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Canon 35-105mm f/3.5~5.6 AFD/ USM wide-tele Zoom lens - Part II

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Canon Original EF 35-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AFD/USM wide-Tele Zoom lens
Marketed 03.1991 (AFD); 06.1992 (USM); Discontinued: 1995/6

Since both of these EF 35/105 f/3.5~5.6 zoom lenses are almost the same, I will just summarize and only indicate the differences where it relates. The biggest difference with its predecessor was its price, weight and dimension. This 3X standard zoom lens featuring excellent portability for everyday use and have been designed as a bundled, companion standard lens for some of the EOS models such as Canon EOS 50E/Rebel ElanII E etc. (Canon has smartly bundled their zoom lenses according to budget models, but most of the later models were usually had wider angle such as EF 28-80mm f/4~5.6 Mk II etc.). The original version of the 35/105 f/3.5~5.6 in 1991 has an AFD actuator, but barely a a year later (1992), the same lens had incorporated with Canon's Micro-USM, where it realizes a more silent, fast autofocusing. Basically, the reduction of maximum aperture at longer focal length in a variable aperture form as well as the lens' four group construction allows a drastic reduction in size. The first version (AFD) focus adjustment has a front group rotating extension system with a micro motor to drive for autofocusing; while the USM version focus adjustment uses a micro-USM. The USM version is marginally smaller (63mm x 68mm versus 63.3mm x 70.6mm) but both weighs the same at 280g (9.8 oz).

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Frozen ..

: Image courtesy of Miss Wenche Aune from Norway. whose PORTFOLIO can be accessed at PBase. Image copyright © 2006. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

Stainless steel lens mount of older version Canon EF 35105mm USM zoom
How the hell can this lens be designed so small and light ? I don't say it has plenty of short cut, but first, the stainless steel lens mount found in the previous f/3.5~4.5 version is gone and replaced with a harden, industrial strength plastic mount. Variable aperture is smaller (f/5.6) and they did away with the distance scale window.

Use of lightweight glass material (2/3 the weight of conventional materials) for four of the 13 elements reduces the weight of the optical system and thus lightens the load on the AF drive system, resulting in even faster autofocusing. Lastly, a glass-molded (GMo) aspherical element is used to minimize flare and achieve sharp, high-contrast imaging performance and reduces the number of element used. The two upgrades of Canon EF 35-105mm f/3.5~5.6 AFD and USM were launched sequentially in 04.1991 and 06.1992 respectively. Both are sold at as supplementary model as to users budget.

Due to the fact their practical, extended zoom range making them a more attractive package (compared to other budget zoom such as the early 35-70mm, 35-80mm group) with entry level EOS models. Visually, except for a the zoom ring which has a different texture and pattern, both lenses look quite identical; a quick visual guide is, you can only use the ultrasonic lens ring to differentiate between the two.

Personally, both of these Canon EF 35-105mm f/3.5~5.6 AFD/USM wide-tele zoom lenses are consumer grade zoom; combining its various good features and reasonably good built quality, they were here to serve its sole purpose as a startup zoom lens for first time SLR camera buyers. Naturally, as Canon has expanded its budget zoom group with a wider zoom range now, they have relegated to another level even for second hand consideration. I would assume those who have bought it with their camera seldom sell it (as evidenced by the fact, I have been hunting for some usable images of this lens for weeks at Ebay - none surfaced !). I guess consumers are also gaining some knowledge in identifying what they are buying (even if one intends to look for a used unit). In and out, there are just too many of versions in the Canon EF lens group, although I don't quite enjoy creating such a reading reference but still, eventually, one day I have to patch this area. You can exercise your own intelligence in identifying whether it is a justifying investment and hope I have not influence any buying decision with the posted content in this site.

Technical Specification for Canon EF 35-105mm f/3.5~5.6 AFD/USM Wide-to-Telephoto-Zoom: -

Type: - Autofocus wide-tele zoom lens type
Focal Length: Variable zoom range from 35mm- 105mm
Focus Adjustment:-
Autofocus type
Manual Focusing:- possible via AF/M switch; Full time Manual focusing during autofocus
may not be possible for USM version

Zoom Adjustment:- Ring controlled zoom action via zoom ring control with indicator zoom range 35mm, 50mm, 70mm & 105mm
Closest Focusing Distance:-
0.85m(2.8') MACRO setting: indicated
Maximum Magnification:- Max. 0.16X @105mm setting
AF Drive (motor) System:- MM (Micro-motor) for older version and micro-USM (ultrasonic Motor)
for newer model
Distance Scales: NOT provided
Functions; AF, AE operation, Auto Aperture, Full Aperture metering.
Infrared Marks: nil
Depth of Field Scale: None
Angle of View:- 54°~19
°20' / 38°~13° / 63°~23°30'
Aperture range:- f/3.5- f/22
Minimum Aperture: - f/22~f/27 * full frame SLRs such as EOS-1 series models may be slightly different

<<<--- Comparing dimensions among the few various "budget" Canon EF zoom lenses, don't curse with the choice of words used here...

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The Wall and Diagonal ..

: Image courtesy of Miss Wenche Aune from Norway. whose PORTFOLIO can be accessed at PBase. Image copyright © 2006. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

Optical Construction for EF 35-105mm f/4.5~5.6 AFD/USM zoom

MTF graph for Canon EF 35-105mm f/4.5~5.6 AFD/USM

NOTE:- The optical construction as well as the MTF graph illustrations are applicable to both of the EF35-105mm f/3.5~5.6 AFD as well as the USM zoom lenses. The difference were between the two AF actuators (AF Drive Motors).

Lens construction:- 13 Elements in 12 Groups with an Aspherical glass lens element; inner and rear focus design
Filter rotation: NO
Filter Attachment Size:- 58mm front mounting
Diaphragm: 5 blades
Not advisable Others: - Extension Tube EF25 (II) 0.27-X ~ 0.75X;
Diameter:- 63.3mm x 70.6mm (2-1/2" x 2-13/16") - Older version; 63mm x 68mm (2-1/2" x 2-11/16") - Newer USM version
:- 280g (9.8 oz.)

lens hood EW-68B  for EF 35-105mm USM
Accessories:- lens hood:- EW-68B (older AFD), EW-60B (USM model); Lens Cap: E58 (AFD) E58U (USM); hard case: LH-B12; Soft case ES-C9; 58mm; close-ups Lens 500D; Lens Dust Cap E Rear Cap, Gelatin Filter Holder Adapter usage: NO info.


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