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E-Zuiko AUTO-T 400mm f/6.3

The design concept of this lense was to bring out a compact 400mm telephoto lense which can exert fully the versatility of OM-1 in super-telephotography. The compact construction and automatic diaphragm and straight Helicoid focusing mechanism facilitates hand held shooting with a 400mm previously thought impossible. ideal for outdoor photography, particularly sports, photojournalism, etc. which require fast reaction of the photographer. The lense has a built-in retractable lense hood and accepts a 72mm threaded filter.
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With an angle of view of 6°10' and 8 times the image magnification of a "normal" 50mm lense, this Zuiko lense with its long reaching 400mm focal length proves it can deliver comparable optical performance for occasions or events that may prevent a photographer from getting close are cases where the use of a super telephoto lense is necessary. The only drawback of this lense is its relatively small aperture which may restrict it to use as an all round tele-lense for these kind of photo assignments. However, with advantages offer by modern fast film types, this is not entirely an issue. A distinctive characteristic of this E-Zuiko AUTO-T 400mm f/6.3 lense is its remarkable compact lense design and ability to offer uniform outstanding optical excellence that makes for impressive telephoto performance despite it has not been incorporated with any special optical glass to counter common aberrations Some of the early versions of this lense may not be multicoated but throughout its entire product cycle, most would believe latter versions marketed after 1984 may have been multicoated even if it does not indicated with a "MC" designation on the lens data.

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Moon rise

Just when we arrived at the lodge, the moon appeared beyond the mountains. Fortunately, the backpack with the Zuiko telephoto lens was still within reach. Most of the time you feel silly while carrying a lens of 1 kilo, sometimes not! Date: 28-10-1998, sunset. Equipment: kodachrome 64, Olympus OM40

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For a super telephoto lense, lense handling of this Zuiko is excellent. A rotable tripod collar which is also removable facilitates easy shooting and change of formats at any directions. The direct helical focus has been specially design with a shorter rotation for quick and responsive focusing. With a compatible Tele-converter(s): 1.4X-A this lense may be converted into a 550mm f/8.8 super -telephoto lense !

This lense weighs 1300g, which is only 30% heavier than a corresponding Zuiko AUTO-T 300mm f/4.5 lense. With a listed price (new) at USD1750-00* - which costs almost double than a comparing 300mm Zuiko counterpart really needs some justification and probably a main reason why it never enjoys a widespread popularity as with the shorter 300mm lense. *Source: MacBroom's Camera Blue Book. Used unit may range from USD900.00-USD1000.00.


Current version: Zuiko AUTO-T 400mm f/6.3
Older version:
E-Zuiko AUTO-T 400mm f/6.3
Optical Construction
: 5 elements in 5 groups

Diaphragm: Automatic

Angles of view: Diagonal: 6° 10'
Distance scale
s: 5m (16' 4") to infinity
Focusing: Straight Helicoid
Minimum and Maximum aperture: f/32 ~ f/6.3
Minimum photographic range: 24cm x 36cm (9.4" x 14.2")

Lens Hood: Built-in retractable design
Maximum Diameter: 80mm (3.2")
Filter attachment size/Filters: 72mm screw-in type
Usable Tele-converter(s):

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Tripod Mount: A self-contained tripod mount allows free rotation. Tighten the tripod screw firmly into the tapped hole of the tripod mount. It can be locked in a desired position (horizontal. vertical, etc.) with the clamping knob. There are four holes on the tripod mount and the entire collar is removable for handheld shooting.
Length without lens hood extension: 255mm (10")
Weight:1,300g (2 Ibs 14oz.)

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Recommended Focusing Screens: 1-1**, 1-2*, 1-3**, 1-4*, 1-6#. 1-7#, 1-8*,1-10*, 1-13** and 1-14**. * Compatible.** Compatible. But Microprism, plit prism edges of the finder may darken. # The 1-6 or 1-7 (microprism-clear field type) offers a brighter image. but the meter built into the OM-1 and OM-2 (on MANUAL) does not give correct light readings. With the OM-2 on AUTO, correct exposures are made on the film, but the meter needle does not give correct light readings.

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