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Also see variant of Canon T5 info provided by Mr. Ron Graham <ron1939@optonline.net>


Type: 35 mm SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) camera with electronically-controlled programmed AE (Automatic Exposure)
Exposure Modes: Programmed AE and programmed AE flash with Canon Speedlite 244T, 255T, 277T or any dedicated flash units Format: 24 x 36 mm.
Usable Lenses: Canon FD series lenses only.
Viewfinder: Fixed eye-level Pentaprism.
Field of View: 92% vertical and 93% horizontal coverage of the actual picture area.
Magnification: 0.83X at infinity with a standard lens.
Viewfinder Information: Information is displayed by way of LED digital display positioned to the right of viewing area.
( P ): Programmed AE indicator. 2 Hz flashing indicates camera shake warning; 8 Hz flashing indicates underexposure warning
( M ): Manual aperture setting. 4 Hz flashing indicates exposure may be incorrect.
( ): Flash charge-completion display
Light Metering System: TTL (Through The-Lens), Center-weighted average by SPC (Silicon Photocell). Stopped-down metering is impossible and Non-FD lenses and close-up system accessories without AE signal pins
cannot be used.
Meter Coupling Range: EV I to EV 18 with ISO 100/21°, ASA100 film.
Film Speed Scale: ISO 25/15°, ASA 25 - ISO 1600/33°, ASA
Shutter: Vertical travel focal-plane, electromagnetic attraction shutter. Electronically controlled.
Shutter Speed: Automatically controlled ffom 2 sec to 1/1000 sec at "A" 1/60sec when disengaged from "A"
Mirror: Instant-return, with shock and noise absorber.
Self-timer: Electronically controlled. Ten-second time lag activated by pressing shutter button. Beep sounds to indicate operation sound frequency increases two sees before shutter release Selector Dial: Four positions: "SELF," "PROGRAM," "L," and "B.C.". At "L" all active circuits are cut offas a safety feature.
Shutter Button: Two-step, electromagnetic shutter button Pressing it halfway activates the indicators. Pressing it all the way sets shutter m operation.
Flash Synchronization: X-sync at 1/60 sec. Direct contact at accessory shoe for hot-shoe type flash. When used with Canon "A" series Speedlites, 533G, or 577G, shutter speed is automatically set and aperture is also automatically set to the aperture value of the flash when the pilot lamp glows.
Automatic Flash: Programmed with the Canon Speedlite 244T. Afler infrared light is radiated, shutter speed and aperture (f/2.8 f/4, f/5.6) are automatically set according to the shooting distance and the reflectivity of subject.
Remote Control: Possible. With three-terminal contact for remote control. Remote Switch 60 T3 exclusive is required.
Power Source: Two size-AA alkaline-manganese or carbon-zinc batteries. Ni-Cd batteries
cannot be used
Battery Check: Beep sounds when rotating selector dial to "B.C." Absence of sounds indicates insufficient power.
Back Cover: Opened by pullmg up rewind knob.
non-removable type.
Film Loading: Loaded automatically. Automatically advances to "1" at 1/1000sec by keeping the shutter button pressed
Film Advance: Advanced automatically by a built-in power winder. Approximate 0.7 sec for film advance. Continuous shooting is possible by keeping the shutter button pressed.
Film End Warning: Warned by beep sounds.
Film Rewind: By pressing rewind button and cranking rewind knob.
Frame Counter: Additive type. Automatically resets to "S" upon opening back cover.
Dimensions: 150.2mm x 87mm x 48.4mm (5-15/16" x 3-7/16" x 1-15/16") body only
Weight: 490 g (17-5/16 oz.) body only

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