Entrance Arc to Wat Meh Liew

Compound of the Thai temple


Entrance to the Temple from Pekeliling Tunnel section, Selamat Datang ...

The compound is fill of trees that provide good shelter for heat of the tropic. An image of a golden Buddha image was under the potee tree.

Four faced Buddha View A

Four faced Buddha View B

Four faced Buddha View C


Four faced Buddha has a lot of followers in the country, so, naturally, most Malaysian Thai temples will have one good image in the premises for worshipers. The well-decorative arc for this four-faced Buddha at Wat Meh Liew is very well designed and a spacious, an essential element for this image form.

Amulet merchant

Monks rooms

Decorative pictures


At the side of the Wat Meh Liew has a stationed Amulets frame merchant. At the side is the monks quarters and rooms for visitors. Some Malaysian Thai youth always gather around (some even stay here). On the far right, a hand drawn Nang Kwak was hanging on top of one of the room.

Buddhaist images

The tree trunk

Various images


This was the first time that I spent sometime roaming around the entire public areas within the premises. For those of you who intends to visit this temple, GO TO THE REAR - I have witnessed one of the most unusual sight in a temple at its back. It has a section that hosts two medium scale Buddha images; under a huge tree beside it, there is a room that installed two medium scaled "lecee" images and two secondary sections that has a long racks of "Kwan Gong" and " Kwan Yen".


another view of Lercee images

A clearer view with cigarette


I have been patiently waiting for a chance in order to take some pictures of this shot spots for empat-ekor "luck-seekers". Surprisingly, I seen those who finished their turn even put a cigarettes into the mouth of the image.

Various Kwan De Ye images

Kwan Gong images

Kwan Gong in details


Under the trees is the "resting" place for people who, for some reasons on their own, decided to abandon a Buddhist image in their home; Wat Meh Liew has probably one of the largest collection of images of such nature. Frankly, it is like a showcase of various forms and designs, truly an eye-opener for me.

Kwan Yin images behind the temple

View two of various Kwan Yin

High quality images of Kwan Yin


I observed the various images of Kwan Yin - many of them are short in referring them as art pieces; although the number is not as high as the various image forms that placed at the rear section, but they are actually very well preserved. Strange... as it was different from a scene that I saw in a Thai temple at Koh Samui, where it was like a rubbish dumps for broken and imperfect images of various forms.

The nanga trees at Wat Meh Liew

The Mosque of Jalan Siam/Jalan Pahang

Mosque.Surau at Jalan Pahang, Pekeliling flats.. roundabout

The popular local fruit, nanga hanging on the tree trunk is one distinctive sight of this Thai temple

The temple's compound is just a brick wall in separating Wat Meh Liew with the Islamic Mosque which was built 20+ years ago. I have taken a good image of it for some of you who likes photography, esp. the Muslims as a as wall paper for their computer. update: -The Mosque is actuall called Surau Balai Islam, Jalan Tun Razak with US Azmi B Tassin as its religious head.


Inside the Wat Meh Liew

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