, brief but very direct content writings found on his site, carries a great sales character but the show case of some of rare collectibles are very informative.

Onlinephotographycolleges.com is an excellent resource for up and coming photographers looking for the right degree program to fit their needs. Search an extensive listing of accredited photography degree programs at onlinephotographycolleges.com! Contact: sandy@onlinephotographycolleges.com

For whatever reason, it is called, "The American Museum of Photography". It sounds great, although it is not a pure content and resource site as it sells photographs inside, but in certain sections it has some superb content which I strongly suggest a visit.

For those who are interested in Digital photography or wish to learn more about this new emerging medium, here is a site that I have monitor since it goes "live" last year. Content-wise it is among the best on the net. One of my rare personal bookmark site on digital photography Keep it up, Dennis. http://www.shortcourses.com

David Cirese, the art director/photographer maintains the Netart site in Italy. It has a lot of good work to be explored - well, his personal works are equally impressive. I strongly suggest you to subscribe his mailing list for future updates. First rated site. http://www.net-art.it

If it was not the webmaster, Douglas Clifford who mailed me, I could have kicked my ass for missing this site. For any one who wishes to find resourceful photographic sites around the globe, you'd better bookmark this site, I did and I strongly suggest you do the same. My link pages are pale in comparison - that sums up my conclusion.

Eric Peris should enjoy this one - "Glimpses of South Asia before 1947". Great site to inspire what we still haven't done for Malaysia.

"Walker Evans Revolutionizes Documentary Photography." Very good resource site.
http://xroads.virginia.edu/~UG97/fsa/welcome.html , another is here: TIME EXPOSURE The On-Line Bibliography of Web-Based Information About WILLIAM HENRY JACKSON - considered one of America's foremost photographers of the early West. http://www.fit.edu/InfoTechSys/resources/cogsei/whjte.html

Philip Greenspun, I went to his site by accident a year ago (he provides free advertisement and I am trying to locate an camera, and was quite amaze that he did it free of charge, - that was inspiring to me to think about helping others with this site). This site has grown so rapidly over the last one year. Hey, his stuffs is very impressive and have tons of good links, a must for anyone! Strongly suggest you to bookmark his site.

Black Star Official site. One of the ultimate websites for those who are interested in photojournalism Over the years, Black Star provided content and as photojournalism matured, the agency's experience allowed it to spot new photographic talent. Now , with the net, they are offering more.. http://www.blackstar.com/

MOCA online. The Museum of Contemporary Art, LA. Featuring lots of goodies around. It is strange that they didn't provide an alternate blowup view of the thumbnail images. Copyright ?

LensWork Publishing is a privately held company specializing in fine art photography and related products. It's banner publication is LensWork Quarterly, a journal-format publication dedicated to essays, articles and portfolios on photography and the creative process. http://www.lenswork.com/

Focal Point f8. Online Photo Auction, though slightly commercialise but the works compiled here for the auctions and bidding is another story altogether Plenty of photographic works with some stunning images on display. Highly recommended.

National Museum of American Art "Secrets of the Dark Chamber" - this site made me think about "Where is our equivalent ?" - high time to start it now.

If you have specific interest in IR or Pinhole photography. Try here:

Berenice Abbott, all those great Black & White photographs are residing inside here..

Want to make some money with your images ? World Photo Gallery hosted in Australia.

The entry page says: "We search high and low for great black and white Web sites so you don't have to.", believe me, this site is resourceful enough to forget about doing it yourself. Good gateway to Black & White photography.

Historical references on film & formats, highly informative.

A Frame of Mind Gallery, currently featuring two photographers' works, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Bill La Brie.

"Close to one hundred individual exhibitions, articles, and forums" and further "the site has immense volume of traffic". I would suggest take a click below tfor a visit. The entry page is creative enough to suggest some clues (For Java enabled Browser). May have to spend sometime to explore more within.

Online photo Seminar

Site of the professional photographers of Southern Africa

Histroy of Photography in Russia - Wriiten in Russsian raw format

The Digital Camera A website fully dedicated to digital cameras. What you can find among others are product reviews, the announcement of the latest digital camera model and ratings. Useful for potential buyers of digital camera.

Last updated : 24 August 2005

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