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Contax Real Time Winder (RTW) W-3 was considered as one of the most advanced winder on the market around the '80. The RTS W-3 is a grip type automatic winder designed to be used, as it were, as an integral component of the Contax RTS II Quartz, fusing together their respective functional and operating characteristics. It offers not only a two way mode of high-speed sequential operation up to 3 fps and a single frame operation, but full synchronization with the camera's AE 's mechanism and two separate shutter release buttons of its own. It can also be coupled to remote control systems and the TLA electronic flash systems.

There have been several internal improvements in the electronic circuitry of the Real Time Winder W-3, however the basic unit has the same performance standards, and is virtually interchangeable with, the original RTW. It can be used with both the RTS and RTS II Quartz to provide single-frame or continuous automated operation. (Note: the original RTW can also be used with the RTS II Quartz, but only in continuous mode). The W-3 model is a grip-type unit, with its own separate electromagnetic release button (with mode selector switch) atop the grip. And another electromagnetic release on the winder body adds extra convenience to vertical format shots. RTW W-3 connects quickly and simply to the camera, via a threaded tripod socket, and shares all the same accessories as the original RTW.

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Contax RTW, older version Credit: All images contained herein copyright © 2001. Mr. Pshea <>

And it has available an external power pack capable of proving its real worth in extreme cold weather conditions. Before attempting to use the RTW W-3, it is always advisable to familiarize yourself with the various controls and functions of the W-3 so that you will learn how to operate the equipment properly and enjoy long years of trouble free use.

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Credit: Mr. "dearaujo" <> for his images of Contax RTS and RTW;

Note: The User's Manual Published is based on the CONTAX RTW-W3 as I don't intend to allocate anymore budget to buy another Instruction Manual for the older handgrip-less RTW version. If you have any question, use the convenient of the Contax Message Board ready for you Instead.
Description of Parts
Battery Installation
Mounting onto the Camera
Mode Selector
Manual Winding>
Shooting pictures
Vertical Position Shutter Release Button>
Remote Control Photography
Infrared Controller S>
Radio Controller>
Power Pack>
NiCd Pack>

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The RTW W-3 uses six 1.5 V size AA dry batteries (9 V) or an optionally available RTW Ni-Cd Pack (7.2 V). For sequence shooting, the condition of the batteries is very critical so make it a point to use high-performance manganese alkaline batteries to ensure satisfactory operation.

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