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This is a converted Instruction Manual for Contax Professional Motor Drive (PMD W-6). The PMD W-6 represents the culmination of a thorough going quest for a full-scale motor drive that enables photographing with fully automatic operation that designed for the CONTAX RTS & CONTAX RTS II QUARTZ cameras. One of he key feature of the PMD unit is, it is equipped with a build-in interval timer (intervalometer) which enables 9 settings ranging from a high-speed operation up to 5 fps to a maximum interval shooting of 60 seconds, permitting automatic operation in the auto mode and at all shutter speeds without the need to invest further into added on accessory to control interval operating firing speed. It also has an automatic shutoff feature to prevent over winding of film while taking pictures, and a few options in power supply sources for the PMD unit that actually also directly powers camera's circuitry. The PMD Power Pack features an electromagnetic release button and remote control capability, and it incorporates a mechanism essential for high-speed continuous shooting.

Conatx Pfofessional Motor Drive unit W6 with Power Pack PMD
Credit: Image(s) displayed here are courtesy of Jean-Louis Beek® where the EBAY STORE is also one of my favorite spot to look for great images on used photographic equipment. Image(s) copyright © 2008. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

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Before using the PMD W-6, it is always advisable to get yourself familiarize with its various control and function so that you will know how to operate it properly and enjoy long years of trouble free use. This instruction manual is not limited to the operation of the PMD W-6 and the PMD Power Pack which comprise the basic components of the Professional Motor Drive System but also covers the operation of the PMD Control Cords and the PMD Power Pack Jacket so be sure to save this as a handy reference. If you find it useful, you can choose to bookmark this section of the Contax Site for future reference or you can consider download the various pages and/or print them in hard copies for easy off-line reference.

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Description of Parts | Installing the Power Adapter | Battery Installation | Checking Power | proper use of Power Cells | Mounting the Motor Drive | Interval Dial | Setting Shutter speeds | Frame Counter | Film Loading and Winding On | Shooting | Film Rewind | Using with Other Contax Accessories | PMD Control Cords 100/300 | PMD Power Pack Jacket | Other System Accessories | Technical Specifications

Note: Both the PMD W-6 and the PMD Power Pack can also be used with the Contax RTS without any modifications or adjustment. However, if your camera has not inspected for high-speed sequential shooting, although I doubt it still works, but you can try to bring take your camera and the appended (Contax RTS Inspection Card) to the Yashica service centre or authorized service agent to rectify this.

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