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Canon Lens FD 100mm f/2.8 S.S.C.

Based on the original FL 100mm f/3.5 lens, this happened to be one of the popular Canon FD telephoto lens. It is a large aperture type with a fast lens speed of f/2.8.

It is the ideal lens for a large number of moderate-telephoto applications and was treated with Canon's S.S.C. (Super Spectra Coating).

NOTE:- Info on the NEWER autofocus version

The next alternative to this focal length is the FD Macro 100mm f4.0 S.C. which is a full stop slower but more flexible if you are working very often at close-up range. But since the older FD Macro lens was only given an S.C. coating, care should be given to identifying which version of these two used lenses if you are interested in and work out an appropriate premium.

This section could easily confused you with both the 100mm and 135mm consolidate within one page. Anyway, this line serves to remind you that the bottom two lenses are actually the two 135mm lenses with the 135mm f2.5 being one stop faster in lens speed than the f3.5 version. Both of these 135mm lenses are significantly heavier than the FDn version (For example, the FDn 135mm f3.5 is only 325g while the older FD version is 465g in comparison). They also used larger caps and filter sizes of 55mm compared to the 52mm of the FDn type.

Quick Reference Guide: FD 100mm f2.8 S.S.C.; Coating: Super Spectral Coating; Type: Telephoto; Angle of view: 24°; Aperture Diaphragm Control: Automatic; Minimum Aperture: f22; Distance scale: 10-1m (30-3.5 ft); Filter: 55mm; Cap: C55; Hood: BT-55; Length: 57mm; Weight: 360g

Canon Lens FD 135mm f/3.5 S.C.

This is a very popular telephoto lens with distinguished telephoto effects. Despite having a focal length of 135mm, its overall length is only 83mm (the FDn version is even shorter at 78mm!). It is, therefore, a relatively compact lens and very convenient to operate. However, despite the slower speed, it has a reputation of high resolving power.

It is ideal for shooting sporting events, portraits and landscape. If lens speed is not your top priority, this lens may be your choice at this focal length. Please note that this lens is only applied with S.C.and you should NOT be paying a higher premium than the FDn version if you are ever offered one for sale.

Quick Reference Guide: FD 135mm f2.5 S.C.; Coating: Spectral Coating; Type: Telephoto; Angle of view:
18°; Aperture Diaphragm Control: Automatic; Minimum Aperture: f22; Distance scale: 30-1.5m (100-5 ft); Filter: 55mm; Cap: C55; Hood: BT-55; Length: 83mm; Weight: 465g

Canon Lens FD 135mm f/2.5 S.C. This lens is very compact in designed, with a short telephoto ratio of 1:0.98. Compared with the FD 135mm f/3.5 S.C., this lens speed is one stop faster.


The maximum aperture of f/2.5 is advantage for handheld shooting in dim light. Flare is eliminated perfectly, moreover the secondary spectrum and other aberrations are greatly reduced.

Furthermore, image delineation at the full aperture opening has been greatly improved by minimizing curvature of field.

Compared with the 135mm f3.5 version, this lens is a bit heavier. It uses 58mm type of filters, caps and accessories. However, I find it a bit unusual to see both of these lenses were not given the Super Spectra Coating as compared with most of Canon's other prime lenses. I think it could be due to Canon's tyle of making some of its lenses affordable top beginners and amateurs by having some of the lenses been treated to S.C only, just like the entry-level EF lenses where they uses plastic mounts compared to the steel versions used by the more expensive types.

Credit: Image coutesy of "The Canon Man" <> who also operates a popular Ebay Store with Ebay ID "thecanonman". Image Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved.

However, all lenses, with the exception of the New FD 50mm f/1.8, were given the S.S.C. treatment when the entire chrome mount ring versions were replaced with the FDn lenses, introduced in the late 70s. Dan Lazin from Canada was the first FD user that noticed the first uploads of the FD lenses' sections without mentioning the FD 135mm f2.5 S.C. He promised he will mail in some images of his lens for us to share with.
Credit: Images by Dan Lazin

You are encouraged to mail him for more info and experiences with this lens.


Quick Reference Guide: FD 135mm f2.5 S.C.; Coating: Spectral Coating; Type: Telephoto; Angle of view: 18°; Aperture Diaphragm Control: Automatic; Minimum Aperture: f22; Distance scale: 30-1.5m (100-5 ft); Filter: 58mm; Cap: C58; Hood: Built-in; Length: 91m; Weight: 630

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