Magnificent Center Buddha Image inside Wat Phnom

Side view of various Buddhist Image in Wat Phnom Rear section of various Buddhist Image in Wat Phnom

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The shrine is not a grand-type as some temples that I have visited previously which put their emphasis on scale - but within the structure it is simply magnificent. Visitors are permitted to move around the center stage of a relatively large Lord Buddha image with multi layers platform which housed the legendary Buddha image which recovered by Madam Penh. I can't take a picture of it as it was too high up but the second picture may show a glimpse of it at the edge. The entire center stage was literally surrounded by hundreds of religious Buddhist images of various scales, form and design. As we can traced with its source, many of the displayed are actually installed by the Khmer King Ponhea Yat who actually added some images from Angkor city when he retreated from alien invasion The paintings on the wall, pillar and even the roof are of Indian influence Khmer designs. Probably due to historical background, the attending people in the temple speaks a little French rather than English; where I have not much clue in getting other information that I needed for each and other specific image of their origin. If you are a fan of Buddhist art and/or historian, this is a perfect place as it can be different from other ancient locations such as Angkor Wat etc., you don't need to travel or walk for distance as each and every piece, artifacts and paintings you will find are all fascinating enough to keep you excite all the time. With 633 years overseeing various ups and downs of political conflicts and turbulent history of Cambodia and accumulation of numerous collections and donated Buddhist images, Wat Phnom is a history by itself.

As a Buddhist, I find peace and wonderful feeling inside this temple. There is no attending monks in this temple (Cambodian monks are called "Phra Song" in native language.

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