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The Canon AE-1 - Camera Operation Part I

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If you have owned or purchase a AE-1, these are few essential but relatively easy steps for you to setup your camera to take pictures (Section one for the camera, section two when you are using it with flash and lastly, with a auto film advance device like the dedicated Auto Winder). If you intend to understand more about the details, please read through the whole site for other related content to fully explore the potential this camera can offer you.

Basic Setup Steps for Camera Operations

Auto set.jpg Battery.jpg
1.Set the aperture ring of the lens to the"A" mark. 2. Load the battery.

Backview.jpg ASA.jpg Dial.jpg
3. Load the film. 4. Set the ASA film speed. Select a shutter speed.

Microprism.jpg Press Shutter.jpg
5. Look into the viewfinder Compose the picture and focus. 6. Advance film; Check exposure. Press the shutter button.

Photography with earlier flash unit 155A automatic Flash photography
(Or any dedicated flash units by Canon)

Cells.jpg ASA.jpg Mount.jpg Switch.jpg
1. Load the batteries. 2. Set the ASA film speed 3. Mount the Speedlite 155A
(Or equivalent) onto the camera
4. Turn the main swittch5. Set the AUTO/MANUAL switch

6. Focus, compose and press the shutter buttton to take the picture.

Photography with the Canon Power Winder A

1. Remove the Battery Pack A.
2. Load the batteries into the Battery Pack A.
3. Attach the Battery Pack A to the Power Winder A.
4. Take off the winder coupler cover.
5. Attach the Power Winder A to the AE-1.
6. Turn the main switch on.
7. Focus and press the shutter button.

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