The Temple Abbot, Phra Acharn Charlie at Wat MekPrasit, A siamese Thai Buddhist Temple in Ipon City
The chief Abbot (or Ketua Sammy) of Wat Mekprasit ("Wat" means Temple in Thai), Ipoh is Ven. Phra Acharn Chali where I used to mistaken him as Charlie as it is easier to remember his name.

Like the Chief,
Phra Kru Sirik Panjawood at Wat MehLiew in Kuala Lumpur, Charli has served at Wat Mekprasit for more than 30 + years. He used to live at a room next to the four-faced Buddha Image at the left hand side of the entrance and the last few visits I have noticed the room was abandoned.

On a recent trip back to home town, I spared some time out to pay him a visit. Thinking about creating a website for Wat Mekprasit and I took many photographs in and around the temple. When I approached him for a photo session, surprisingly he was extremely camera shy. This is perhaps the best I could captured using journalist approach by tripping the camera without him noticing (hehe...sly fox like me still have some trick..). Further, apparently he was not too keen in promoting the site as he felt most people came with a motive of ill culture in acquiring luck in rotary draws.. sad state. I used to tell other Net friends like YKT on the phase of "a Phra is a Phra.." and this came from him.

In relation to amulet, he has quite a inspiring thought on his own ( In fact, I can sense some frustration too). One of the point he dislikes is the amulet trading business and next, again those who use which the intention of an ill objective on "sudden wealth" or wind fall from somewhere.... He said he has many in his collection but he will always try to inspire those who asked learn the teaching of Buddha first until he is comfortable, where he will even give away his collection of personal Buddha images even for free. He actually prefers medium images for installation for home rather than for "commercial " use at, say an office. Well, you may treat it as a filtration process or for pre-scanning, although most would not enjoy his practice but neither you can argue what he imposes is not ethecal as his principle goes as a priority. Personally I like his approach even I know it may not be good from the sheer point of view on temple management.

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