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One of the areas where the original Contax RTS caught the attention of observers is its innovative use of electronic. The camera conceived to take advantage of the advance electronic circuitry both in the camera and in the system accessories. They did not just at controlling exposure and automatic diaphragm action of the lens, but they also extends its tentacles through to the auxiliary release socket and other terminals on the camera body to enable synchronization of electronically controlled accessories which incorporates their own off camera releases.

A cable switch, for an instance, is an accessory which replaces conventional cable release, the electrical pulse that trips the shutter internally may be used to fire the camera, together with the Motor Drive, flash and other capable accessories attached, from up to 10 meters away. Well, although through another terminal, the integral release button on a Motor drive power pack hook up for remote control release of the shutter. NOTE: Update:- Burton Gavin <> wrote " ...There is a Release Socket on the P-6 Winder, but it is on the winder itself and not on the Power Pack. The only items showing in that photo are the shutter release button, the battery condition meter and the battery condition test button...".


The same working principle applies to the Infrared Controller, or wireless remote controller as popularly referred, it transmits electrical pulse, via infrared rays, to the receiver unit and relays the pulse to activate the shutter. The Professional Motor Drive and Real Time Winder also work on the same principle as well via their own contact terminals which relates to synchronization of shutter timing and film advance. Even the Contax Auto Bellows unit operates the lens diaphragm electronically, using the same pulse via a special connector cord. There are many other system accessories that integrates properly with one and other.

A simple illustration of how individual system accessories integrate with one and other.


Wireless release Infra-Controller


Release socket on camera body. A terminal for hook up of various of camera release accessories.


...and one on the Power Pack.


Electro-plus firing, off-camera cable switch


Such design concept forms the basis of the Contax RTS system off camera control systems for truly versatile Remote Photography. A number of versatile off-camera control options which ranging from short-range to genuinely remote operation are available in the Contax photographic system.

Infra-Controller.jpg Infra-ReceiverOLD.jpg
Some of the more sophisticated remote system accessories such as radio controler provided in the Contax remote photographic system was introduced at later stages when the RTSII was introduced where the original RTS was still confined to Infrared Controller and remote switches.

Credit: Mr. Milan from Pacific Rim Camera <> for his contribution of these two images of the Infrared-Controller/Receiver.

Contax Remote Control System Infrared Controller S Set Receiver | 1nfrared Controller S Set | Transmitter | Cable Switch S | Radio Controller Set Receiver | Radio Controller Set Transmitter

Radio Receiver.jpg Radio transmiter.jpg
Contax Radio Controller Set: This is the most sophisticated of the off-camera units for use with the RTS II Quartz, and the most advanced remote control unit for photography today available. It provides completely remote control at distances up to 300 meters, with two channel, three-mode operation for control of one or two cameras, independently or simultaneously. Additional camera bodies can be controlled through the use of extra Receiver units or connecting cords. It is an essential tool for use in wildlife photography or physically dangerous locations, the Radio Controller Set consists of two components, the Receiver which attaches to the camera's accessory shoe, and the Transmitter with its built-in release button.

By presetting, the Radio Controller can be employed for single-frame or continuous use, as it integrates fully with either the Real Time Winder or Professional Motor Drive units. For extended duration, the Receiver can be fitted with an accessory power pack.

infrareceiver.jpg infratranmit.jpg
Contax Infrared Controller S Set: This remote control unit is optimum for medium distance operation, up to 20 meters. It consists of handheld Transmitter and accessory shoe-mounted Receiver components, with the Receiver linked by cord to the auxiliary release socket of the camera body. Every time the release button on the Transmitter is pressed, a beam of infrared light signals the Receiver unit to activate the camera's electromagnetic shutter release. Naturally, the Transmitter unit must be 'aimed' at the Receiver, but operation is possible under many conditions by 'bouncing' the infrared beam off floor or ceiling, around corners, etc.

The Infrared Controller S Set incorporates two channel operation, for use with multiple camera bodies. It operates at optimum performance when the camera body is equipped with either the Real Time Winder or Professional Motor Drive for automatic film advance.

Remoteswitch.jpg remotecord.jpg
Contax Cable Switches: Contax Cable Switches for use with the RTS 11 Quartz body are a convenient way of allowing freedom of movement to the photographer while the camera remains positioned on a tripod or other support. Unlike conventional cable releases, the Contax Cable Switches integrate with the electromagnetic release system to provide Real Time operation. They come in four convenient lengths of 30, 100, 300 and 1,000cm for varied applications.

Cable Switch L-30/L-100/L-300/L-1000 Remote triggering is accomplished with the L Series Cable Switch.
They are available in four cable lengths, 30cm (approx. 1 foot),1 meter (approx. 1 yard), 3 meters (approx. 10 feet) and 10 meters (approx. 30 feet) in length.

* The RTS requires a plug adapter R6SJ and the S2/S2b requires a mechanical cable release available on the market.

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