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Main Switch:
This switch provides a master control over the entire electronic operation of the RTS II Quartz, activating the exposure metering system and electro-magnetic release, and preventing accidental exposure or battery drain by the LED Data Display when the camera is not in use.

TLA Auto Flash Contacts:
Special hot-shoe circuitry provides the interface for use of the RTS II Quartz with the Contax TLA Flash System, providing direct TTL metering at the film plane and 'Fail-Safe' flash/shutter synchronization.

Shutter Control Dial:
This 16-position dial incorporates the "A" setting (for AE Mode) along with Manual Mode settings of 1/2000 sec. to 4 sec., plus "B" and "X" (1/60). The dial locks in the."A" and "X" positions.

Exposure Check Button:
Pressing this button activates the viewfinder LED Data Display for 16 seconds, after which it automatically cuts off to preserve battery

AE (Auto Exposure) Lock Lever:
This lever can be used to activate the RTS II Quartz AE Lock function, which is based on Exposure Values. This system provides consistent exposure results, even if aperture setting is changed.

Quartz-timed electronic self-timer:
with 10-sec. delay, cancellable or resettable during operation. LED flashes during operation, accelerating 2 sec. before shutter release

Mechanical Shutter Switch Lever
By turning this lever to the horizontal position, the photographer activates the manual, mechanical release 1/50 sec. shutter capability of the RTS 11 Quartz,.requiring no battery power. The shutter is operated by the Mechanical Shutter Release Button (Depth-of-Field Preview Button) in this mode of operation.

Mechanical Bulb Release Socket:
The photographer can employ a manual, mechanical Bulb shutter release by threading a standard cable release into this socket. The camera then operates, without battery power, in a mechanical "B" shutter mode.

Viewfinder Eyepiece-Blind Lever:
This lever closes a special curtain over the camera's eyepiece, in order to prevent extraneous light from interfering with the sensitive exposure metering system, when the camera is being operated by remote control.

Data Back LED: T
his is a special LED which signals the Data Back Quartz D-4 to activate its automatic data imprinting capability. This LED allows cordless operation of the data back with the RTS II Quartz.

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