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So, as compared with the A series models, we have a different breed of SLR camera here best represented by the new T70. "New" because gone is the traditional shutter dial; shutter speed selection is now a convenient push-button operation - a feature that has been adopted by the Canon EOS System as well as most camera manufacturers. There's no film advance lever, either; a built-in motor handles film advance and rewind. And in another departure from the conventional, a large LCD panel displays all essential information. Is the T-70 an ultimate perfect SLR as a used unit ? Not quite, main problem is the support issue. If you aim to invest into a system, migration path is of prime importance factor to be considered for long term use - the FD system was 'replaced' with the electronic EOS mount, which has compatibility problem with the FD mount and thus, your investment into the optic may not be well justify should you start getting serious in this medium one day. But there are a few factors to be considered as well, firstly - assuming you have a tight waist belt and thought of making an entry into an abandoned SLR system by its manufacturer, cost of entry must be take into consideration.

If you have already built a sizable system accessories and lenses with the FD mount, then it doesn't make a lot of sense to shift to the EOS mount either - provided if autofocus is not your top priority in the feature list. May be then you can take advantage of the abandoned system of the huge FD inventry in the used market.

But unfortunately, prices still don't reflect that well in the used market and I think it is slightly overprized and that doesn't make the T70 nor any other T series models a very attractive alternative I have downloaded some prices for your
quick reference at here and may be that will give you an indication why I am quoting such a remark. With those prices, I think you might as well jump into an entry model in the autofocus wagon.

Am I indicating the T-70 is an ultimate SLR for you ? Not really. To a hobbist, there were some highly debatable decision made by Canon like ommision of useful features such as multiple exposure and the popular mainstream TTL OTF flash exposure control function from the T-70 were indeed very strange (Other than the T-90, non of the T series models has TTL flash). But to a Canon follower, other useful and functional features such as built-in winder should able to compensate for such weaknesses. But again, all depend on your personal expectation and the type of photography most appropriate and representing your personal need, whether or not the T-70 fits you requirement is entirely up to individual. Of cause, I have to remind again the FD system is like an abandoned system by Canon, most likely the only kind of support is through your personal knowledge relates to the hardware and the used market is likely only source to expand and getting your support for your system.

Now that you have managed to learn a thing or two about what the Canon T70 can do, would you consider buying one should you come across an excellent condition used model from a dealer ? That depends on several factors. For instance, if you are already a user of Canon's manual focus cameras like the
A-1, AE-1 or AE-1 Program, to name a few, and have amassed a couple of top-notch FD lenses, the T70 is indeed a good camera to upgrade to from any of the A-series model you might have.

If you are already a user of the
New F-1 camera plus the T-90 as a backup, there's no need to get a T70 as a third camera. Another T90 will be a better choice for you. However, if you are strictly a T90 user and would like to have the T70 as a backup unit, by all means, get one but this will also depends on how much a used model will cost you.

The T70 only has good value for money if it does not cost more than US$180 for the body alone in near mint condition. Anything more than this amount, it is much better for you to consider a used T90 or the New F-1. Excellent as the T70 is, it is still no match in terms of available features when compared to a modern mid-level AF model in Canon's
EOS System such as the EOS 50E or EOS 5 models (EOS Elan IIe and EOS A2e respectively for the North American market).Thus, if the price is not within the range, it makes more sense to jump into the AF bandwagon - although you may have to re-invest into EOS system (Because the EOS and FD system are NOT compatible - don't curse...) for long term.

But if you are very persistant in getting a used unit for your personal use, please be aware that to double check
the LCD display. It has its life span of around 7 to 10 years (Depends on usage, storage and exposure to level of temperature and humidity). The LCD itself is not a problem, since most modern SLR has one way of another (not apply to mechanical SLR though..) a LCD display - problem is the support, since these cameras of the eighties have lapsed Canon commitment to support parts and services, so it is not advisable to pay for premium on used unit then (I know a lot of dealers will kill me for this..). Anyway, I am a consumer and a just a hobbyist, but I am not thoroughly a brand follower, sorry if I have offended anyone outthere.

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