h e  H a s s e l b l a d  R e s o u r c e  P a g e

T h e  P i c t o r i a l  H i s t o r y


Hasselbald MK70 imageMK70

Hasselbald MKWE pix MKWE

The Hasselblad MK70 & MKWE

These two models are not directly handle by Hasselblad. Instead, a separate division of Hasselblad Engineering AB, an engineering arm of Hasselblad which primarily engaged in develop and producing precision measuring optical instruments and cameras. Some of their products are specialised cameras produced for various specific request applications and provide full consultancy on installations on certain clients' request specific environments. The MK 70 uses 60 or 100mm lenses, while the MKWE is based on the framework of the famous SWC 903 body and the 38mm Biogon lens. Both have different configuration from the standard Hasselblad commercial versions. Just like the Space versions of Hasselblad, Reseau Plate is used and transfer to the film as well. Some of the close up accessories can be used on these models, but the film pack must be used with the dedicated backs designed specially for the MK series of Hasselblad. Another model by Hasselblad AB is the SWCE which has a built in winder of the EL.

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The world renown Carl Zeiss T* Lenses which Hasselblad adopts, please click here to view the optical history & development of Carl Zeiss.

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