Main Hall of Wat Meh Liew

Main Buddha Image of Lord Buddha

The netrance to the main hall

The main lobby has a large Lord Buddha image at the center. I provide a few views for your analysis. The light is not well lit - probably it is day time.

Various Images installed at the main hall

Various Images installed at the main hall

Peforming ritual blessing

The few large images placed at the side section were accompanied by numerous medium and small images.

An enlarged secxtion pf the fe main images

Sole view of Main image

An aged Medium scale Buddha Image

Here are pictures that I took that may interest some of you. The photo at the right hand side was interesting...

Phra Keow

Land donator of Wat Meh Liew 70+ years ago

Another view of a full dressed Phra Keow in Green jade

The center photo which hanged behind the entrance was the four devotee that generously donated the land for the construction of this temple some 70 + years ago. The Phra Keow in green jade is a good piece which caught my attention, come to think of it, who doesn't wish to have one of this at home or office...hehe ..

Panchawood blessing for devottee

Chief Monk of Thai Temple

Blessing for me ...


The chief Monk of Wat meh Liew, Phra Kru Sirik Panjawood has been devoted almost the entire monk hood to this temple. I like this serious way of chanting and provide for blessing - equal for all in lengthy, serious form. I was blessed as well, more of less I can picked up what he chant. I have great respect for what he has done so far for the temple as well as how he treats the visitors .

Panoramic view of its compound

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