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This Nikon F2 site has taken me nearly 4 months to complete. Finally, if you have been a frequent visitor to PIM site; probably you will also agree with me the F2 has patched the missing link in the entire product chain of the Nikon camera in Pictorial History section.

The last two commercially available Nikon MANUAL FOCUS SLR camera models that still have not been featured here in the PIM site are: The Nikkorex and the F-301 (N2000) because I have little knowledge with these two cameras and I don't like to simply write on something that I am not so familiar with. Naturally, as at 03/09/2001, the much hyped Nikon FM3A has not been in my hand and it is hard to provide any comments. (update: The Nikon FM3A site has gone 'LIVE').

The 10 long years from the mid-seventies to mid-eighties was my most active days in photographic journal (well, I didn't quote it as my "best" - because I don't think I am a good photographer); I have missed out the early autofocus days of SLRs which only budded after 1985. Thus, please don't misunderstood me that I am "anti-AF"; it was rather due to the lack of product knowledge and I was quite blur with the early AF development and strategies adopted by Nikon; so it is not very appropriate for me to write something which such writeup may even mislead others.
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So, the almost complete Nikon site map for manual focus SLRs looks like this, covering from the original Nikon F back in 1959 to Nikon FG20 in 1984.

Nikon: F Series: Nikon F (1959). F Photomic (1962-66), F Photomic T (1965-66), F Photomic Tn (1967-68), F Photomic FTn (1968-74); Special Versions: NASA FTn, Nikon F Apollo, Others: (Red Dot, NATO, White Leather, Navy KS-80A); F High Speed
Nikon: F2 Series: Nikon F2 (1971): Nikon F2 Photomic (1971-77); Nikon F2S (1973-76); Nikon F2SB Photomic (1976-77); Nikon F2A (1977-80); Nikon F2AS Photomic (1977-80). Special Versions:: Nikon F2/T (1976) F2 Titan) F2H (1978/84) Nikon F2 25th Anniversary; Nikon F2 Data; Others
Nikon: F3 Series: F3 Prototypes: 1974 / 1977; Nikon F3 (1980); Nikon F3HP (1981/2); F3 AF, F3 T (champagne), F3 T LE (champagne, 1982), F3T (Black, 1984), F3 Press (1983), F3H High Speed Motor (1997) , F3 Limited (1983);
Nikon: F4 Series: Nikon F4 (1988)
Nikon: F5 Series: Nikon
F5 prototype; Nikon F5 (1996-), Nikon F5 A (Anniversary) (1998)

Nikon Mid range Bodies:
Nikkormat FTn (1967), Nikkormat FT-2 (1975), Nikkormat FT-3 (1977), Nikkormat EL (1972), Nikkormat ELW (1976), Nikon EL-2 (1977)
FM Series:
Nikon FM (1977), Nikon FM2 (1982), Nikon FM2n (1983), Nikon FM2 T (1994), Nikon FM10 +(1995) FM2n Millennium 2000, Nikon FM3A (2001)
FE Series:
Nikon FE (1978), Nikon FE2 (1983), Nikon FE10 (1996) + Nikon FA (1983)
Compact Nikon
Nikon EM (1979), Nikon FG (1982), Nikon FG-20 (1984); Nikon F301

If you were to ask me - Am I satisfy with what I have done so far ? Well, if you want to know the truth and has the time to listen to some self-confession ...

Frankly, I don't enjoy very much developing this F2 website. During the entire span of these 4 long months, many events happened and mostly were very upsetting. There was a period of time I have almost given up carrying on further with the development work & had the wild thought of thrown everything away.

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During the process of developing the Nikon F2 site, my beloved mother eventually passed away after struggling for last few years in the hospital bed due to old age; I have moved to a new house in the heart of the city center where I am still adjusting myself to the new environment; two of my favorite dogs where I groomed them from puppies for the last 10 years are not with me anymore; my favorite artist has decided to leave me; the proposed equity participation by a prominent investment arm in my Company, MIR didn't fall through; progress of a few of my other personal investment are moving too slowly to my liking; further, most hurtful among the many upsets was finally realizing some friends are not as honest as I thought ... In fact, I was feeling quite "lowkey" and I have laid the development work aside for about a month until - one day, the girl friend of one my good friend on the Net mailed in that my friend who was only 29 has died of heart attack !

Probably Staut's death has sprung me up again and I started to fabricate those broken pieces together to carry on with this F2 site - because I know how much would he like to see this Nikon F2 site going "LIVE" someday; I can still recalled his initial comments relating to the camera "... .Nikon F2 ? Built like a Russian T-72 Military Tank - this beast is tough enough to hammer nails !..."

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As a man, I have no regrets. As a Company Director, I wish I could contribute more; but looking at my little duckling - this is where I thought I could have done much more as a father...

She is 8 years old now. I have probably missed the best time of her life as a kid. But she is not alone..... my Sunny Boy suffers even more...

Copyright ©-free images collection 2000. leofoo ®

(Reminds me the lyric of the song - Better Man by Robbie Williams)

My buddies such as Chuck & MC Lau, who have helped me a great deal getting over some real difficult time on the websphere, despite they have a few problems on their own. Strangely, for the last 6-7 months - I have not been receiving anymore insultive mails from nowhere like previously; probably they may be realizing I am not a virus to them anymore and realized my objective creating this website.

By the way, please don't send me any mails asking me the whereabouts is Michael Liu. Because I don't know WHERE is Michael Liu now. Back in 1998, he has generously allowed me to use his content hosted at MIT to redevelop a Nikon F site here in MIR; I owed a lot to him because I think I have benefited from the files he uploaded into the FTP A/C; I have picked up many tricks how to prepare a site map first before attempting to commence any mega-scale web project. This site is also part of an effort in contributing to his earlier thought of creating a proper Nikon Resource Site. Anyway, to Michael - here is another Biggie to fulfill your dream, wherever you are.

I do have many other handicap. Among many other things, needless to highlight again, I still have to struggle to write properly (& type efficiently). But I have been trying ALL the TIME to improve these skill. If that matters to some of you, then it is just too unfortunate because I have not been able to improve too much compared to earlier days where I started it all although now that I have learnt to keep lines and paragraphs simple to read and understand. So, do excuse me if you have found my English is unacceptable to your reading pleasure because these pages were not written specifically for a Oxford, Cambridge or a Harvard's graduate - on the other hand, as long as you know I didn't force anyone to learnt and read Mandarin first. Well, if anyone of you feel that you have all the time in the world come and educate an old Malaysian Chinese how to write proper English for the sake of good reading in a camera website - Hmm... please let me know, I am more than happy to send you those few hundred HTML pages for correction and hopefully pick up some good writing from you.

"..... I am very very curious...may I know do you get any
earning from making those 'perfect' site for FM2, F3hp, F2 ? Is it possible to get some rewards from getting 'hits' on the page? ...why don't do a autofocus site like F4 ? May be more traffic ..."

"..what are you trying to achieve ? WHY ? Famed ? Money ? .."

Copyright ©-free images collection 2000. leofoo ®
......... just give me a break, will you ? "Perfect" site ? May be it is due to varying individual self-set standard and definition for quality differs from person to person; you may be thinking others have done a perfect work but probably because you didn't give your best in yours. But I thought that was just only a so-so effort; I hope you can realize the site lacks the kind of passion as presence in the Nikon F3 site; many sections in this site could even be improved better... but I didn't pursue further - that is MY CONFESSION and I hate MY GUILT for being a little commercialize - I have to go back to do business and settle some outstanding project for MIR first before I can regain my passion....because as long as I was disturbed, I cannot give my best.

I hate to start something and didn't finish it. And probably that is why I don't simply commit to commence any new project - even if they are recreational sites and/or created for leisure browsing. I have my self-set standard and that is why each of these sites takes that long time to finish. Sometimes, just for orientation, I will buy that specific camera model until the site is complete. Sounds stupid but it is essential and I DO NOT want to abuse my power because I know I can influence others perception by how I phase in a paragraph or a sentence in a popular* website.

* A little update: Since moving the web server to a new location with slightly higher bandwidth, the traffic has ballooned to 4.5 million hits on the moth of April, 2001, so, the bandwidth is always the problem...

A considerate friend of mine has highlighted this to me - I SHOULD have write something about autofocus or the digital cameras, like EOS-1v, D-1x, EOS-1d, Nikon F-100 etc. blah blah blah... because that is where the traffic is ! But probably my friend didn't realize web traffic is not my priority and neither that was my objective of why am I doing all these stuffs - but rather - photography is and passion was the drive.

Copyright ©-free images collection 2000. leofoo ®

Don't ask when can the Nikon F4 site be ready. After the Bitter Episode between NikonUSA and me over the PDF files for Nikon F3 and FA; human nature - I felt a little upset since then and thought I might lay off that project for a while for good. Besides, recent development in my businesses would require me to take a good look at MIR again. I think probably I have to spend more time and ensure the path for growth for MIR is solid enough to take on changes in the industries for the next few years - probably a small scale IPO exercise is inevitable for the Company. It would also ensure long term growth of the Company (the side benefits is, when I don't have to worry about the financial, I can devote some of my personal time at night doing all these "stupid & useless" photographic materials all these while).

Anyway, I hope these content that I have managed to compile can benefit someone out there, there are a few hundreds HTML pages and thousands of Jpeg and Gifs images to make up this Nikon F2 site - all created by my shaky hands and blurry minds. I am sure there are many mistakes made (or typo) appeared here in this site, if you have come across any, do drop me a line and I will rectify them.

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