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Tracking back to the development of SLR photography, there are so many interesting events and happening that one might not even known to seasoned photographers. We kick start a small project by including a of the few interesting articles here that might be of interest to you. Well, we are hungry for more and welcome any informative and interesting write ups - be it hardware related or events that are of significant interest to all. You are always encouraged to mail us, if they are chosen to be publish, full credit will be given.

How Hasselblad got involved in NASA space missions ? Interesting read with the photo of the first camera on the moon.
Canon's body, Nikkor lenses, WHAT ? 
Enter here to find out an interesting article. Despite the great rivalry between the two big names in professional camera market, there were times both camera makers did worked hand in hand in developing a camera.
* Canon's logo. Though I am a Malaysian Chinese, a Buddhist as well, but I do agreed - the decision of changing the "
original" logo of Canon was appropriate, purely based on business sense.

Listed here for surfers easier to navitate; here are some of the developed classic SLR/Rangefinder cameras produced during the modern times...



Canon: Seiki Kogaku/Canon Rangefinder Series - Main Index Page (HANSA, S, SII, J, JII etc.)

Canon Professional F Series
Canon F-1(1971), Canon OD F-1, Canon F-1 High Speed Motor Drive Camera (1972), Canon F1(n) Montreal Olympic (1976), Canon F1n Lake Placid (1980), Canon F1 GOLD, Canon New Canon F-1 (1982), New Canon F-1 High Speed Motor Drive camera (1984); Canon New F-1 US Navy Model; Canon New F1 LA Olympic Limited Edition(1984)

Mid-range SLR Bodies
Canon A-Series
Canon AV-1 (1979), Canon AT-1 (1978), Canon A-1 (1978), Canon AL-1 (1982), Canon AE-1 (1976), Canon AE-1 Program (1981)
Canon T- Series
Canon T-50 (1983), Canon T-60 (1990), Canon T-70 (1984), Canon T-80 (1985), Canon T-90 (1986)
Other Featured camera models:
Pellix (1965) | FTQL (1966)

EOS-1 Professional AF SLR camera Series:-
Canon EOS1 (1989), EOS-1n (1994), EOS-1n RS Pellicle (1995), EOS-3 (1998), EOS D2000/DCS-520 (1998), EOS1v (2001), EOS-1D (2002) + ...

Consumer grade EOS AF Series
Canon EOS 650 (1987), Canon EOS 620 (1987), Canon EOS 750QD (1988), Canon EOS 850QD (1988), Canon EOS 630QD (1989), Canon EOS RT Pellicle (1989), Canon EOS 700QD (1989), Canon EOS 10sQD (1990), Canon EOS 1000F/Rebel S (1990), Canon EOS 100 / Elan QD (1991), Canon EOS EF-M (1991), Canon EOS 5/A2E (1992), Canon EOS 1000FN/Rebel S II QD (1992), Canon EOS 500 / Rebel XS/KISS (1993), Canon EOS 888/5000QD (1993), Canon EOS 50(e)/Elan IIIE/EOS 55 (1995), Canon EOS 500N / Rebel G/KISS II (1996), EOS 620 (1987), EOS 620 (1987), EOS 620 (1987), EOS 620 (1987), OS-IX (1996.10) / EOS-IX Lite /IX-7 (1996.3) | EOS-3 (1998.11) | EOS-88/3000 (1999.3) | EOS-300 / Rebel 2000 QD / KISS III (1999.4) | EOS-1v (2000.3) | EOS-30 / EOS-7 / EOS Elan 7E (2000.10) | EOS-3000N /EOS-66 / Rebel XS-N (2002.2) | EOS-300V / Rebel Ti / KISS V (2002.9) | EOS 3000V / Rebel K2 / KISS Lite (2003.9)

EOS Digital SLR Series: -
Canon EOS-1n/DCS-1/DCS-3 (1995/6); Canon EOS1n/DCS-520/EOS D2000 (1998), Canon EOS1n/DCS-560 (1998/9), EOS-1D (2002)

Supplementary Information reference library on some selected Optics:-

Seiki Kogaku/Canon RF Rangefinder lens Series | Manual Focus FL/FD/FDn SLR Lenses| EF-L autofocus SLR Lenses
Nippon Kogaku K.K./Nikon's Rangefinder
(RF) Nikkor lenses; Manual Focus MF-Nikkor SLR Lenses; AF-Nikkor SLR Lenses
first generation
AF SLR lenses | Olympus Zuiko SLR Lenses
Contax/Carl Zeiss Jena Rangefinder lens Series | Leica/E.Leitz Rangefinder lens Series


Nikon: Nippon Kogaku KK/Nikon Rangefinder Series:- Main Index Page:- Nikon 1(1948), Nikon M (1949), Nikon S (1951), Nikon S2 (1954), Nikon SP (1957)/ Nikon SPX, Nikon S3 (1958), Nikon S4 (1959); Nikon S3M (1960; others:- Nikon S2000; Nikon SP 2005; Nikon M35/M35s

SLR camera models

Nikon professional single digit-F SLR camera Series
Nikon F (1959). Nikon F Photomic (1962-66), Nikon F Photomic T (1965-66), Nikon F Photomic Tn (1967-68), Nikon F Photomic FTn (1968-74); Special Versions: Nikon NASA FTn, Nikon Fisheye Camera (1960). Nikon F Limited Edition GOLD, Nikon F Olive Color Body; Nikkor-F camera (German market, 1969); Nikon F Navy KS-80A; Nikon F36 TRIBUNE High Speed Motor Drive camera; Nikon F High Speed Motor Drive camera (model 1/2 - 1971~76); Others: Nikkorex series; Nikon F Red Dot; Nikon F Appollo; Nikon F black; other possible variations: Nikon F white leather, Special numbered; early prototype; Nikon F NATO
Nikon: F2 Series: Nikon F2 (1971): Nikon F2 Photomic (1971-77); Nikon F2 Photomic S (1973-76); Nikon F2 Photomic SB Photomic (1976-77); Nikon F2 Photomic A (1977-80); Nikon F2AS Photomic (1977-80). Special Versions:: Nikon F2/T (Titan & no Titan Inscription model) (1976/1978)) Nikon F2H (high Speed Motor Drive Camera) (1978/80), Nikon F2 25th Anniversary model; Nikon F2 Data cameras (F2A, F2S & F2AS DATA cameras) + Other variations | Nikon F2 GOLD; Polaroid Speed Magny 100-2 by Mikami-Japan, Nikon F2 PIN
Nikon: F3 Series: Nikon F3 Prototypes: 1974 / 1977; Nikon F3 (1980); Nikon F3HP (1981/2); Nikon F3 AF, Nikon F3/T (champagne), Nikon F3/T Limited Edition (champagne, 1982), Nikon F3/T (Black, 1984), Nikon F3 Press (1983), Nikon F3H High Speed Motor Drive camera (1997), Nikon F3 Limited (1983); Nikon F3/T Classic Limited Edition, Nikon F3 Digital DCS-3, Nikon US NAVY; Nikon F3 NASA 250 Special NASA modified camera w/Modified Nikkor 35mm f/1.4
Nikon: F4 Series:
Nikon F4 Series - Nikon F4 (1988), Nikon F4s (1988), Nikon F4e, Nikon F4P Press / NASA Nikon F4
Nikon: F5 Series: Nikon
F5 prototype; Nikon F5 (1996-2004), Nikon F5A (50th Anniversary) (1998/9)
Nikon F6 Series:-
Nikon F6 (2004)

Nikon mid-range SLR Bodies
Nikkormat FTn (1967), Nikkormat FT-2 (1975), Nikkormat FT-3 (1977), Nikkormat EL (1972), Nikkormat ELW (1976), Nikon EL-2 (1977)
Nikon FM Series:
Nikon FM GOLD, Nikon FM (1977), Nikon FM2 (1982), Nikon FM2n (New FM2) (1983), Nikon FM2/T (Titan) (1994), Nikon FM10 +(1995) FM2n Millennium 2000, Nikon FM3A (2001); Variants:- Nikon FM2/T Limited Edition | Nikon FM2 Tropical Edition | Nikon FM2N LAPITA, Japan
Nikon FE Series:
Nikon FE (1978), Nikon FE2 (1983), Nikon FE10 (1996) + Nikon FA (1983); Nikon FA Limited Edition GOLD, Nikon FE Green Lizard-Skinned Body
Compact Nikon SLRs
Nikon EM (1979), Nikon FG (1982), Nikon FG-20 (1984); Nikon F301
Nikkorex camera Series:
Nikkorex F (1960-1964); Nikkorex 35, auto-35, Zoom-35 compact series

Nikonos underH20 Series
Nikonos 1 (1963, Nikonos II (1968), Nikonos III (1975), Nikons IVA (1980), Nikonos V (1984), Nikonos RS (1992)
Others: - Nikon
35Ti & 28Ti (1993) compact cameras; Nikon M35/M35s;
Nikon D (Digital SLR Series):- Nikon SVC (1986),
QV-1000 ((1988), D1 Prototype (1993), Nikon E2/E2s (1995), E2N/E2NS (1996), Nikon E3s (1998), Nikon D1 (1999), Nikon D1X (2001), Nikon D1H (2001), Nikon D100 (2002), Nikon D2H (2003), Nikon D70 (2004), Nikon D2X (2000)

Kodak Digital SLR DCS-Series: - Kodak DCS-100/DSU (1991), Kodak DCS-200 (1993), Kodak DCS-410 (1994), Kodak DCS-420 (1995), Kodak/EOS DCS-1 (1995), Kodak/Canon DCS-3 (1996), Kodak/Canon DCS-520/560 (1997/8), Kodak/AP's NC-2000 (1995), Kodak DCS-460 (1996), Kodak DCS-315/DCS330 (1998), Kodak DCS-620 (X, M) (1999), Kodak DCS 720/760 (2000)

Fuji Digital SLR S- series:- Fuji's
FinePix S1 Pro (2000), Fuji's FinePix S2 Pro (2002), FinePix S3 Pro (2004)

Pentax:- SLR series Pentax LX (1980/81); Pentax LX Millennium 2000 Limited Edition Model; Pentax LX Limited Edition GOLD (1981)
Minolta:- SLR series Minolta XK|XM, Minolta XD-7|11 (1976-77); Minolta X-700 (1981); Maxxum 7000 (1985); Maxxum (Dynax) 7000i
Contax:- SLR series Contax RTS, Contax RTS II Quartz; Contax/Carl Zeiss Jena Rangefinder Series - Main Index Page
Olympus:- SLR series OM-1(n) (1971), OM-2(n) (1975), OM2n SP (1984), OM-3, OM-3 Ti, OM-4, OM4Ti; Olympus OM2N Limited Edition GOLD; lizard-skinned OM-1N
Leica/E.Leitz Rangefinder camera Series - Main Index Page | Hasselblads: Brief info on Bodies| Rollei info (stalled)

Various community/photographic Message Boards in MIR/PIM:

Canon:- SLR series Canon A-series| Canon T-series| Canon T90| Canon F1(n)-series| Canon New F1-series| Canon EOS-1-series | FD/EF Optic - shared | Seiki Kogaku/Canon Rangefinder Message Board
Nikon:- SLR series Nikon F-series| Nikon F2 -series| Nikon F3-series| Nikon F4-series| Nikon F5-series| Nikkormat/Nikomat-series| Nikon FM-series | Nikon FE-series | Nikon FA | Nikon Digital SLR series | Various Nikon Models | Nikkor Optic - shared | Nippon Kogaku KK/Nikon Rangefinder (RF) camera/lenses
Olympus:- SLR series OM1(n)-OM2(n) series | OM Zuiko Optic - shared
Pentax:- SLR series Pentax LX-System | SMC Optic - shared| Pentax Digital
Minolta:- SLR series Minolta XD-11 series, Minolta XK/XM/X1 Series, Minolta X-700, Minolta AF MAXXUM 7000 series | Rokkor/AF Optic- shared
Contax:- SLR series Contax RTS I, Contax RTS II Series | Zeiss Optic - shared| Contax/Carl Zeiss Jena Rangefinder Message Board
Various Lenses:- SLR camera Optic - Mixed labels
Contax/Zeiss Rangefinder series Message Board

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Which camera system to start off ? Just in case you are one of those who are looking for some cross references or considering step into the fascinating world of SLR photography... Strictly for potential SLR users. May caused stomach upset for current users...
How to use your favorite 35mm SLR
under the water ? You may need housing, a local dive master shares his knowledge... and we fun around with what he provides. (New)
Quick reference graph to show you
how DX coded films work.

Because today the name Nikonos is virtually synonymous with underwater photography, it's difficult to imagine that Nikon in fact was NOT the world's first maker of underwater cameras.
Another new upload in this site is how we used a normal 35mm SLR camera and lens to produce
Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR) scenes for some real life Internet application.
8x, 10x, 12x, 15x Zoom range, wow! Sounds good to us, but this is what we have been seeing in the advertisement for camcorders. How the claims of these zoom range translates in, say 35mm photography ? Click
HERE for more info.

Digital Cloub
What is Digital Imaging ? How is it relates to photography ? Also see a local master of this medium at work ! The press photographers are the first to appreciate the conveniences, the unman mission in space of the Mars Pathfinder - whose pictures remitted back to earth are taking the world by storm...
Japanese Icon
Click HERE for some knowledge how the Japanese first conquered the hearts of the western hard-core community who preferred the German cameras and for some knowledge how the Japanese first conquered the hearts of the western hard-core community who preferred the German cameras and optics... with a little help from the journalists from the war zone.
All those exotic or forgotten fine optics of yesteryear and rich history behind some lenses are compiling here, currently, quite a number of German's best of optics are featured, some from Japan, of course...but need some help from you guys too to do some beef-up works for this site...anyway, try < HERE > and hope to have some feedback. Also check the quick reference chart for picture angles for lenses for cross reference in this site.
CCDs (Charge Coupled Devices) a solid-state chip containing a series of tiny, light-sensitive photo sites Is the heart of ALL autofocus and video cameras, originally developed by Honeywell, Click HERE may help you get the first feel on this new emerging medium.
Not discarding those who just taking up photography, this site has a special section of helping you understand the basic fundamentals in photography, let us just outlined some general topics and talk about apertures, shutter speeds, exposures and relations between all these elements, touch lightly on depth of field... Click <HERE>

Topic One: (For The Art of Photography site):- For users of Canon EOS cameras, here is a link to a photography site maintained by Canon Malaysia on how to use the features of your EOS cameras as well as utilizing the fundamentals of photography to create better pictures. The articles are written by an eccentric photojournalist who is also an expert in Canon cameras. Click <HERE> - Resources contributed by Philip Chong -

Topic Two: (For Nuts & Bolts site) MIR's site on the Canon EOS System is still under construction. In the meantime, for those of you who would like to know how good does a particular Canon EOS model or EF lens performs in the field, you can find out from the official site of Canon Malaysia. Test reviews of these Canon products by the same eccentric guy. Click <HERE> - Contributed by Philip Chong -

Most current SLRs are using vertically traveled shutter curtain design, horizontal traveled shutter was generally regarded as more reliable and was very popular with some high end models in the '70 and early '80, HOW IT WORKS and why it has slower maximum sync speed ?

HOW long should a camera last ? 150,000 cycles is equivalent to roughly 4,660 rolls of 36 exposures.... click here we present our opinion - for good and for bad.
Some views on the
Aspherical Lenses that are flooding the market right now. All those exotic or forgotten fine optics of yesteryear and rich history behind some lenses are compiling here, currently, quite a number of German's best of optics are featured, some from Japan, of coz...but need some help from you guys too to do some beef-up works for this site

Highly recommended Reads:- 1. HOW lens coating works 2. Lens indication Pin 3. European SLR cameras / European Rangefinder Camera Models- by my buddy, Rick Oleson

Glossery panels

glossary - photographic terms & definitions. Click here! Took me a long time to compile these materials, I hope it's beneficial to all of you. If there is anymore things that you think should be included, please update or mail me, Thanks!

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