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Nikon F & F2 Shared Resources: Flashes and Accessories

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Flashes or Speedlites

  1. Shoemount
  1. BC-7 Bulb Flash
  2. SB-2
  3. SB-7E
  4. BC-5 Bulb Flash
  1. Handlemount
  1. BC-3 Bulb Flash
  2. SB-1
  3. SB-5
  1. Specialist
  1. Repeating Flash
  2. SB-6 Repeating Flash
  3. 200f/5.6 Medical-Nikkor
  4. SM-1 Ringlight
  5. SR-1 Ringlight
  6. SM-2 Ringlight
  7. SR-2 Ringlight
Flash Synchronization for Nikon F & F2.

Since both the F & F2 have identical dedicated hot shoe accessory mount and it is possible to affix, mount and share most of the flash accessories with both systems, we have to have a shared folder to house the resources. There are some points needs to take attention in actual operating in flash photography (Most of all, maximum permissible sync speed for F is 1/60 sec and 1/80 for Nikon F2), please refer to your camera manual if you are not too familiar or refer to individual site for Nikon F and F2 for cross reference.

Nikon F - Flash Synchronization

The Nikon F camera is designed to synchronize with different classes of flashbulbs at virtually all shutter speeds, and with electronic flash units at speeds up to 1/60 second. The switch-in time can be set for the particular type of flashbulb or electronic flash unit used by raising and rotating the synch selector ring around the shutter speed dial. (The Photomic finder must be removed when this adjustment is made.)

Update: Other usbale original Nikon Flash Units SB-1 to SB21A/B

Synch Selector

The synch selector can be set to any of the four positions, each representing a permissible range of shutter speeds for synchronization with flashbulbs and electronic flash units.

Sync Selector.jpg

Flash Couplers and Adapters

  1. AS-1
  2. AS-2
  3. AS-3
  4. AS-5
The preset position is indicated in the selector window as a color-coded marking that corresponds with the color of numbers on the shutter speed dial.

The selector can be set at any of the four positions when the f lash is not used, since the selector is independent of the shutter mechanism.

Synch Terminal and Hot-Shoe Contact for Nikon F

Since the switch-in-time can be adjusted with the selector, the Nikon F has only one synch terminal located on the front edge, on the right side of the camera. The terminal accepts the standard PC terminal cords. In addition, there is an insulated hot-shoe contact in the accessory shoe for the Nikon cordless flash unit. For other clip-on type flash units, the Flash Unit Coupler must first be fitted over the rewind crank and the synch cord plugged into the flash terminal. Caution: Do not touch the hot-shoe contact near the rewind crank when using an electronic flash unit, to avoid any risk of a slight electric shock.

  1. Flash Power

LA-1 AC Unit
LD-1 DC Unit
Medical-Nikkor AC Unit (original)
Medical-Nikkor DC Unit (original)
SA-1 AC Unit/Charger
SA-2 AC Unit
SA-3 AC Unit
SD-1 Battery Pack
SD-2 D-Cell Pack

SD-3 510-Volt Battery Pack
SD-4 Battery Pack
SD-5 DC Unit
SN-1 NC Battery
SN-2 NiCad
SN-3 NiCad
SH-1 NC Battery Charger
SH-2 NC Battery Charger
SH-3 NC Battery Charger
MS-2 Battery Clip

Flash Accessories

    1. MC-9 Cord
    2. SF-1 Eyepiece Pilot Lamp
    3. SC-4 Ready Light Adapter
    4. SC-5 Sync Cord
    5. SC-6 Sync Cord
    6. SC-7 Sync Cord
    7. SU-1 Flash Sensor
    8. SW-1 Wideangle Adapter
    9. SW-2 Wideangle Adapter
    10. SC-9 Sensor Extension Cord
    11. SK-1 Flash Bracket
    12. SK-2 Flash Bracket
    13. SK-3 Mounting Bracket
    14. SE-2 Multiple Flash Cord
    15. Nikkormat Accessory Shoe
    16. BD-1 Sync Cord
    17. BD-2 Extension Cord
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Nikon F2 - Flash Synchronization

The Nikon F2 is designed to synchronize with the different types of flashbulbs, almost at any shutter speed, as well as with electronic flash. X synchronization at speeds up to 1/80 second has been made possible by the increased traveling speed of the shutter curtains.

FP and X synchs are automatically adjusted with shutter speeds (FP Bulbs, all speeds except 1/60 and 1/80 sec; electronic flash 1/80 sec to 1 sec, plus "B"). M- and MF-class bulbs may also be used. With dedicated flash, electronic flash ready light provided.

Synch Terminal and Hot-Shoe Contact

Located on the front of the camera, the synch terminal of the Nikon F2 is threaded to prevent accidental disconnection of the synch cord from the socket. It also accepts conventional plug-in cords.

In addition to the standard synch terminal, there is a hot-shoe contact at the base of the accessory shoe for the Nikon cordless flash unit. A built-in safety switch keeps the circuit open except when an accessory unit is inserted.

Update: Information on Other Nikon Flash Units SB-1 to SB21A/B

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