The Hasselblad ArcBody 

 Hasselblad ArcBody Image

The Hasselblad ArcBody

Separate view 1,
2 and The three Rodenstock lenses.

Supply as Hassleblad ArcBody Complete or as ArcBody Kit * The Kit comes only with Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 45mm f4.5 lens, center filter and Reflex Viewfinder Rmfx together with the accessories below:

(* Accessories deatiled below are essentially termed as ArcBody complete - minus a lens, filter & the viewfinder)
Focusing screen adapter, standard;
Correction slides S, M, L (Small, Medium & large);
Cable Release, Filter Holder, Center Filter Holder;
lens shade 35/45;
Stray light mask;
Rear cover Multi-Control;
Front cover ArcBody & Carrying case.

Comments: Whatever it is, Hassleblad should have a adapter to allow us to exercise our option to mount our Carl Zeiss lenses onto the ArcBody. They said you can use the Flex instead... But only good thing about the ArcBody is, they could be a new alternative supplier to the Hassleblad system - just like Rollei - ONLY if they realise how to maintain compatibility for users like us.

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The world renown Carl Zeiss T* Lenses which Hasselblad adopts, please click here to view the optical history & development of Carl Zeiss.

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