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& personal works of confident Malaysian Photographers

Special Featured Sites

Exhibiting collection of HRH Sultan of Terengganu's photographic works, 1948-1958.

Michael Patrick Wong, born in Sarawak. A dental surgeon by profession, practicing in London. Underwent a private project, funded by Malaysian Airlines System Berhad (MAS). He took a span of eight years, a total of 2,500 hours capturing some of the most beautiful underwater tropical images. These images are presented in his publication "Malaysia - Beneath the Waves". His earlier effort "Sipadan Island" was voted Best Underwater Photographic Book 1992. He is a contributor for the Khatulistiwa@Malaysia who cover the many fascinating diving sites in Malaysia.

Local Pros

CY Leow, Ex-Photo Editor of The Star newspaper. Interpreting Malaysian photojournalism at his finger tip... When I brought up the idea, he liked it. Although heavily engaged in his hectic professional schedules, he still allocated his time to attend to my request.

David Lok's contribution to our site: "The Lunar Harmony" & "The Forgotten City" are included here. Highly recommended. I hope I can "squeeze" him for more later.

Jen Siow has a complete redesigned web site by MIR Web Design Team. His new approaches in photography (especially those images that combined with digital imaging) are truly fascinating, try here and you might agree with me why people called him the master.

Mark Fallander Portfolio.

Peter Phun Portfolio.

Philip Chong
resigned from the post of news photographer in 1995 and what he is doing now is 'enjoying life creating better pictures'.

John W. Ishii is an American Japanese photographer who spent his childhood in Malaysia during the 60's and 70's. Now as a photojournalist, he roams the picturesque Malaysian country side looking for photo stories. Stay tuned for his all black and white exhibit "Vanishing Trades of Malaysia."

Steven Wong completed his solo exhibition featuring some great images about Vietnam at the Hotel Equatorial. The exhibited images were compiled here for those who missed his exhibition.

Ricky Heng was born on August 13 1968, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A photojournalist currently attached with the The Sun newspaper.

Stanley Chow is the official photographer for FAM (Football Association of Malaysia - developed and maintained by MIR) who actively involving in local and overseas sports events photography. He has been covering the last two World Cups and many other international sports events.

Tey Ge Wai, the key man behind Twilight Picture House, is one of the emerging artists in the architectural photography field. The Malaysia-born photographer graduated from National University of Singapore, worked in the engineering field before turning full-time in photography. Since then he has continued his passion in photographing intensely across Asia & Europe for a wide range of architects, designers & engineers.

Vincent Thian, Photo Editor of Associated Press (AP), Malaysian Bureau, was once a studio photographer turned press photographer after he joined a local English newspaper in 1996. He joined Reuters Malaysia as a stringer photographer in 1997 and a year later he joined Associated Press as a Photo Editor. At present, he works as a full time news photographer for Associated Press, Kuala Lumpur and has been assigned to cover many international events abroad.

Handsome boys, pretty gals is another commercial site developed by MIR. This site portraying Malaysian male and female models. Wing Kong of Foto QT was the man behind the camera.

Bazuki Muhammad is a photojournalist for Reuters, based in Kuala Lumpur. He earned his degree from the Louisiana State University and his works have been published in several world-renowned publications such as Newsweek, Time, Life, and Asiaweek.


It is unusual for a Chinese to capture family funeral photos. Adam Tan, did it out of his love and affection in memory of the dismissal of his late grandpa.

Ahmad Yusni Mohd Said is a photographer attached to a local daily in the Pearl of the Orient - Penang, Malaysia. Over the past years, he has covered a wide variety of photography assignments ranging from architectural to cultural events, sports to disasters. His personal favorite subjects of photography are documentary work, travel and landscape.

Arthur Teng is a graphic artist who has won numerous local and international photography awards. He is the former president of the PSPJ (Photographic Society of Petaling Jaya). He is also the author of "Rustic Malaysia".

Azrul Abdullah started the hobby seriously when he was 9. Great photo essay site.

Chan Ping Fai (FRPS), is an author of few photography books and an active photographer for the past 40 years. He was an advisor to PSPJ and held several solo exhibitions locally and abroad. His series of works on this site are his new way of presenting the other side of photography, please enjoy.

Chang Chee Leong (FRPS) He is getting addicted to angling. He is also a contributing editor for Leisure Fishing and angling columnist for Nanyang Siang Pau (A local Chinese daily). Don't be surprise to see most of his recent works are feature on fishing.

CY Portfolio, Chen Yu, an ex-photojournalist who is also a member of the MIR Web Development Team and the maintainer of On Assignment page.

Eric Cheong Kok Yew enjoys traveling in Asia. In his trip to Myanmar, he photographed some beautiful scenes that showed the unique culture of its own. These pictures, featured in this site, had been submitted to the Council of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain as his portfolio for admission to the Associateship of the Society.

Eugene Koh, A young and talented photographer who devotes much of his free time searching for good images that tell a story on its own despite his busy study schedule at his medical school.  Do visit his portfolio to enjoy his creative and inspiring works.

Foo Kok Kin, an ex-news photographer based in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia is now operating a successful chain of processing labs. Images display on his site include 1988 Penang Jetty's tragedy, the illegal settlement in Semporna, Sabah and a nature photography series. More of his work will be upload.

H. Lin Ho took up photography at the ripe age of 13 and is currently working on "The Malaysian: a photography exhibition organized by the National Art Gallery, due to be held in October 1998.

Jackie Foo, our MIR staff - took up photography barely a year ago. Who told you we must need to go out to end of the world to take start-up pictures ?

Jeffery Lim Chee Yong, a college student from Kuantan, Pahang who is also a student reporter of Nanyang Siang Pau since 1995. He held 3 personal exhibitions in Kuantan and Seremban in 1997 and 1999. Winner of many photo contests, include a World Press Photo of the Year award.

Lim Tshing Teng, a graduate with a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Lim Tshing Teng took up photography as a hobby when he was 19 after his father gave him a 30 minutes crash course on how to use a Nikon FG SLR. Ever since that day, Tshing Teng has never been able to stop clicking.

MC Lau , an engineer and a keen photographer. He took up photography while working with a Contractor. His early interest in photography was architecture and portraiture. For the past few years, he had been traveling fairly extensively around the Asia region. This pages contain some of his recent travel photographs.

DR. Ng Chong Kin, (Hon FPSM, ARPS) is the Vice president of PSM (Photographic Society of Malaysia). A small collection of his work is display in his gallery here.

Ng Sun Boon, A school teacher in Sungai Petani who believed good photo can be created if the photographer understands the basic rules of composition. He teaches basic photography in his spare time. His gallery consists of monochrome photos of scenery, objects, manipulated images and documentary photos.

Ngeow Voon-Chin is a Chartered Engineer and a property developer from Kuala Lumpur. He held a first ever " Digital Photo Art " Exhibition together with Mr.K.S.Chuah at Sunway Pyramid in Aug 99 in aid of National Stroke Association, Malaysia.

Pang Khee Teik is a Malacca born, Singapore-educated, Kuala Lumpur-trained photographer. He graduated from the Lim Kok Wing Institute of Creative Technology, with a diploma in graphic design and major in photography. Passionate about his work, each photos has its own story to tell....

Rueben Rajasingam, a native Malaysian currently works in Australia. Presents his clean, direct and visually powerful portfolio. (06.01.2007)

Another photographic friend of mine, Stephen Wong with this new portfolio. (03. 2006)

S C Lee, a full time photographer running quite a sizable studio in Kuala Lumpur. He is a member of PSM who has contributed his works entitled "Light & Easy" in a local Chinese daily.

Steven Law, from Ipoh, Perak. Currently attending some job training in U.S., he has some very interesting images on his own in this portfolio. You can either select to browse either with a selection of images porting in MIR or proceed to his own homepage hosting in Geocities.

Zain Abdullah, a self taught photographer where he was my "newly found" local talent. Here in his site, he presents some brilliant visual works that may excite you. Zain is also volunteering to be the Editor for the Assignment and Thoughts & Opinion section in PIM site.

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