Phra Kru Sirik Panjawood,

"Chief De Monk", "Chao Khun" or "Chao-A-Wat" , Ketua Sammi" as people affectionately refer to the Chief Abbot of a Thai Temple. Prior to proceed to other pages, in an unusual fashion, I think I put the photo of the chief here first because of few reasons; firstly; for a man who has devoted the last 30 years in upkeeping the temple in such a tip top condition should always be mentioned, if not praised. Next, in many ways, you don't often see a Chief attending prayers for devotees personally and lastly, he speaks a little English which gives many English speaking Buddhist a way to communicate directly with him. I don't know him personally, but I do admire his seriousness in attending request for blessing and moreover, I think I have been blessed by him a couple of times for some occations during last 15 years and this was the first time, I had a direct conversation with him where he has helped a great deal in explaining some unanswered questions that has kept lingering in my mind relating to this temple. Whatever the reasons are, I put up an introduction here first ahead of a visual presentation in the pages that followed ..
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The pages that follow will be separated into TWO sections: -
External and Internal Views; we begin with EXTERNAL VIEWS first.

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