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Battery Pack FN
The Battery Pack FN accepts 12 commonly available penlight batteries. One set of batteries is sufficient to drive fifty (50) 36-exposure rolls of film. A 3-steps LED indicator keeps you informed of the battery condition.

Battery Pack FN.jpg
The versatile Battery Pack FN is recommended for all except low temperature conditions. Come in handy for the photographer who is always on the move.

Ni-Cd Pack FN The most compact and lightweight of all the power sources, the Ni-Cd Pack FN offers the added advantage of use in cold condition or environment.

Ni-Cd Pack FN.jpg
It can power 30 rolls of film between recharges and is useful for studio work where AC power is available for recharging.

High Power Ni-Cd Pack FN Designed for extreme low temperature environment. Although you may still expect the camera to function as the New F-1 is a mechanical camera in nature, but for film advancing or metering, at times, you still may need power to operate those functions.

High Power Ni-Cd Pack FN.jpg
The temperature can drop to -20 degree C, yet this power pack will continue to function perfectly. There's no fear of the battery in the camera giving up either: the power pack can power the camera as well, using the Battery Cord FN.

The High Power Ni-Cd Pack FN is the logical choice for the professional who regularly shoots a great deal of film, especially of wildlife or sports outdoors. The unit will drive up to 50 rolls at normal temperatures and approximately 20 in extreme cold. Recharging takes 5-1/2 to 7-1/2 hours with the Ni-Cd Charger FN.

AC/DC Converter AD-10

This unit enables you to operate the New F-1 and AE Motor Drive FN directly off the AC power supply. A generously sized cable affords maximum freedom of movement when using the camera in a studio or other place indoors.

AC/DC Converter.jpg Connecting Pack FN.jpg
Constant film advance speed is maintained in continuous shooting. Ideal for high-volume shooting in the fashion and advertising fields. The connecting power pack FN is the medium to bridge.

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