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Contax Close-Up/Macro Systems

The Contax RTS II Quartz, as part of the overall Contax Real Time System, enjoys the major advantage of being fully integrated with the entire wide range of close-up and macro photo accessories available from Contax. This outstanding equipment provides a range of reproduction capability from the bare minimum needed to enhance detail all the way to eight times life-size; and on to even further magnifications, of subjects invisible to the naked eye, with photomicrographic equipment such as the Microscope Adapter or Zeiss Luminar Lenses.

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System displayed based largely on Contax RTS II.
The three pictures here illustrate the three generations of the Contax RTS series camera system mounted on the Contax Auto Bellow PC set. Generally, all manual focus lenses travel along an internal thread in the lens barrel, called Helicoid and then the lens is extended along the Helicoid, and so thus the magnification increases. The limit is the end of he Helicoid of a lens because you cannot move any further by twist focus control via the distance ring on the lens.

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That is usually interpreted as the physical limit a lens can provide and the maximum magnification of any single lens without using additional devices to increase its magnification. Technically, if the desired magnification ratio is not too high, attaching a close up filter may be the cheapest form of increasing magnification of a lens. However, if image quality and flexibility is highly desired, there are more ways to achieve similar objective. The close-up photo accessories in the Contax macro-photographic system provide many ways to move the lens still father from the film a lens physically can extend to in order to increase the magnification. These devices, in the form of either Extension Rings, Bellow Units etc. are design to fit between lens and camera to increase the effective lens to film distance or generally we summarized it as "Extension".

Information on various Close-up Accessories in the Contax Macro Photographic System

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Slide Copier
Right Angle Finder
Auto Extension Bellows PC Set
Focusing Rail
S-Planar T
* 100mm F4 (Bellows)
Macro Stand
Stage Glasses
Auto Extension Tube Set
Extension Ring 7.5mm
Luminar Adapter
Adapter Ring 67mm
Reverse Ring
Medical 100DX Macrophoto System
2X Lens for Medical 100
DC Pack for Medical 100

Zeiss Macro-Planar T
* Lenses

If you do a lot of high magnification photography, consider investing both into a Makro-Planar and as well a Bellow Unit. The Bellow is not the most convenient device in this world to work with and due to their physical size, they are usually less mobile, but it is far more convenient than keep staging multiple extension tubes because it requires less fiddling and changing. Next, the amount of extension for bellow is far greater than extension ring set which resulted in higher magnification ratio and the amount of extension can be adjusted at will. Technically, any lens can be used on a Bellow Unit, but they are best working with dedicated lenses such as the Makro-Planar series, the discontinued Zeiss S-Makro-Planar T* 100mm f/4.0 Bellow Lens is one of such kind because it provides a far more comfortable working distance than the 60mm counterpart and it is best to use if artificial illumination such as flash is often required. However, if you don't know yet or just strapped by budget, some of the Zeiss standard lenses are also perfect optic to use as Bellow lens, provided stopped down the apertures a few stops from their maximum lens aperture will greatly enhance its optical quality.

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Electronic Diaphragm Action, AUTO BELLOWS PC

Contax Auto Bellows PC set has a complete set of dedicated accessories taking full advantage of the Contax RTS electromagnetic shutter release system. The bellows unit, along with the Zeiss lenses, form the core of the Macro photographic system, working in full concert with the camera's auto exposure system, picks up the diaphragm control signal from the camera via a special connector cord to close down the aperture at the moment of exposure. It thus enables bright focusing at full aperture and correct exposure system.

The Contax Auto Extension Bellows PC consists of: Auto Bellows PC Unit, Connector Cords, 537S and R65J Adapter Ring 55mm, Adapter Ring 52mm and Cable Release.

It is one of the most advanced of its type and the bellows attachment featuring full coupling of the lens to the camera body for close-up photography or slide copying. Besides the ability to take extreme close-ups at large magnification ratios, this unit also features slide and swing adjustments of the front standard for perspective and depth-of-fleld control. Complete coupling is achieved via the Shutter Connector Cord (supplied). The Auto Bellows PC has swing and shift capability to correct alignment errors. This bellows, when used with the adapter rings 52mm, 55mm or 67mm(optional) allows the lens to mount in either normal or reversed position. The front standard can also be detached from the bellows section and rotated 360° for reverse-mounting of lenses. Special swing actions of the lens board enable perspective adjustments and also reverse mounting. Vertical camera mounting is also possible. Accessories include slide copier, macro stand, focusing rail, and wide range of close-up attachments.

Photography in Reverse Position: Full reversal rotation of lens or mounting of lens board in reverse position. Camera mount: Revolving camera mount permitting rotation for horizontal or vertical format. Lateral Tracking: With aid of Focusing Rail. Size: 200mm (W) x120mm (H) x 70mm (D) (7-7/8" x 4-3/4" x 2-3/4 ") Weight: 785grams (1.7 Ibs.)


Mount: CONTAX/YASHICA mount.
Metering system: Instant exposure reading (Used in concert with cable release and connector cord).
Lens extension range: 45.5 to 185.5mm.
Depth-of-Field Verification: Through use of diaphragm stop-down button.
Swing and shift front: Lens board operation. Shift range: 10mm laterally in each direction (with lock feature). Swing range :360 degrees (with lock feature).

Optional accessories: Focusing Rail, Slide Copy Adapter, Macro Stand, Stage Glasses and Adapter Ring 67mm * When the Auto Bellows PC is used with the CONTAX S2/S2b, the connector cord is not required. Use a double, mechanical cable release available

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