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MF Zuiko tele-zoom lense 85-250mm f/5.0

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Zuiko AUTO-Zoom 85-250mm f/5.0

Those days, it is not exaggerating to quote Zuiko lense group easily has one of the most comprehensive selection of MF zoom lenses between the 80-250mm mid-tele-zoom range in 35mm SLR photography. To be more exact, it is even quite confusing to see so many lenses with overlapping focal lengths within these zoom range. See a compilation at a chart below:

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As illustrated, there are quite a number of Zuiko zooms have overlapping focal length in the Zuiko zoom series.

Naturally, as a consumer, I will not complaint too much as more choices are better for us. However, variation in terms of zoom range and lense speed in these Zuiko zooms can be considered as quite minute in technical specification where I thought Olympus should have consolidated the numbers while saving the resources for other better options such as creating a new lens-type with differing lense spec for users to select. Anyway, as some of these lenses were actually introduced as replacement to phase out and/or as update to older ones at various stages. Well, it is history now but looking back how Zuiko zoom lense series has evolved all these years, you can't stop thinking what should be a better decision. Well, when the OM-3Ti was eventually debuted in mid-90, strangely, the only Zuiko zoom that was being highlighted in the camera's sales brochure was just a Zuiko AUTO zoom 35-80mm f/2.8 ED.

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The Zuiko AUTO zoom 85-250mm f/5.0 was probably introduced during the first quarter of the '80. It provides a practical zoom ratio of approx. 2.9X and effectively ranked itself among the best in zoom range in its class. At the time, other than its maximum aperture, I thought this zoom was quite amazing in its extended zoom range which provides such a long reaching 250mm at its telephoto end, while other manufacturers were only contented to opt for a normal 200 or 210mm setting. The zoom range covers one of the most frequently used focal lengths in tele-photography which makes it an ideal traveling companion zoom lense for landscape, scenic, candids, portraiture or other general photography. With smart selection of fast film types and/or if lighting is favourable, it can even be a good choice using in professional applications such as sports, news and photojournalism.

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Mesquite Dunes
Death Valley National Park

Olympus OM-4 Zuiko 85-250 f5 Polarizer, 81B Fuji Velvia

<<< -- Credit: Image courtesy of Mr Greg Logiodice® <>. Greg has an excellent landscape website on his own. Image Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

With a indicative retailed price (used) between USD225.00-USD300.00* - this lense presents great value in its versatility and flexibility. The lense has well thought out features that only be found in more luxurious class zoom lenses. (even the subsequent equivalent, one-touch Zuiko AUTO-zoom 50-250mm f/5.0 lense has this lovely feature removed) where In particular - I like the incorporation of a tripod collar built at the rear section of the lense as it equalizes the weight distribution of this rather heavy lense away from stressing the camera's lense mount. *Source: MacBroom's Camera Blue Book.

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The solidly built lense uses a larger filter attachment size of 55mm but it also provides a built-in lense hood which has a rather long extension which effectively provides good shades and eliminates the need of storing and carrying an extra lense accessory. Overall, the lense handling is excellent despite with its relatively long dimension and considerably weight it has.

<<< --- Credit: Images courtesy of Mr. Eric Garant <> Images copyright © 2003 All rights reserved.

Technical Specification for Zuiko AUTO-Zoom 85-250mm f/5.0

Lense type:
two touch tele-zoom design
Focal length:
Maximum aperture: 1:5.0
Lens construction: 15 elements in 11 groups
Picture angle: 29° (f=85mm) - 10°(f=250mm)
Automatic, full aperture metering
Aperture scale: f/5.0~ f/32
Distance scale: Graduated in meters and feet from 2.0m (6.6 ft) to infinity

Focusing: Revolving helicoid system, by turning the focusing ring
Zooming: By rotating movement via the zooming ring locating at the center
Filter attachment size / Filter(s): 55mm, Screw-in type


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Lens hood:
Built-in retractable type
Tripod Mount: Removable for lighter handheld shooting. Tighten the tripod screw firmly into the tapped hole of the tripod mount. It can be locked in a desired position (horizontal. vertical, etc.) with the clamping knob.

<<< --- Credit: Images courtesy of Mr. Eric Garant <> Images copyright © 2003 All rights reserved.

Minimum photographic range: 66cm x 44cm@85mm; 23cm x 15cm@250mm
Maximum diameter: 70mm
905g (31.9 oz)

" .... It brings you the true flavor of telephotography for everything from portraits and snapshots to landscapes with dynamic perspective and three dimensional effects, sports photography and more. For technocrats: the lens construction features low dispersion glass for the focusing group in the front. The second variator group has a deluxe 4-elements in 3-groups configuration, while the fourth relay lens section adopts a Petzval type construction. This assures this four group zoom design has outstandingly low variations in aberation characteristics throughout the zooming range. ...

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cont. .... there is no focus shift anywhere between the wide angle and telephoto ends of the range, and image quality is on a par with top quality fixed focus lenses at every focal length. The tripod mount ring can be easily detached for hand-held photography. The lens is light and compact, with multicoating of all relevant surfaces. 55mm diameter filters are used. The lens hood is built in ...." source: OM system handbook

<< --- Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Peter Lee <> Images copyright © 2003 All rights reserved.

Recommended Focusing Screens: 2-4**, 2-13**,1-1*, 1-2*, 1-3*, 1-4N**, 1-6#, 1-10*, 1-13* and 1-14*. * Compatible. #Can be used. They will provide for accurate and easy focusing but meter built into the OM-1 and OM-2 (on MANUAL) will not indicate correct light readings. With the OM-2 on AUTO, correct exposures are made on the film, but the meter needle does not give correct light readings.** Compatible, only with applicable OM bodies introduced at later stage.

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