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Macro photography is one of the strongest asset in the Nikon photographic system. Dating back to the rangefinder days where Nikon has already offered a 50mm Nikkor Macro lens for their fine range of rangefinder cameras. The macro system was further spearheaded during the Nikon F era and by the '70, it has developed into a high comprehensive stand-alone system. During the TTL-era of the Nikon F3, the Nikon macro/close-up system was sophisticated enough to claim almost perfect - except autofocusing.

For it is especially in close-ups that professional cameras such as Nikon F-series models excel and a joy to use these bodies. All Nikon professional class F-series models are offering 100% view field.

The many features that make close-ups a joy to take with such SLRs are of course start with a viewfinders to show you 100% of the picture area to be registered on film, the depth-of-field preview button also help in a great deal to let you see the depth of field at the taking aperture, the through-the-lens metering of the various Photomic metered Prisms of the Older Nikon F & F2 which give you responsive and an almost fail proof exposure measurement.
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Further, optional accessories in the Finder group like Waist-Level, Magnifications Finder or even Speed Finder can provide you with the low-or ground-level viewing convenience or in certain photographic situation which demands lesser eye to finder distance which may be so often required in close-up work.

Since this is the site which is confined to topic where it relates to Nikon F2, we will just using the perspective from a mechanical camera user to discuss various topics where it relates in this site. Please take note many of the Macro accessories within the Nikon system are still usable and compatible with older or even current Nikon SLR camera models - except some of the features found in the respective cameras may affect the way of using these accessories mentioned here in this site. In many ways, some of the technologies introduced over the years also affecting macro photography in a great way. Modern SLR features such as TTL-flash, Matrix metering, autofocusing or Electronic rangefinder system were some examples that may simplify, enhance functionality and could possibly facilitates easier handling in close-up photography

With Nikon F, the collection of accessories and attachments available for macro photography was impressive enough: The system has already offered essential macro accessories like Close-up Attachment Lenses, Extension Ring E2, Extension Ring Set K, Bellows Focusing Attachments PB-4 and PB-5, 105mm f/4 Bellows Nikkor, Slide Copying Adapter PS-4 and PS-5, Repro-Copying Outfit Model PF and two distinct lenses specifically designed for close-ups, the 55mm f/3.5 Micro-Nikkor-P Auto and 200mm f/5.6 Medical-Nikkor Auto. With the Nikon F2, the system was further evolved with MORE options in various aspects along with new upgrades, and in particular, two additional special macro lenses were also introduced, the Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/4.0 and Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4.0.

The many features that make close-ups a joy to take with such SLRs are of cause start with a viewfinders to show you 100% of the picture area to be registered on film, the depth-of-field preview button also help in a great deal to let you see the depth of field at the taking aperture, the through-the-lens metering of the various Photomic metered Prisms of the Older Nikon F & F2 which give you responsive and an almost fail proof exposure measurement.
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Whatever your interests are and no matter the extent of your budget, there are wide assortment of close-up equipment, and right tools to meet your specific needs. The key to macro photography is the magnification power of the lens through the simple attachment of a supplementary lens to the taking lens or by extending the lens-to-film distance through the insertion of a device of fixed (ring) or adjustable (bellows) length between the lens and the camera body. Technologies are only to simplify processes and provide more assuring results.

In close-up photography, more than anything else, the detailed definition of the texture comes first. Therefore correct focusing and creative use of
depth of field may decide the total picture-quality. There are a number of eyepiece accessories such as Nikon Eyepiece Magnifier with a 2-power magnification will help you with pinpoint focusing. Unlike candids or snapshots, in close-up photography you shoot only after you have studied carefully what the final effect will be. You can see through the viewfinder the exact depth of field or out focused area. Just before you press the release button, try to make sure that the focusing is still correct and the corresponding depth of field with the picture taking aperture is sufficient. Request the people around you not to walk about. The tripod is a very important tool, especially if you're doing an extreme close-up. It should be as sturdy as possible and I can tell you it has every reasons to invest into a good tripod and a cable release. For extreme close-ups, always use Cable Release or make use of the Mirror Lock up feature of the camera to minimize possible movement caused by mirror action.

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