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1. From : paul taylor (
Url : http://
Date : 06:25 PM Friday 07 September, 2007

This is a great web site and I have a small problem that I would like some help with. I have an old contax 137md camera and I am in Hong Kong shooting on Fuji 50 ASA film. I am shooting indoors under flourescent light withour a filter so the whites are exposed at the wrong colour temparuture, the whites have a yellow/green tinge to them. I have tried using (on Hoyas recommendation) a FLW filter (recommended for flourescent light)which has had no affect at all. A photographer here in HongKong has said that Hoya filters only really work on Nikon and Canon lenses and not Zeiss, I don't know if this is true, have any of you experienced a similiar problem with Zeiss lenses, and any ideas on how to get rectify this probem.
Best regards.

2. From : Jason K (
Url : http://
Date : 11:09 PM Wednesday 22 August, 2007

I am not sure whether Malaysia has that, but in Hong Kong, it is still shown (but not sure if it is new) at some retail outlets.

3. From : Jason K (
Url : http://
Date : 11:07 PM Wednesday 22 August, 2007

This is an incredibly informative and useful web resources for Contax film-based SLR system users, THANK YOU !

4. From : Raymond (
Url : http://
Date : 01:46 AM Saturday 11 August, 2007

Is it possible to buy a brand new RTS III in Malaysia nowadays?

5. From : Bob Lowen (
Url : http://
Date : 06:52 PM Friday 20 July, 2007

Hi all, first of all, so glad someone has taken the trouble to create this website. Congratulations!
Second, I own a Contax RTS II with several Carl Zeiss lenses which I would also like to use on a digital body. I found several offers for an adapter ring to fit the lenses on a Canon EOS 400D body. Do any of you have any experience with this. Are there any other digital solutions? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Best regards, Bob.

6. From : George James (
Url : http://
Date : 06:50 PM Monday 16 July, 2007

stumbled upon your absolutely fantastic Contax RTS and RTS II (RTS III doesn't seem to work)) web site and was spell bound. You are doing such a necessary job to keep the Contax family legend going despite the Kyocera marketers destroying things. It brought back such nostalgia for all my RTS II equipment in storage for so many years as I try to pursue making a living (not in photography).

It seems almost magic that I found:

I began with the Contax IIa in 1956 and continue to try to follow Zeiss through the Contarex then trading up to the RTS, then the RTS II and am now trying to catch up with the short lived Zeiss autofocus systems for the Contax N. Film will be my way for a number of years. In addition to the Contax N1, for my own photography I also still am using my Contax 137MD and Contax Aria.

About four months ago, I realized that I was missing the opportunity to experience the rapidly vanishing from the marketplace, Zeiss autofocus N mount lenses for the Contax N1 and NX. I am finding that, while some lenses are still available, the lens hoods seem to have vanished off the face of the earth, at least in the U.S and even Europe. I still need a GB-103 lens hood for the Zeiss 17-35 lens and a GB-75 for the 70-300 lens.
Of course, I cannot pursue many of the popular buying sites because my Agency blocks such sites and for many reasons, we have chosen not to have web access at home.

However, the purpose of this email is not to give you my Zeiss purchasing and using history but to comment on your statement:

Help Caller: As I don't have any instruction manual(s) for the older TLA 30, TLA540 nor any other Contax flash units, and I have been thinking of convert the respective User's Manual(s) into HTML formats which would greatly help the completeness of content in this website. IF you have any and willing to port such info, please mail me at

Recently, at a price I could not resist, I purchased a Contax RTF 540 flash unit from (a wonderful organization). However, as they noted, it was missing the RTF 540 TLA adapter cord. I found one at a camera store in Canada but was still lacking the manual. By luck I found Mr. John Craig at: and for $23.95 including shipping I now have a Contax RTF 540 instruction manual (Order No. YAS 308). However, the manual which apparently predates the RTS II doesn't talk about TTL flash use. Fortunately, the RTF 540 TLA adapter cord. box contained a crumpled sheet of instructions on how to turn the unit into a TTL flash unit. I hope this summer to take the time to try it with my Aria. However, according to Mr. Nick Cheremsak (formerly tech support at Contax, USA and now with TOCAD, the US Contax repair organization), the RTF will not work with the Contax N1 or NX. Obviously I am not a good computer type. I cannot get back to a wider line. So, quickly another mention. On one of your web sites someone asked about getting a Contax 159 MM instruction manual. John Craig has this as order item No. YAS 169 for$30.00. I would appreciate hearing from
you------ Sincerely, George S.James

7. From : Ton (
Url : http://
Date : 06:46 PM Monday 16 July, 2007

Subject: RTS III problem

Hai, My RTS III stops before the end of the film, allways around 28 or 29 exposures and than stops, on 24 exposure film it stops around the 18 to 19 mark.Sometimes the date is printed on the picture, not between the two frames. It seems the camara looses track of the film, so maybe a data back problem? Can you tell me if there is a Service center in The Netherlands or nearby? or have you ever heared of this problem before etc. All help appreciated. Thanks Ton

8. From : Buddy (
Url : http://
Date : 05:42 AM Saturday 02 June, 2007

I was given a mint contax RTS scientifis/medical camera body without lens. what type of lens will fit. It looks as if the lens screws into the camera. any sugestions or answers will be appreciated. This is a good web site. THANS

9. From : Petri Rahikkala (
Url : http://
Date : 03:10 PM Wednesday 09 May, 2007

Hello, First, thank you for an amazing site!

I feel that your page on Contax focusing screens could be improved a bit. Are you aware that the RTS II screens do not fit the original RTS? The screens for the original RTS are a bit smaller and the tab is located in a different place. Searching the net it's very difficult to find information on which screens fit the original RTS and based on KEH's pages the correct answer seems to be screens without a prefix like #1 = microprism or #3 = split-image 45 degree while the numbering is the same as the RTS II FS-series screens. It would be great if you could add this info to your page and maybe prevent others making the mistake of getting a RTS II screen for the RTS. A separate row for the RTS in the quick reference table would be very nice.

Best Regards, Petri Rahikkala

Url : http://NONE
Date : 03:59 PM Saturday 07 April, 2007


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