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Malaysia is a multi-racial country and practices free religion. The primary official religion is Islam which makes Muslim the majority of its population. Buddhism, Christian, Hindu and Sikhism are widely practice by other races. You can find a Chinese who can be a Buddhist or Christian ,Indian who would be a devotee of Hinduism, Christian or even as a Buddhist. The unique free form of personal religious beliefs that truly make Malaysia a unique place on earth. More importantly, every Malaysian knows how to respect the others and it forms the basis for a harmonic society. We have seen many places in the globe with conflicts arise from diversion of religious beliefs but self restraints, mutual of respect has made Malaysia one of the most trouble-free nation on earth since its independence back in 1957.

Doubting on what I said ? Here is an example of a harmonic coexistence of a Buddhist temple just beside a Islamic Mosque near the heart of the City of Kuala Lumpur. I was told many similar scenarios exist in many parts in our country; not to mention the Muslim majority State of Kelantan which shares a common Thai border (Wat Utamaran, birth place of the famed Tok Raja Images has been even made as a state-level promoted hot spot for tourism). In Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, the holy Hinduism Batu Caves was located quite close to a Muslim mosque; and the Ceylonese Buddhist temple in Brickfields is just stone-throw distance from another Catholic Church. So, as opposes to popular belief that multi-racial countries with differing religious thinking could not expect peaceful co-existence; as with many people from war torn nations resulted from continual religious conflict for decades may find our Malaysian way of life unbelievable in such a state but in reality, to any average Malaysian who has been living with this culture for so long, it is a common sight everywhere and we take it naturally; so, what is wrong with that ? No, we don't have any problem with it.

NOTE:- I did inquired via Pusat Pertadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, Putrajay and found out the said Mosque is actually named as Surau Balai Islam, Jalan Tun Razak with US Azmi B Tassin as the religious head. "Surau", is a general term to define a Mosque in smaller scale; conveniently built for worshipers.


Anyway, on a Sunday morning while I was on the way back sending my daughter to tuition, I diverted my route and drove into this Thai Buddhist temple; and here is a site introduced another local destination for those who may be seeking for a convenient spot in the city of Kuala Lumpur for your Buddhist ritual practices. Separated by just a wall, the Wat Meh Siew Buddhist Thai temple and the Islamic Mosque. "surau" is a term to define a mosque in smaller scale"... | NEXT |

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