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Hi Leonard !

The translation of the description :

"The Canon Lenses 800 mm F 3.8 and 2000 mm F 11 are extremely long-range telephoto lenses for Canon SLR's. They're especially to take pictures of very far objekts, for example as sports or news-reports.

The lenses are capable to work with television-cameras too (mounts TV-88, RCA and PYE required). The wide opened 800 mm F 3.8 are a high-efficient TV-lens. The 2000 mm F 11 has a high magnification ratio of 40x (in relation to a 50mm-lens)." The data sheet is added as a Excel-sheet and tab-separated .txt-file. If the text contains english-mistakes, please correct !

Bye, bye and have a good day !
Heinrich Tauscher

There are MORE updates from Ernst Thiel, Holland relating to these info, including another gigantic 5200mm f/14 lens !

reflex800mmf38.jpg reflex2000mmf11.jpg
Canon 800 mm & 2000 mm lenses

Cameras to use : Orthikon-TV-cameras & Canon-SLR's
Lens type : Long-range telephoto lens with catadioptric system
Main mirror : 1, 1
Secundary mirror : 1, 1
F-speed : 1 : 3.8 & 1:11
Lenses / groups : 3 lenses in 2 groups & 5 lenses in 3 groups
Coating, mirrors : Amber, Amber
Coating, lenses : Canon Spectra Coating, Canon Spectra Coating
Maximum of image-diameter : 43.2 mm ( 24 x 36 mm); 43.2 mm ( 24 x 36 mm)
Angle horizontal : 2 degrees, 1 degree
Angle vertical : 1 degree 41 min,. 40 min.
Apertures, build with neutral density filters : (f/3.8) - f/5.6-f/8-f/11-f/16-f/22; (f/11) - f/16-f/22-f/32
Dimension : Both lenses not indicated
Weight : 15 kg; 11 kg

PDF file (204k) Canon Mirror 2000.gif
Canon Mirror lens 800mm.gif

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