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Nikon F - Specifications


Type of camera:
35mm single-lens reflex
Picture format:
24mm x 36mm standard 35mm film format
Lens mount:
Nikon bayonet type
Lenses with Nikon F mount; AF lenses
Mechanically governed, horizontal-travel, titanium foil focal-plane shutter
Shutter release button:
Threaded collar accepts Nikon F and F2-type cable releases
Automatic exposure control:
Depends on experience of photographer
Manual exposure control:
Mechanical control for 11 shutter speeds from 1 sec to 1/1000 sec, including X (1/60 sec); B and T also provided; separate gear trains for slow (1 sec to 1/30 sec?) and fast shutter speeds
Exposure metering:
Provided with metered prism assemblies (four available) and external clip-on meters
Metering range:
EV 1 to 18 (i.e. f/1.4 at 1 sec to f/16 at 1/1000 with 50 mm f/1.4 lens and ISO 100 film)
Film speed setting:
ISO 6-4000 (Model III Meter), 10-1600 (Photomic?, T, and Tn), or 6-6400 (Photomic FTn)
Film advance lever:
Single stroke type; 30 degrees stand-off angle and 150 degrees winding angle; automatic film advance possible when motor drives F36 or F250 are used.
Slow-shutter-speed gear train-controlled, approx 3 to 10 sec delayed exposure; lever-type indicator
Nikon F; Eyelevel finder as standard; interchangeable with 7 other types including 4 metering prisms
Focusing screen:
Split-image Type A provided as standard; interchangeable with 16 other types
Finder coverage:
Virtually 100%
Finder magnification:
0.8x (with 50 mm lens set at infinity)
Viewfinder illuminator:
Via DL-1 accessory light for metered prisms
Multiple exposure control:
Via shutter release collar and a bit of care/technique
Reflex mirror:
Automatic instant-return type with kludge-y lockup facility
Depth-of-field preview:
Via lever
Frame counter:
Additive type; frame numbers from 0 to 40; automatically resets to S when camera back is removed
Film rewind:
By crank provided after shutter release collar is switched to R
Flash synchronisation:
Possible at all speeds up to 1/60 sec with electronic flash; sync terminal provided for off camera or multiple-flash photography; sync terminal is switchable to work with flashbulbs at speeds of up to 1/1000 sec (type 6 flashbulbs)
Accessory shoe:
Provided; special Nikon F-type located at base of rewind knob; adaptors available to convert to ISO or F3-type shoes
Power source:
One PX-625 1.3V mercury battery in Photomic, T, Tn prism; Two PX-625 1.3V mercury battery in Photomic FTn prism; Model I, II, and III Meters are self-powered by selenium cell
Motor drive coupling:
Requires modification to base-plate of camera to add firing and winding couplings; couplings provided for automatic film advance, shutter release, and back opening for motor drives F36 and F250
Camera back:
Slip-off; opens by turning O/C key to Open position and taking back off; interchangeable with 250 exposure magazine back (and motor) F250
Body finish:
Black or chrome available
Body dimensions
(W x H x D):
approx 146.1 x 101.6 x 95.3 mm (5.75 x 4.00 x 3.75 in) with Tn or FTn finder
Body weight:
1049g (2.31 lb) approx with Tn or FTn finder

Suggested List price from random survey:

$329.50 US with 50f/2 lens and eyelevel finder (1959)
$375 US with 58f/1.4 lens and eyelevel finder (1960)
$375 US with 58f/1.4 lens and eyelevel finder (1961)
$417 US with 50f/1.4 lens and Photomic finder (1962)
$417 US with 50f/1.4 lens and Photomic finder (1963)
$388 US with 50f/1.4 lens and eyelevel finder, $89.50 US for Photomic finder (1964)
$433 US with 50f/1.4 lens and T finder (1965)
$368 US with 50f/1.4 lens and eyelevel finder, $79.50 additional for Photomic finder (1966)
$ US with 50f/1.4 lens and finder, $119.50 additional for Tn finder (1967)
$443 US with 50f/1.4 lens and Tn finder (1968)
$ US with 50f/1.4 lens and FTn finder (1969)
$458 US with 50f/1.4 lens and FTn finder (1970)

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