LP Arkom, The Late Chief Abbot Of  Wat Dau Nimit
Ven. Luang Phor Arkom Prakru Anurat Waapheephisai
(B.E. 2466 - 2547)

The Late Chief Abbot Of Wat Dau Nimit
‘Ampher’ Bung Sam Phan Nai District
‘Changwat’ Phetchabun Province
The Kingdom of Thailand

Biography of Ven. Luang Phor Arkom

LP Arkom, Thailand Guru Monk
Luang Phor Arkom - Who transforms into two!

One of the current period Great Guru monk in northern Thailand is LP Arkom, the Chief Abbot of Wat Dau Nimit, Ampher Bung Sam Phan Nai District, Phetchabun province. He is also the Chief of district (Chow Khanak Ampher) of Bung Sam Phan Nai district, in charged of the district temples and monks affairs, local community affairs and the development of temples and school in the district.

He is known for his miracle, supernatural knowledge and magical power that can transform into another form and reach a place within minutes. There were few incidents, once LP Arkom was invited to Malaysia for a consecration ritual ceremony in Kedah and Kuala Lumpur, and during that period when LP Arkom was away, a local villager who use to visits Wat Dau Nimit regularly, saw Luang Phor walking around the temple doing the daily chores.

The following week, the local villager went to Wat Dau Nimit again (not knowing that LP Arkom just returned from Malaysia) and saw Luang Phor talking to a group of local villager, he than went to pay respect to Luang Phor and joined in. Luang Phor was telling them the story about his trip in Malaysia, when the person heard about this, he was confused and approached Luang Phor and told Luang Phor that, “I saw you walking around Wat Dau Nimit last week, how could Luang Phor be traveling in Malaysia”. When Luang Phor showed them the photos taken in Malaysia, the person was shocked and paused for a moment …. how can it be, I must check must eye sight!

In another similar incident, while LP Arkom was away to Malaysia, someone went to Wat Dau Nimit to look for Luang Phor. Upon arriving at the temple’s door step, the person called on LP Arkom, not knowing that Luang Phor was away and he was told by the (spirit of LP Arkom), “come back to see me next week”. The person went home and came the following week to see Luang Phor and told Luang Por that he came to see him last week, but you told me to come this week. When Luang Phor replied, “Yes …. I was in Malaysia last week”, the person was shocked and surprised to hear Luang Phor’s answer.

Celebrity, received his 2nd Buddhist Fan Title from His Holiness Somdej Phra Sangkharaj
Luang Phor Arkom received his 2nd Buddhist Fan Title from His Holiness Somdej Phra Sangkharaj (Yarn Sarn Won) in BE 2544 for his great knowledge and achievement in advanced meditation

Thai Temples
Miraculous Knowledge

If we look at the ‘Bosth’ of Wat Dau Dau Nimit closely, it looks like a temple in the sky. The Thai word ‘Dau Nimit’ means ‘Shining Stars’. Once there was a soldier who was traveling to another province, stopped by Wat Dau Nimit for a short visit. He was impressed by the beauty of the ‘Bosth’ and took some pictures. When the photo was developed, he was surprised to see the rays emitting at the upper section of the ‘Bosth’. The next day, the soldier went back to Wat Dau Nimit to consult Luang Phor about the strange photo’s of the ‘Bosth’. Apparently, the upper section of the ‘Bosth’ was the secret hiding placed, where Luang Phor installed powerful scared objects to protect the ‘Bosth’. It was recorded that LP Arkom has reached the highest knowledge of advanced meditation which covers the ability to perform phenomenon miracles. It is believed that, when Luang Phor is away from Wat Dau Nimit, his spirit (2nd LP Arkom) remains there to look after the temple. His ability to perform amazing miracles are due to many century of strict practice of Buddhist studies, Dharma and mediation.

One night, while Luang Phor was in deep meditation inside the ‘Bosth’ during the ‘Lent’ month, suddenly the power went off. When Luang Phor opened his eyes to check on the condition, he saw an aura above his head releasing bright rays that disperse the darkness inside the ‘Bosth’. It was an incredible attainment for Luang Phor. Some believed that he is already at the early stage to Arahant-hood and will attain Arahant-ship when he departs from this world. It is true that LP Arkom could detect and read a person’s mind. The author has personally experience it many times. Once, Luang Phor was asking me something about my personal matter, and before I could answer him, he already spoke out the answer which was on my mind. I just kept quite and listened to him. He is also known for his scared mouth, that whatever statement he made will always come through.

LP Arkom magazine cover

LP Arkom was born on the 11th day of April BE 2466 at a village in Thailand called ‘Ban Noon Deng’, Maha Sarakham province. He was named (Pak Tuam Thong), family surname of ‘Thong’. He was the only child in the family. His father (Nai Kean) was a paddy farmer and his mother (Mae Teng) was a housewife. One day, his father was accused by the landlord for stealing his cow which he had no idea about it. His father had no choice but to run far away to escape from being captured.

While Luang Phor was a child at the age of 4, his mother moved in to stay with his grand-mother and uncle. One day, his uncle sold the land and house. This left his mother with no option but to stay at Wat Noon Deng as a caretaker for the temple. Due to poverty, his mother could not afford to send him to ordinary school. His mother took the opportunity to enroll him in a Buddhist school. (In those days, Buddhist schools in Thailand rural area also teach education studies).

At the age of 10, he studied at Wat Noon Deng Buddhist school. At the age of 14, he was ordained as a novice monk (Sama Nian) at Wat Noon Deng. His 1st preceptor was Ven. Phrakru Palat Phoor at Wat Ban Aeit, from Maha Sarakham province, who tought him difficult ‘Kong Kra Phan Chatri’ (impenetrability and invulnerability) Katha. His teacher was very fierce and strict. He was an expert in catching ‘Phi’ ghost spirit and placed them in bamboo section. When Phraku Palat Phoor went round the village at night hunting for ghost spirit that disturbed the local villager, he brought Luang Phor along.

At the age of 18, he studied one year at Wat Si Boon Liang at Kalasin province and two years at Wat Maha Chai at Maha Sarakham province. At the age of 19, he moved to higher level to study Buddhism text in Pali for ten years.

The temple
Phra Arkom Indrasaro

When Luang Phor reached the age of 21, he was ordained as an adult monk (Phra) at Wat Noon Deng. His Phra Uphacar was Phra Salak Kammuni, Phrakru Kuchet Narai Pheetak and Phrakru Sornkat Narcham on the 9th day of April BE 2487. He was given the Buddhist name of ‘Phra Arkom Indrasaro’.

When he was ‘Phra’, he pursued Higher study on Buddhist text in Pali and Dharma from various teachers and later became a ‘Tudong’ (forest monk), stayed in jungle to practice deep meditation. In BE 2492, he traveled to Wat Thai Soon Sak Thalam at Lom Sak district, Petchabhun province to study at Petchabhun’s Wat Mahathat (Buddhist University).

(LP Arkom’s - Sala, Wat Dau Nimit)

While pursuing his study, he spent 30 years as a ‘Tudong’ traveling from one place to the other - Petchabhun, Phitsanulok, Chaing Mai, Tak, Nakhon Sawan, Chainat, Sing Buri, Lop Buri, Sara Buri, Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom and down to the south of Phuket, and back to Si Saket, Ubon Ratchathani, Maha Sarakham and Petchabhun, cutting through forest, jungles, villages (at that time, there were not many roads). When it is time to enter ‘Parn Sar’, he will stay at the temple for 3 months ‘Lent’ period before continued his journey.

Luang Phor was a fast learner and always seeking for higher knowledge from many great guru monks through his journey. One day while he was meditating in the jungle, suddenly came two ‘Devas’ named ‘LP Thong Dam’ and ‘LP Thong Inn’. The ‘Devas’ taught him the way to practice Dharma and magical knowledge. They also provide Katha and books for Luang Phor to practice and occasionally observed Luang Phor during meditation and protect him from danger when he was in deep meditation in the forest. We believed that the ‘Devas’ followed Luang Phor where ever he goes. Luang Phor can sense and tell whether there are any ‘Devas’ that dwell in a particular place when he visits.

His Preceptor

While Luang Phor was seeking higher knowledge on Dharma, he would traveled far to seek knowledge from great guru monks. One of Luang Phor’s preceptor was Luang Phor Chaem of Wat Chalong at Phuket. He acquired the great knowledge of making the famous and most sort after by people is the (Takrud ‘Ku Cheewit’).

LP Chaem
LP Chaem (Phrakru Wisut Wongsacharm) was one of the great guru monk in the south of Thailand. He was highly respected as a great miraculous monk who gained fame as a lay physician and dispersed the two rivals group to stop the civil war in Phuket. LP Chaem passed away at the age of 81 in BE 2452.

At the age of 40, Luang Phor traveled to Phuket to sit for his Buddhist examination. There were many monks to be interview by the examiner’s senior monks but none of them can read and explain LP Chaem ‘Ku Cheewit’ Jant and Katha except LP Arkom due to his high knowledge in Pali and Buddhist studies. Luang Phor pay homage to LP Chaem’s soul as his spiritual guru and asked his permission to acquire and practice the ‘Ku Cheewit’ miracle knowledge and books left over by LP Chaem.

Takrud Ku Cheewit by LP Arkom
Those who are very lucky to have LP Arkom ‘Takrud Ku Cheewit’ are advised to keep this priceless object safely. It’s more valuable than any sum of money. It is rare and hard to obtain nowadays since Luang Phor has stop making it in BE 2546. It takes 6 continuous hours to make one. All his scared amulets and ‘Takrud’ are consecrate by Luang Phor by inviting the Buddhas, Arahants and Devas to charge their scared power before he goes to sleep at Wat Dau Nimit. Some even charged for years before giving to donors. Whenever Luang Phor goes to bed, he will tie the string to his hand to charge and recharge the ‘Takrud’ and amulets again and again while meditating in the sleeping position. His ‘Takrud’ and amulets are know for it’s efficacious power to protect one’s life from danger, invulnerability, impenetrability, ‘Maha Li Om’ and amazing experience to the user.

While Luang Phor was in Bangkok, he met the disciple (Mor Taksai) of LP Ubhatali of Wat Bowen Niwat and learned ‘Maha Li Om’, the Katha he often used for blessing on people’s head. At that time (Mor Taksai) was already 80 years old, while Luang Phor was only 25 years old. Luang Phor traveled to Lop Buri to pay respect to LP Prink of Wat Bosth KongDhanoo and seek his miracle knowledge on ‘Kong Kra Phan’ and Katha ‘Nak’. During world war II, Luang Phor returned to the Northern region again. He taught at Wat Phra Singh at Chiang Mai, Wat Si Saket at Ubon Ratchathani and Wat Mahathat at Petchahun provience. When he was in Petchabhun, he used to meet the disciples of LP Doem’s, LP Noi (Phrakru Nipand DhammaKut) of Wat Nong Pho and LP Kant (Phrakru Nisit KunaKorn) of Wat Kao Kaew at Nakhon Sawan.

Luang Phor Prink

Luang Phor Noi

There were closed friend & used to exchange ‘Katha’ on what they had learned with each other. Luang Phor learned how to make ‘Meed Mor’ (conquering knife) from LP Kant. He was one of the greatest disciples of great guru monk LP Doem. LP Kant passed away in BE 2513 at the age of 76.

Meed Mor (conquering knife made by famous Buddhist monks)

Luang Phor Prink

Luang Phor Noi

There were this incident, one day there was a fire broke out at a row of link houses in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The owner quickly rushed home once he heard the news. The fire was spreading so fast, just another unit away to his house. While he was busy carrying all the important things out from the house, suddenly he remembered that he had LP Arkom ‘Meed Mor’ conquering knife, he took it out and pointed to the direction of fire and requested Luang Phor help to save his house from being burn. Suddenly, the wind changed direction and blew to the opposite direction and starts to rain. He was relieved and thanks to Luang Phor for saving his house.

LP Sook/Sod
Great Gurus

While Luang Phor was in Nakhon Sawan, he heard about the great guru monk LP Sook of Wat Makham Thao at Chainat district. He paid respect and seek LP Sook to accept him as his disciple. Luang Phor learned ‘Kong Kar Parn’ and Dharma knowledge from LP Sook before he left for Mae Sot district at Tak province to learn from Kruba Khan Chai of Wat Matha RhuSorn. Luang Phor studied miracle Dharma knowledge of ‘ Kong Kar Parn’, ‘Maha Li Om’ and ‘Yang Kua Kham’ under Kurba Khan Chai.

<<<---Luang Phor Sook (Sod)

Various collectible amulets of LP Arkom
Again, Luang Phor had to travel to Wat Si Saket to teach. While he was there, he studied advanced Dharma and miracle knowledge under LP Pheang of Wat Singh Harn, Trakan Phutphan district, Ubon Ratchathani province. LP Phaeng was a great guru and respected monk in Ubon Ratchathani province at that time. LP Phaeng was the sole disciple of the Great Guru ‘Sam Liat Luen’ from neighboring country Laos. According to Luang Phor, his Grand Master ‘Sam Liat Luen’ is a Arahant, who possess supernatural power and had achieved the highest advanced Dharma knowledge.

His Grand Master ‘Sam Liat Luen’ is known for it’s amazing abilities. He has mastered the highest miracle knowledge and ‘Katha’, and have the ability to walk across rivers on surface, jump up to the trees, transformed into other forms and became invisible to human eyes and other phenomenon miracles (just like olden days Kung Fu movies) where it is not possible for any ordinary human except for Arahant, Boddisathava or Devas. Luang Phor learned powerful advanced Dharma and miracle knowledge from LP Pheang. At that time, his master LP Pheang was already 88 years old and Luang Phor was in his 50’s.

Wat Dau Nimit

When Luang Phor was getting old to travel from one place to another, it is time to settle down. He finally found a suitable place on a hill site at ‘Bung Sam Phan Nai’ district at Petchabhun province to reside there permanently in BE 2525. Luang Phor built his ‘Sala’ (monk resident) and planned to build a ‘Bosth’ and Dharma hall on the piece of land given by the Thai government.

When the local folks heard about this, they were curious about Luang Phor’s ability. The local master ‘Mor’ performed black magic on Luang Phor, but nothing seems to work on Luang Phor. One day, the ‘Mor’ and a few locals provide meal to Luang Phor. As usual, monk must pray first before they can eat. After praying, Luang Phor told them, “you knew that monk cannot take food that is still raw and uncooked and why do you feed me with things that is still alive”. (apparently, the bowl was filled with live worms at the bottom and covered with rice and vegetables on top), and at the moment hearing that, the ‘Mor’ and his friends kneeled down on their knees and begged Luang Phor for forgiveness. Since that day, news spread so fast from mouth to mouth, the local folks flourished to Wat Dau Nimit to pay respect to Luang Phor and helped him to raise fund for building the Bosth and Dharma hall. The locals were grateful to have a great guru monk in their district. They seek blessing and advice from Luang Phor whenever they have problems, marriage, business, studies and other social matters.

Wat Dau Nimit - Dharma Hall
When a local rich man in the district heard about the news and knowing that the land is a good ‘Feng Shui’, he offered to buy the land from Luang Phor many times, but Luang Phor rejected his offered. The rich man was very angry and decided to hire an assassin to kill Luang Phor.

Wat Dau Nimit - Dharma Hall

One day, the assassin went to Wat Dau Nimit, he called on Luang Phor at the main entrance of Luang Phor residence. When Luang Phor heard the assassin calling him, he replied, “I am taking bath now, please wait, when I come out then you can aimed and shoot me”. When the assassin heard what Luang Phor replied, he had a shocked of his life and afraid, and left without a word.

LP Arkom Celebrity
Luang Phor Arkom

When Luang Phor was appointed as the ‘Chow Khanak Ampher’ Chief Abbot of the district at Bung Sam Phan Nai, he had to assist other temples to raise fund for building temples, schools, hall and maintenance. As the head monk in the district, he had to attend to other temples needs and affairs. Raising money to built Wat Dau Nimit was a very challenging task. The locals do not have much to donate. Luang Phor have to seek funds from other provinces temples. He had to travel to Bangkok and Malaysia to raise fund for building Wat Dau Nimit. In Thailand, the culture to raise fund for building temples usually carry out in a form of creating scared amulets made by the guru monk himself or together with other invited guru monks to participate in the consecration rituals and ceremony for the creation of new amulets. The amulets will be given out to the people in exchange for their donation of money, building materials and helpers to raise fund for building the temple.

LP Pae photo
Luang Phor also had to attend to other temples invitation for consecration rituals to raise fund. Whenever Luang Phor Pae of Wat Pikul Thong at Singhburi province had any consecration ceremony for the creation of amulets, he will invite Luang Phor to attend. LP Pae is a closed friend of Luang Phor, he has high respect for LP Pae as a great guru monk. He always praised LP Pae of his high education knowledge in Dharma, Buddhist studies, Pali and Katha.

The time before LP Arkom reside in Petchabun, there (Luang Phor Pae) were other great guru monks in Petchabhun. One of them was Luang Phor Thop of Wat Chon Daen at Chon Daen district, Petchabhun province. Luang Phor acquired LP Thop‚s ŒMaha Li Om‚ and ŒKong Kar Parn‚ Katha through his disciple (an old lady who is the caretaker for Wat Chon Daen and LP Thop).

<<<--- Luang Phor Pae

Kindness and Compassion

The Buddha once said, “It is by rare opportunity that one is introduced to a true spiritual teacher”.

Kindness and Compassion... LP Arkom
We are very lucky to have LP Arkom as our loving, kindness and compassion teacher, who had provides us invaluable guidance of livelihood to do good and the truth in life. The author is an engineer by profession and has been a closed acquaintance with Luang Phor since BE2537. This biography of Luang Phor was compiled during an interviewed with Luang Phor in BE 2545. He asked me, why do I want to record my biography? I told him that, it is important to record and when you passed away one day, people will still remember you and know who you are and your valuable history. Then, he told me with a smile, no one will want to know me when I am dead and I’m going to died very soon. (in fact, he already knew he is going to depart from us very soon and keep telling us that he is going to died soon, but we just couldn’t accept his statement and told Laung Phor that he will live a long life). After pursuing and asking him to reveal his background and who is his teachers, he began to tell us. All of us was so excited and gather around him to listen to his story while I was busy noting the important points and facts about his background, guru teachers and so on.

KC Tham LINK and Email Contact
“This biography is dedicated to Luang Phor Arkom, in memory of our loving and compassion teacher”

(Luang Phor passed away in BE 2547 at the age of 81 years old)

“It is difficult indeed to subdue one’s pride. But it is advisable to reduce one’s pride. If you are able to sacrifice your pride, then you can find inner peace and experience true happiness”

An article prepared by KC Tham <

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