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Canon T80 Camera - Part III

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As with any AF system, data communication between lens and camera requires an medium. Lens information and setting required to feed back to the camera CPU for exposure calculation and focusing, the medium in this case is electrical contacts on th lens as well as on the lens mount on the camera section.

FD-AC Lens mount

The T80's lens mount incorporates a signal transmission system to pass signals between the camera and the mounted Iens. When you mount one of the three dedicated Autofocus lenses, every electrical contact on the mount matches perfectly with its counterpart on the lens.

Dedicated Autofocus lenses The T80's three specially designed Autofocus lenses incorporate Canon's state-of-the-art optical know-how to ensure that your pictures are crisply and cleanly focused. Viewed from the front, each of these lenses has its built-in micromotor anu gear-train located on the right side. This design layout was adopted by Canon for two very important reasons: handling characteristics are much better with this design, and visual checks are easier, too.

AC 50mm f1.8 | AC 35- 70mm | AC 75 - 200mm f/4.5

More pictures...

Information on the three Canon AC autofocus lenses


AC 50mm f1.8

AC 35-70mm f3.5-4.5

AC 75-200mm f4.5


24 x 36mm

Maximum Aperture


f/3.5-4.5 (Varies according to the focal length)


Lens Constructions

6 elements in 4 groups

9 elements in 8 groups

11 elements in 8 groups


Spectra Coating (S.C.)

Super Spectra Coating (S.S.C.)

Super Spectra Coating (S.S.C.)

Angle of View


54°- 29°
38°- 19° 30'
63°- 34°

27°- 10°
18° 11'- 7°
32 11'°- 12°

Focusing Mechanism

Automatic or manual
Straight helicoid type

Automatic or manual
Rotation of front group elements

Automatic or manual
Rotation of front group elements

AUTO focusing range

0.6 - OO (m)

MACRO 0.5 - OO (m)
Focusing range selector:
Three settings
MACRO - OO (m)
MACRO - 0.8m
1m - OO

1.8 - OO (m)



Rotation of Zooming lever
(Two rings)

Push/Pull of single ring

Zooming Scale


35, 50, 70
(All dark Yellow)

75, 100, 135, 200
(All dark Yellow)

Macro Mechanism


Helical front group movement, full range macro. (Closest focusing distance in macro range is 39cm from the film plane.)

Macro at wide-angle end (75mm). Entered by pressing the macro conversion button. (Closest macro focusing distance is 55.3cm from the film plane.)

Macro Magnification


35mm 0.11X
(218 x 327 mm)
70mm 0.2X
(120 x 180mm)

75mm 0.2X
(120 x 180mm)


Canon Breech Lock Mount

Filter Diameter



Lens Hood




74.2(W) x 66(H) x 47.5(D) mm
(2-15/16" x 2-5/8" x 1 -7/8")

76(W) x 68(H) x 68(D) mm
(3" x 2-11/16" x 2-11/16")

82.5(W) x 72(H) x 125.7(D) mm
(3-1/4" x 2-13/16" x 4-15/16")


(7-7/16 Oz)

285g (10-1/16 oz)

585g (20-5/8 oz)

But the T-80 is not just an AF SLR to take only these lenses mentioned. With any FD lenses, the camera reacts and behaves like an electronic rangefinder camera.

More importantly, like the T-70 and the later T-90, these models can take in the AC, FD and even FL lenses ! Note: the first T series model, T-50 can only accept FD lenses or newer. Older FL lenses cannot be used.

Command Back 80 This slimline, optional command center offers a complete range of quartz-controlled data imprinting and timer functions, including time/date recording, alphanumeric coding, frame counter, self-timed shutter release, fixed interval shooting, and programmable number of exposures. An LCD readout and pushbuttons located behind a flip-down panel are used to input instructions.

The Command Back 80 is sophisticated enough even if it compared with the Command back 90 designed for the mighty T-90. But of cause, it is still not as comprehensive as the T90 which een has other optional system databack such as the Data Memory back.

External Link: Canon Command Back for T-series Models Instruction Manual Instruction Manual for Canon T-70, T80 and even T-90 Command Back. An excellent Canon FD resource page brought to you by Christian Rollinger from Luxembourg.
Canon's Command Back 80 Functions

Self-timed shutter release You can program the Command Back 80 to automatically release the shutter at the end of any time period lapse ranging from one second to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds.
Fixed interval shooting The T80 can be set to take pictures at predetermined intervals for a specific number of frames.
Programmable number of exposures The frame counter function can be used to program the T80 to take a specified number of pictures automatically.
lcd4.gif   lcd4a.gif
Data Recording Time/date recording A built-in calendar is programmed up to the year 2029, keeping track of both leap years and different month lengths. The month/ day/year can be recorded on the film in any order, while for an up-to-the-minute record, the day/hour/minute can be imprinted.
lcd5.gif combackview.jpg
Alphanumeric coding This mode lets you assign a six-character/digit code to any picture for efficient filing and retrieval.
Frame counter The sequential numbering of frames up to 9999 is possible in the frame counter mode.
Data Imprinting Function OFF


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