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Older FD lenses at 200mm focal Length


Canon Lens FD 200mm f/4 S.S.C.

In spite of its 200mm focal length, its telephoto ratio of 1:0.86 is the shortest of any lens in its class with an f/4 lens speed. Because of its exceptional balance and light weight, it can be hand held with great ease.
NOTE:- Info on the NEWER autofocus version

Chromatic aberrations, especially its secondary spectrum, and other aberration fluctuations, have been optically solved for obtaining high contrast and image definition throughout the entire focusing.

Quick data for reference: Focal length and maximum aperture: 200mm f/4; Lens construction: 7 elements in 6 groups; Angle of view: 12°; Focus adjustment: Rear-group focusing; Closest focusing distance: 1.5 m; Filter size: 52mm; Length x max. x diameter x weight: 121.5mm x 63mm, 440 g

Canon Lens FD 200mm f/2.8

The Canon FD 200mm f/2.8 S.S.C fixed focal telephoto lens is an universal telephoto lens for many applications such as stage, portraiture and traveling documentary etc. This older version employed with a manual FD mount bayonet which is chrome ring bayonet. The lens comes with built-in lens hood and an original metal lens cap. The lens is slightly heavier than the second-generation FDn type that uses Rear-group focusing.

Canon FD 200mm f/2.8 S.S.C.
The first generation FDn type has the same design and construction as this SSC version, minus the chrome mount ring. But both lenses have two elements less than the second-generation FDn type, which has 7 elements.Like the FDn version, it is a high performance telephoto lens well-suited for stage photography and documentary work. It also incorporates glass with a higher index of refraction and a composition of five air-spaced elements, each ideally shaped and arranged. As a result, chromatic and spherical aberrations are satisfactorily corrected, resulting in higher resolving power. Performance is perfect for high contrast pictures free from flares even when using its f/2.8 full aperture. Despite its fast speed and close 1.8 metre minimum focusing distance, it remains easy to handle, lightweight and features excellent optical performance.

Quick data for reference: Focal length and maximum aperture: 200mm f/2.8; Lens construction: 5 elements in 5 groups; Angle of view: 12°; Focus adjustment: Helicoid; Closest focusing distance: 1.8 m; Filter size: 72mm; Length x max. diameter, weight: 140.5mm x 82mm, 700 g

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